Dana White is “Always in the Cage After Diaz Fights”; He Doesn’t Want a Fight after the Fight

April 22, 2013
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Dana White UFC 144UFC president Dana White is routinely present at the UFC weigh-ins and separates fighters during intense stare downs.

It’s not because White fancies himself a tough guy.  It’s because if a fighter does something out of line in the presence of the UFC figurehead there will be consequences, and that’s why he always enters the cage following a Nick or Nate Diaz fight.

“I’m always in the cage after Diaz fights,” White said following UFC on Fox 7 on April 20.

The Diaz brothers have been involved in post-fight altercations in the past, and there’s always the possibility of another one.

Most famous of the post-fight incidents came when their teammate Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson on April 17, 2010, in the main event of a Strikeforce show in Nashville. After the fight was over, rival Jason “Mayhem” Miller entered the cage to call out Shields.  Shields’ teammates felt Miller was stealing the limelight from Shields, who had just defended his middleweight title.  An all-out brawl ensued.

“I just don’t want fights after fights,” said White.

On June 14, 2008, Nick Diaz was asked by EliteXC promoters to enter the cage and make a comment following KJ Noons’ win over Yves Edwards to promote a rematch between the two.  Noons defeated Diaz on Nov. 17, 2007, for the inaugural EliteXC lightweight championship.  The fight was stopped due to cuts Diaz received during the fight.

When he entered the cage, an altercation took place with Noons’ corner.  Nate Diaz threw a water bottle at Noons’ father, Carl.  The brothers were quickly escorted out of the cage by event security.

“I always go in there. There’s never been a Diaz fight in the UFC that I don’t go in there,” said White.

White and the UFC had no indication that there would be an altercation after Josh Thomson defeated Nate Diaz by technical knockout at UFC on Fox 7 on Saturday, but the possibility remained.

“There’s no love lost between those guys (the Diaz brothers) and AKA (American Kickboxing Academy),” explained the UFC president.

White doesn’t typically enter the Octagon following fights unless it is a title bout or the crowning of a new The Ultimate Fighter winner.

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  • Patriot

    Stupid! They should have had their fighters and corners licenses pulled the very first time they pulled that junk! The Diaz brothers need to learn some respect for the sport!

    • T C

      Go ahead and tell them ! lol

  • Alkis Dadinopoulos

    all i saw was nick congratulating thomson… what the hell is this mud thrown at the diaz bros again?

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      For as much as the Diaz brothers have pulled some punk moves in the past, Nick was all class with by congratulating Thomson. I was delighted to see that. Kudos Nick, way to man up.

    • crash120ca

      Are you kidding me? throwing mud at the Diaz brothers? REALLY? .. is it because they’ve been such outstanding individuals of moral and character, cmon give your head a shake dude and wake up, they are thugs plain and simple, whiny and cry baby antics, just to get their own way. Dana has to “babysit” the Diaz brothers so they dont do something stupid and get booted out of the UFC, and if im wrong with that statement, why did it take Dana White to call out Nate and Nick to show up to doing the Primetime? He literally had to THREATEN repercussions to them if they didnt show up, NOW does that sound like consummate professionals? ..yea thought so.

    • Cptmats

      F*** the Diaz Brothers For all the s*** they’ve done the’re are getting treated exactly the way they deserve !

  • Shaun Kirkby

    Hahaha and what exactly is Dana gonna do to stop anything, throw a combo of hard expletives, ground and pound some tough words, lock em up witn a long sentence…..

    • Todd

      fine or suspend their punk asses

    • el che

      have you ever heard the phrase, “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you” ?

      • Cptmats

        Really, Some people just don’t think before they type !

  • shakejunt

    i don’t remember the last time i’ve seen the towel get thrown in, but i wouldn’t expect a fight afterwards. better safe than sorry though

  • Cereal Killer

    The Diaz brothers are ghetto thugs. That’s why they always have that stupid angry look on their faces.

    • Herman A

      Ghetto? The boys are from Stockon and it’s a lovely community.


    Both Diaz brothers are evil low life scum.

    • falloniousWolf

      you sound like a WWE fan.

      • Cptmats

        No ! Actually he sound like a MMA Fan who has respect for the sport and none for the bulls*** antics that these loser are so known for !
        The Diaz Brothers, Melendez and Shield are all losers and a complete disgrace to MMA !

        • Herman A

          Excuse me, but you’re not really supposed to disrespect the Skrap Pack.


    Nate should whack off his crack and challenge fallon fox.

    • Cereal Killer

      Let’s stop saying the F word.

  • It was awesome seeing Nick being a good sport after the fight. Sometimes things have gotten out of hand but this is the fight game and everybody has a different personality. Those other incidents were heated up before the fights with pre fight trash talk. I heard Nick is a good sport in triathlons and has never had any incidents. They are rough around the edges, not everybody is laid back in the fight game. As long as their not out racking up assault charges and incidents outside of the cage then their alright.

    • Cptmats

      Very Naive !

  • Marcus the Great

    just another bad looser!

    • falloniousWolf



    Nate Diaz getting his face kicked in and bloody was absolutely great to see. Both Diaz brothers are classless thugs with zero personalities and filled with hate.

    • falloniousWolf

      Wouldn’t say zero personality. They do a good job of playing the classless cholo act.

      In real life, they might be different.

      • Cptmats

        AND you say JOE SHINE sound like a WWE fans ? Do you think this is some kind of performance ?
        You really are clueless !


    Nate Diaz has no fan base no personality no nothing but a loser.