Dana White Inks Conor McGregor for Floyd Mayweather Bout

May 18, 2017

The fight that at one time was mostly a myth has come one significant step closer to reality, as UFC president Dana White on Wednesday announced that he had finished a deal with Conor McGregor to box Floyd Mayweather

McGregor also confirmed the deal. 

Now, the real work begins. Although the UFC and McGregor have come to terms, White hasn’t yet figured out the Mayweather side of the equation, which is likely to be much more complex.

Conor McGregor - Dana White - Floyd Mayweather“The McGregor side is done. I’m starting to work on the Mayweather side now,” White said on the NBA Playoffs post-game show on TNT on Wednesday night. “I’m not saying the fight will happen, but I got one side done. Now it’s time to work on the other. If we can come to a deal with (Al) Haymon and Mayweather, the fight is going to happen.”

Shortly after White announced the deal on TNT, McGregor issued a statement to the folks that run his website.

“It is an honor to sign this record breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC (now WME-IMG), The Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Paradigm Sports Management,” McGregor said.

“The first, and most important, part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on. Congratulations to all parties involved. We now await Al Haymon and his boxer’s signature in the coming days.”

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White has been reasonably confident that he could get a deal done with McGregor, but Mayweather is likely to prove a much higher hurdle to clear. It is a gigantic leap toward the fight actually happening, however, as White was once one of the greatest skeptics of it even being a possibility. 

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  • Prince Randorson

    I dont see how this potentially does anything positive for mma.

    • Sir_Roy

      There is no real downside to MMA though. Only positive light on MMA would be if the impossible happens and Conor actually wins this. It would show a supremacy on the side of MMA that no one could really dispute afterward. An MMA fighter defeating the best boxer in the world in his arena would be something. Conversely, should Conor lose, no bad impact on MMA as a sport as it’s to be expected …

      • Prince Randorson

        I disagree. If Conor loses, it harms the public impression of MMA. If he wins, it will be because he was fighting an older, smaller man.

        It is impossible to show the supremacy of MMA in a boxing match. That would only show that a bigger younger boxer can beat a smaller, older boxer.

        Anyone who is not already convinced of the supremacy if MMA, will not be swayed by Conors victory.

        • Sir_Roy

          I think you’ve got it really wrong. No one (not even casual fans) expects Conor to do even remotely well against Mayweather let alone beat him. If he beats him, he’ll be the first one to do it, and not even a pro boxer by trade. It would be a marvel the world over.

          Floyd’s only 40. Not quite his prime, no, but far from over the hill. He fought and beat Many just a few short years ago.

          As far as size goes, they both fought and excelled in the same weight classes in their respective sports. Conor’s like an inch taller than Floyd. No significant weight difference really.

          I completely disagree with your logic there.

          • Prince Randorson

            Actually some professional pundits and former fighters give conor a chance. Rogan and Schaub for example.

            40 is far past prime, Conor is only 28.

            Conor walks around 20 pounds heavier than Floyd.

            Floyd does not KO people, Conor does.

            I think Floyd is the favorite by far but Conor winning won’t be “a marvel the world over”.

          • Sir_Roy

            Everyone who gives Conor a chance, gives a slim nod to his KO power. Of course he has a “chance”. That’s not saying much at all. He has a puncher’s chance. He has a -2250 chance according to the odd makers. Yeah, it’s a chance.

            A man hits his prime from 28 – 35 years of age. 40 is not “way” past. Not for a top tier athlete who’s never been out of shape in his adult life. You’re grasping.

            No, Floyd is not known for KO’ing people. He is known for toying and crushing many a professional boxer known for KO’ing people. And yes, Conor, an MMA fighter with zero pro boxing matches under his belt, KO’ing or defeating the undefeated pound per pound great would be an absolute Marvel.

          • Prince Randorson

            “Everyone who gives Conor a chance, gives a slim nod to his KO power.”

            Not true.

            Odds makers are biased toward boxing.

            Combat sports athletes prime is up to early 30s. Im citing differences, not grasping. My postion has nothing to do with how much of a change conor has.

            I do not believe that a win by conor will be seen as an absolute marvel, by boxing fans. They will cite the same facts I have.

          • Sir_Roy

            Oh, and Floyd walks around at 154-159 pounds. Conor had a hard time making 168 lbs for his fight with Diaz (trying hard to put on weight). Conor does not walk around 20 lbs heavier. Again, you’re exaggerating to support a flawed argument.

          • Penis pump

            Rogans very well educated and trained in combat sports but he’s also a crackhead

      • Infinity Stone

        The supremacy of mma would only be displayed if they had a street fight.

    • TRT-rex

      Why does it have to be positive for mma? Why can’t it just be positive for the fans? People want to see this and it’s a win-win for Connor! If he loses it expected, if he wins he is a legend, and it will actually bring in more boxing fans to mma! So I think I could actually help!

      • When you say a positive for the fans, do you mean the ones who are still waiting for him to actually defend one of his MMA belts? And how does more boxing fans watching MMA expecting stand-up battles help the sport?

      • Prince Randorson

        As a fan, I am interested in the continual evolution of combat sports and martial arts.

  • macarrech

    Good. I want this to happen soon so we can move on.

  • robert.kelly.93@mail.ru

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  • Dog crap bread

    Do people forget Conor’s never boxed before? Conor’s had to spread out training his whole career between different martial arts. Boxers train one art. All their training is just boxing. When you spend time training multiple arts you’ll taking away from what one art could be. Hate Floyd all you want but he’s only faced other pro boxers. Floyd has never been knocked down in 49 fights against the best in the world. Why would would anyone think Conor has a chance? Like seriously he don’t even have a punchers chance. This is coming from a Conor nuthhugger and a Floyd hater. However he’d be crazy not to take this fight for the money he’ll make