Dana White: ‘If Roger Goodell Knew Ray Rice Did That, He Should Just Get Up and Leave’

September 11, 2014
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Ray RiceNearly everyone by now has seen the despicable video of NFL star Ray Rice hitting and knocking out his then-fiancé-now-wife in an elevator. And nearly everyone has a strong opinion about what he did, and what the NFL did and didn’t do in response to it.

UFC president Dana White was asked about the situation on Fox Sports Live on Wednesday night and how it relates to the way the UFC treats such situations, especially in light his company’s recent reinstatement of Thiago Silva. Silva was involved in a domestic dispute with his estranged wife, but all charges were dropped, so he was allowed to return to the UFC.

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“Guys are gonna do stupid things… There’s one thing you never bounce back from: you never put your hands on a woman,” said White, who was also asked if he agreed with the people calling for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s head on a platter for not reacting appropriately at the appropriate time.

White obviously doesn’t know all the ins and outs of what Goodell knew or when he knew it, but he did have a strong opinion about the commissioner if he knew what was going on.

“If Roger Goodell saw that video, knew that was what happened, knew what Ray Rice did that to his wife or his fiancé; he should just get up and leave on his own.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Dear god, stop it it!
    NFL forums are —————–>

  • dandogood

    ESPN hires Ray Lewis a double murderer as an analyst imagine that a murderer. All Rice did was hit some ghetto hood broad in the jaw. ESPN hired a fricking MURDERER?

    • ihateidiots

      Why does her being ghetto make it ok? How do you even know she’s ghetto. Oh wait never mind ghetto is code word for black and obviously black people aren’t humans who deserve compassion for being victims of domestic violence. Just hitting a “ghetto hood broad” in the jaw is an awful thing. She was knocked out cold and her head bounced of the railing. If his wife was some cute small white girl would you have said the same thing?

      • dandogood

        Rice’s woman was used to being hit. If Rice hit a white guy like that Rice would be in prison. It’s a hood thing for black woman to be beaten by their men.

        • XIRand0mHeroIX

          This is so ridiculously ignorant that it has to be a troll. There can’t possibly be any way someone with enough upward mobility to turn on a computer can be this stupid

          • Anthony Lopez

            ^^^ I concur

          • dandogood

            Janay is straight from the hood, spitting drunk slugging getting KO’d, then marriage. Black woman like being hit and beaten it’s a black hood ghetto thing-black love.

          • earlsimmons

            I love to gargle balls.

          • earlsimmons

            and yet you offer nothing to counter that other than calling him names. Classic liberal defense, show no facts or evidence just name call.

          • XIRand0mHeroIX

            Stating that it’s a hood thing for black woman to get smacked around is ignorant that’s a fact. And you don’t know jack shit about my political believes yet you throw around liberal like some kind of insult. Typical narrow minded conservative behavior.

      • Fightfankevin

        I don’t have any respect for her. I’m not sure what qualifies her for a ghetto hood broad, but she certainly doesn’t think to much of herself to get tko’d so brutally and then marry the guy.

  • Sick of Dana

    Dana, WTF! Just because there weren’t any charges filed doesn’t mean Silva didn’t threaten his wife. They dropped the charges because she probably feared for her life and left the country from what I read!
    Dana, you should step down for even entertaining the idea of letting Silva back in when you know in your heart of hearts this guy did some sh!t to his wife. Imagine what that video would look like if one ever existed.
    As for the Ray Rice issue: Come on people, what did you expect the video to look like. The original video showed him dragging an unconscious bod out of an elevator. Did you think he just bitch slapped her? It was a straight up brutal attack. I guess if it ends up that no charges are filed, then Ray Rice has a future in the UFC and should be given a chance to make a living according to Dana’s once again $#@!ed up logic!

    • Jason Priest

      So sick of people and their judgemental opinions when 9 outta 10 are doing much worse. Fortunate for them there’s no one to bare witness.
      I think Ima go out this weekend and purchase a boat load of stones for all these hypocritical, without fault, s*&t-don’t-stink, more perfect than Jesus people to throw.
      Since obviously they think they’ve earned the right to do so….

      • Sick of Dana

        Aren’t WE being judgemental here? I guess that’s what they mean when kettle calls a pot black?

        • Jason Priest

          Yeah, cause I’m the one here crying about the UFC’s decisions on who they hire and fire. Please just shut up now.

      • james j

        Hilarious post

    • PrideMMA

      From my understanding from a legal perspective they should not have cut him until the court decides his fate. They cut him because they didn’t want his name tarnishing the UFC. So to do right they hired him to prevent any possible legal actions. I could and might be wrong but I think that that may be why.

    • Gianni Lee

      I wouldn’t call it a brutal attack. The guy threw a hook and the girl walked into said hook. I think he spat on her to precede it (a despicable act in itself), but that ain’t what I’d call brutal.

      What “War Machine” allegedly did is pretty brutal.

  • dandogood

    Ray Lewsi murders two Akron kids and plays for 12 more years and gets an ESPN announcing job. Rice some some ghetto mammy and gets fired and banned from the NFL. Big Ben rapes some broads and gets off. But slugging a mammy from the hood is worse? even if Rice married the wild looking out of control ghetto mammy.

  • Wardsize

    Didn’t stop Dana from paling around with rapist Iron Mike.

  • dandogood

    Dana sometimes acts like God dispensing his wisdom which ain’t.