Dana White: “If (Nick Diaz) Wants to Fight, We’ll Get Him a Fight”

April 18, 2013
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Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01-478x270UFC welterweight Nick Diaz hinted at retirement following his UFC 158 loss to Georges St-Pierre on March 16.

“I have to decide if I even want to do this anymore,” he said during his post-fight interview with commentator Joe Rogan.  “To be honest, I don’t know if I really got any more.  I don’t make excuses; I think I’m done with mixed martial arts.”

The comments were made by an emotional, defeated and dejected Diaz at the time.  Less than an hour later, during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference, Diaz asked for a rematch with St-Pierre and expressed his desire to fight middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Diaz’s legal representation, Jonathan Tweedale, stated earlier this month that if Diaz doesn’t get a rematch with St-Pierre or a fight against Silva, he will likely remain retired.

But if Diaz decides that he does want to continue his fighting career, he still has a place in the UFC.

“If he wants to fight, we’ll get him a fight,” said UFC president Dana White on Thursday.

Diaz attended The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale on April 13, but he and White didn’t talk.

Nate Diaz, Nick’s brother, faces Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7 this Saturday and Nick will be cornering Nate in the fight.

His fighting future remains uncertain, but it’s up to him whether he wants to fight or not.  The door is open if he chooses to walk through it.

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  • Cereal Killer

    I hope Nate gets his a$$ kicked! Tired of those 2 that are gate keepers.

    • Ron Couden

      How is Nate a gatekeeper? He just lost a five round decision to Bendo. Prior to that he destroyed Cerrone, Gomi & Jim Miller. Nate is not the best, but he is definitely Top 5.

      • Cereal Killer

        Nate won’t be around much longer, you can quote me on that in a year.

        • Reed

          You could be right…he’s made a lot of money already.. if you include all of the bonuses he’s been paid he probably could retire in a year! Good call Cereal!

    • Sir_Roy

      Well … looks like you had a fun Sat night then. Wishes do come true! Lol.

  • 505

    Do it up NIck..


    What options does Diaz have career wise?? HS dropout low level moron IQ- maybe barber college or toll booth school. School crossing guard maybe with training?

    • Ron Couden

      But probably has x$1,000,000 more money than you right now. Worry about your own career path Pal.

      • badboyfrom78

        Thats Funny he might has $1,000,000 after your uncle Sam get hold of him he wont have nothing left…by the way before you telling him to worry I think you should worry about yo self other wise you might end up like Diaz your self

        • Ron Couden

          Seriously Bro, get an education..please!

          • badboyfrom78

            lol like I said go get a job instead of reading these stupid comments and go buy ticket so you can make Diaz happy

      • April Wells Marlow

        I agree with you Ron. Diaz would also kick your ass Joe. He is alot smarter than people give him credit for.

        • yeah he shows that all the time. suspensions and he cant even talk right. your a moron just like him.

    • Brent


    • Nonickbrand

      On the other hand, a harder worker than vast swaths of the self entitled population that pretends to be his superior. That will count for something.

    • canguy

      First of all, none of us have any idea how much he made off the GSP fight, I’m guessing GSP made over 2 million dollars for that fight. On top of that, have you seen how much he was getting paid by Strikeforce? The guy probably could never work again considering it doesn’t look like he lives a particularly baller lifestyle.

    • Guest

      What is you IQ their buddy????? I would say moron level also.

    • mxo

      lol he could beat UR ass dude .

  • lalanirob

    After paying all those back taxes he owes he’s gonna need to fight just to make back something..

  • Mrod

    This guy retires more than Bret Farve

  • Orville

    These rankings are misleading…as you jump up and down in the order based on your last fight…Diaz is still top 5…you don’t go from title fight to #9 on 1 fight… I think Nick will take another fight and with all but 3 top 10 fighters tied up…he’d likely fight Kampman, Maia, or Koscheck. Diaz is much better than his lackluster performance against Gsp…and would beat either one of these 3!

    • gnodeb

      Diaz’s #2 spot was mostly hype. His performance against GSP was a reality check… He would have a really hard time against any top opponent with game plan and gas tank.

  • Diaz wants an opponent that will fight.=, Diaz vs Kampmann, make it happen..

    • gnodeb

      Yes, he wants somebody without energy to fight for more then one round, who has no footwork and willing to brawl without had movement. Who would say that schoolyard fights are more entertaining then professional MMA fights…

  • mmafan

    This guy is using the retire card to get another title shot, he wants GSP again or Anderson, which are both title holders. Nick things 2 lost in a roll should mean he gets a title shot.

    • a_nonmoose

      Edgar did it and so did Sonnen. The UFC is really starting to go into the whole super fight direction. Sonnen, Edgar, and now Pettis have moved weight classes to take on title holders. Looking at the trend, a fight between Diaz and Anderson isn’t that off the wall.

  • mariof5


    • Cereal Killer

      I think Kos might be done. I hope not, but he seemed spiritually defeated after his last fight.

  • Guest

    Diaz wants a fighter who will fight him. Diaz vs Kampmann, make it happen.

  • solo


    • Ron Couden

      They never fought dude? But I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

  • lol?

    did u just question diaz’s gas tank? you new?