Dana White: If Laila Ali Wants Ronda Rousey Fight, ‘She’ll Get It’ (Video)

March 24, 2015
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Laila Ali vs Ronda Rousey 750

Daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali, recently said no woman on the planet could beat her, including UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

TMZ recently caught up with UFC president Dana White and asked him if he’d be interested in making that match-up. White said if Ali is serious, she should call him, and if she wants that fight, she can have it. White predicts that Ali wouldn’t last very long inside the cage with the likes of Rousey.

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  • shakejunt

    makes sense.


    Book it!

  • Dave Kenney

    While it’s cool to actually hear these words come out of Dana’s mouth, if this fight were to happen, I think it would only make the UFC look even more like the WWE…a joke. Laila would stand as much of a chance with Rousey, as Rousey would fighting men in her weight class. Entertainment value would be good…for 15 seconds or so. Hopefully it would be a free fight night event, as it certainly wouldn’t see my donation as a PPV event.

  • bud

    Rousey would lose to the men her weight class tj dillishaw would destroy her

  • Remove Arm Start Over

    Ali is a trash talker… Thats the UFC’s Dream fighter

  • RobCow

    I wonder if Ronda would be willing to fight Marquess of Queensbury.

    Apples and frickin’ steak sandwiches, folks. Apples and steak sandwiches.

  • Joe Dog

    Ali vs Cyborg.

  • RondatheRunner

    Laila fought at 168-pounds. Interesting the UFC is willing to put this fight together but not a fight with Cyborg at 140 or 145. She said she’s willing to fight Gina at 170. How many women bigger than Cyborg is she willing to fight while ducking a real challenge?

    • taylor2008

      UFC will put it together when Cyborg goes down in weight. He knows Ali will get owned by Rousey.

      • JJDNB

        Or as soon as Cyborg shows a chip in her armor

    • polk14

      Cyborg is not a threat to Ronda. In fact I don’t think she could beat Zingano or Nunes.

      • The Prognosticator

        You must be new to MMA. Neither of them could beat Coenen.

        • polk14

          As far as I know they have never fought Coenen but I do remember Tate beating her. I would bet on Zingano or Nunes against Coenen anytime.

      • burgerman7

        you dreaming son!

      • SixToedPete

        @polk14 Although Zingano and Nunes are good MMA fighters they are not close to Cris Cyborg’s level of skill, power and technique. Cat Zingano used to fight at 125lbs and Amanda Nunes was KO’d by Alexis Davis. Both women would be destroyed by Cris Cyborg.

    • Groinstrike

      Wait and see. I would not be at all surprised to see the UFC announce that they are adding a 145 pound woman’s division at the Aldo vs Connor fight in Brazil. They will show cyborg in the audience, and this will set up the super fight.

  • Ultra Magnus

    You never know what Ali does in her spare time, maybe she trains behind close doors

  • mkff

    Laila has been retired for nearly a decade and is 37. Unless she’s another George Foreman, this fight isn’t going to happen… and if it did, it’d be a boxing match.

    • Fedor is nearing his 40s and is retired, but trains like a competitor everyday. You never know if Ali only ceased professional stint, but maintained a pro training regime.

  • SixToedPete

    Dana White’s drivel: “If (fill in the blank with another absurd opponent) wants Ronda Rousey fight, she’ll/he’ll get it.”

    If he’d stop his ridiculous carnival barking and give a response MMA fans would respect he would say, “if Cris Cyborg wants Ronda Rousey fight at 145lbs, she’ll get it.”

  • burherman7

    haha like white wants this pug RR to be beaten unconsious within the first few seconds. She has a long list of fighters she has to avoid.RR as champion is a ridicoulous notion

  • Funny how he’s all gung-ho for Rousey taking on Ali (and Ali did not challenge anyone, White), who used to fight at…what…two, three divisions above her, but won’t accept a catchweight with Cyborg. Double standard much?

  • steve

    I would love to see the fight. Maybe Lella should put her money where her mouth is. The invitation has been made, its up to Leila to put up or shut up.