Dana White: If He Ran Bellator, He’d Do Everything to Make It Look Like the UFC, Too (Video)

UFC President Dana WhiteBellator MMA used the recent UFC on Fox 5 event to blast out advertising to several local markets to promote its rebranding efforts and move over to to Spike TV in January.

UFC president Dana White says he doesn’t blame them at all, “I’d be looking at everything I could to make myself look like the UFC… I don’t blame them.”


  1. Yes, “power to them”, if they tried to be like the UFC they would be using the same words and terms and promos over and over.

    I watch Bellator, and love how they try not to be the Fox News of MMA. UFC has run out of ideas and does and says the same thing every card. I guess if it worked once it will always work. But the UFC needs to evolve, make undercard stars into stars and not solely rely on the 10 stars they have. Bellator makes a lot of fighter stars by promos and hype, unlike the UFC.

    Quit hyping people like the Diaz bros and maybe put out good fighters who can adjust and win.

    • disagree

    • That’s hilarious! Are you a kid or just that dumb?
      Maybe a wannabe stand up comedian and disconnected from reality! Lol ya” bellator is doing it great and the ufc is out of ideas” withal those overrated ufc fighters too huh?! Wow how dumb can you be?? Lol

  2. **** white bellator is a great product with great fighters UFC need competition.

  3. Bellator is in an unfortunate situation where their tournament format is the only thing that makes them an interesting alternative to the UFC, and yet the tournament format is actually a pretty terrible way to organize fights. That’s why the UFC got rid of it a long time ago. Weird things happen like the Prindle/Santos debacle to mess up your tournaments, the seasons mean champions that get hurt back up the system so tournament winners go without their shot for long periods, the current champions have to fight non-title fights and risk their legitimacy, former champions who lose don’t want to go back in the tournament…its a mess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they distanced themselves from it and did in fact become more like the UFC, and the championship rematch clause is the first step.

    At least they are getting some serious talent in the organization for next year. Excited to see Sobral back. I understand their reluctance to be seen as the UFC B-league, but I don’t think Bellator should be afraid of signing former UFC fighters.

  4. I’m hoping BFC does away with the tournament format too. I think they have some good talent. And so what if people see them as a “B-level” org. That doesnt mean exciting fights cant happen.

    With the absortion of SF by the UFC, Bellator is gonna get a good chance to make a run @ some of the fighters that dont make the cut in the UFC. Especially some of the LWs.