Dana White: If Conor McGregor Wins Title, UFC Eyes Croke Park Defense (Video)

April 22, 2015
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Fighting Irish-McGregor I Rule All-750x450

Although there are a lot of hurdles for the UFC to clear in order to put on a massive event in Croke Park in Dublin, if Conor McGregor defeats UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo this summer, company president Dana White wants the Irishman’s first defense to be at the 80,000-plus capacity stadium.

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In this exclusive interview with Setanta Sports, White discussed McGegregor, the idea of returning to Ireland again in 2015, and a whole lot more.

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  • drew

    Let’s see if he has an answer for those leg kicks first.

  • snapdad

    if conor does win, im sure his 1st defense will be against aldo. I hate immediate rematches.

    • Sir_Roy

      Depends how he wins. Too quick could be considered a “lucky” punch. Too close is, well, too close. Then yeah, sadly, immediate rematch.

      Let’s say Conor really has a dominant performance for 2 – 3 rounds though (hey, anything can happen), Aldo will get benched for a few for sure.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    You think Dana gets a boner every time he talks about McGregor?

  • polk14

    It seems most people believe Conner is going g to beat Aldo. Even though McGregor is bigger I will have to see it to believe.

    • Darin

      “Most people”? Where did you take a poll, Ireland? From what I can tell, most people think McGregor will be exposed by Aldo.

  • Vin Tumenov

    The UFC just gave Conor an extra motivation to win this fight. That’s unfair against the champion. The UFC should also declare what it would do for Brazil if Aldo wins this fight. This is a very important fight. It’s important we keep our mouths shut and allow these guys fight before we start making one-sided promises.

  • Darin

    Aldo has defended his belt in Brazil more than once and I doubt either fighter needs more motivation than they already have.

    • Vin Tumenov

      Not against the announcement by the UFC but the wrong timing.

  • drew

    I believe McGregor gave Aldo all the motivation he needs?

    • Vin Tumenov

      You can’t quantify “motivation”. More reason the UFC needs to stay neutral until after the fight.

      • drew

        If it’s true that you can’t qauntify ‘motivation’ then why argue In the first place saying the UFC is giving “extra motivation” to McGregor.
        I was just stating my opinion based off of my observation that I believe Aldo feels disrespected and perhaps feels the need to try and teach McGregor to respect him.

  • Don Walker

    Massive fan of Dana think he talks a lot of sense but just so you know….yeh soccer (football because its played with the foot for Christ sake) teams do send their teams to specialists in order to get the best recovery! come over to England or go to Germany or Spain where clubs do that! Conor McGregor or GSP in his prime were nowhere near as important to the UFC as Messi, Ronaldo or Rooney are to their clubs so to think that football clubs don’t send their players to specialists is either naïve or arrogant!