Dana White: If Anderson Wins, He Could Get Shot at Weidman vs. Belfort Winner

January 8, 2015
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With the fallout from the revelation of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones‘ positive test for cocaine and his subsequent decision to enter a drug treatment center, UFC president Dana White made the media rounds at the FOX Sports studios on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

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When White stopped by UFC Tonight to speak with Brian Stann and Kenny Florian, White certainly talked about the Jones situation, but he addressed a whole lot more than that. Aside from addressing whether he thought Georges St-Pierre and Brock Lesnar might return to the fold in 2015, White also broke down the title picture for many divisions, chief among them the middleweight division, where former champion Anderson Silva about to return and could quickly earn a shot at the belt.

“2015 is starting off with amazing fights. Probably the best January in the company’s history. And all these fights lead to bigger fights,” White said.

“Diaz and Anderson Silva are fighting, and obviously if Anderson Silva wins that fight, and whether Vitor or Weidman win that fight, then you have Anderson Silva versus either one of those guys.”

Watch the video to hear what White has to say, not only about Jon Jones, but the UFC’s championship kickoff to 2015, and his thoughts on GSP and Lesnar returning…

(Video courtesy of UFC Tonight | May not be available for viewing in some locations)

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  • Rodrigo_Silva

    Luke Rockhold anyone? Let Silva have a couple of fights first, don’t turn the MW division in to the WW one.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He’s fighting Machida. The whole division is kinda locked up right now. I still want to see Silva smash Bisping.

      • Rodrigo_Silva

        I like Bisping but I think that fight does make sense. There are enough opponents Silva could fight to get a streak going and his confidence up, and then maybe a title shot if he wants one and still has the ability.

        I’d like to see Rockhold against Weidman, but I guess Jacare has the next shot if he comes through his bout.

      • taylor2008

        Now that fight makes sense! Silva Weidman 2 is a joke. I too want to see a beat down of bisping.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Even the financial side makes sense! Bisping (I have no idea why) can sell a PPV, just like this gimmick Diaz fight.

          • taylor2008

            Yes it is. He pulls a lot of buys from the British fans, and the american fans that want to see his big mouth shut.
            After he gets brutally KOd by Hendo, KOd by Vitor, UD by Kennedy and submitted by Rockhold he STILL has a big mouth!

  • EshamTheUnholy

    Not this talk again…

  • Dana’s Mom

    DW trying to milk the crap out of A.Silva before time runs out.

    Beating Nick Diaz at 185 does not get you a title shot.

  • I knew it was a good idea to keep this pic saved on my phone..

    • taylor2008


  • burgerman7

    what if anderson breaks his other leg tho?

    • ….. Or worst, what if he breaks both? 0.o conspiracy….

  • KerryCraig

    You really want him to get beat that soon again? Wouldn’t it be better to have people fight him that have been on a streak? He has like 10 damn fights left on his contract. Let some younger dudes who want to prove something go against so he can get a streak built up, then let him have a shot again. You’re playing your hand too soon. What if Diaz wins? Does he get a title shot?

  • snapdad

    so I guess coming off 2 straight losses, and then beating a guy coming off 2 straight losses earns you a title shot. makes senses. maybe he will even earn a post fight bonus if they find cocaine in his system.

  • Timothy Malone

    Add me to the list of people that think the UFC is getting out of control with the rematches. Let’s see some new fights.

    • mmafanguy

      Agreed and it’s kind of weird that a win against Nick Diaz give you a title shot in the MW division, I mean his last fight was in March 2013 and his last fight in MW was in 2009 I think.

  • Darin

    Beating a washed up welter weight garners a middleweight title fight? If it wasn’t Anderson Silva this would be ridiculous.

  • Muaythai4life

    Silva fighting anyone other than the champ makes sense. He’s 0-2 against Weidman, and while, yes, the second loss was kind of a freak thing, he wasn’t exactly looking good in that fight. Now I can already see the arguments about what if Belfort beats Weidman? Silva did 1 kick KO Belfort, true, but if that was the case, then Andre Arlovski should have a title shot because he at one time many moons ago beat Werdum.

    • Joseph Pilarski

      second loss is not a freak thing. he kicked the kick got checked game over

  • Jesoos

    Wow, what a tool, Silva beating a welter weight after going 0-2 should not warrant him a title shot at middle weight.
    It would make more sense to give Diaz a title shot if he beats Silva, considering he beat Lawler before, and he did ok in his last 2 fights (went the distance)

  • Buk Lau

    Dana is a piece of garbage. It’s 101% clear now that he manipulates the entire championship to his liking. Everything is tailored to manupulate the UFC and simply give his friends the best opportunities. Corrupt, fat pig.

  • hyperbole

    I like both fighters, but don’t have any desire of seeing a third rematch. So what if Anderson were to beat Weidman? Would we then have an immediate rematch to the rematched rematch? And if Silva wins that and they’re 2-2? The rubber match? They’d have five fights and set a precedence for stupidity. What are the rankings for anyway? Silva needs to fight his way back up the chain though because of how good he was, I could see that being expedited, maybe taking on the top contender after a fight WITH SOMEONE AT HIS WEIGHT CLASS. White seems to be making desperate moves lately. Bringing in ‘talent’ no one really wants or regurgitating old fights. It’s gone from putting on the best fights with the best fighters to making fights based on $$. For a time, I thought the ufc did a really good job of putting on legitimate events.

  • taylor2008

    NO NO NO! I dont want to see a 3rd fight. Find someone else. Dana you need to leave. Having 3rd and 4th fights are old. Let him climb up the ladder again.

  • Flamer

    The f— is this? He would be granted a title-shot after defeating Nick Diaz?
    S–t’s wack, there are other fighters whom deserve that shot e.g: Luke Rockhold if he gets past Machida, Jacare after winning another fight or even Yoel Romero. But after losing twice to Weidman, they still think it’s a good idea to have a 3rd fight. I wouldnt even bother seeing it. F— Dana White, he aint acting like a boss. He “thinks” people are actually willing to see this garbage happen again, stupidity is high in this one…