Dana White: If Anderson Silva Loses, the Super Fight Goes Away

July 6, 2013
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Dana White UFC Fan Expo 2013-LogoUFC president Dana White has stated on many occasions that he wants to make an Anderson Silva super fight happen with either Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre. The catch, however, is his UFC 162 bout with Chris Weidman on Saturday in Las Vegas.

“If he lost, the super fight doesn’t happen. We’d do the rematch. If he lost two in a row, he’d probably look at retiring.”

Check out what else Dana White had to say about Anderson Silva and his career.

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  • Dana acting like there was superfights to begin with

    • Jone21

      Aftet the fight there was supposed to be a special announcement with GSP. Obviously that didnt happen because silva lost. But yes he had it in his plans before 162 that there would be a superfight if silva won.

  • Maddawgmar

    It’s also the Paquiao/Mayweather syndrome. If one of the fighter in the so called superfight picture loses, then the interest goes out the window. The talks of Paquiao/Mayweather have all but stopped after Paquiao got planked in the ring. The same happens here, Silva loses the interest fades.

  • Ian Price

    Yes, interest will be lost to a point, but I guarantee you that if Weidman pulls 2 consecutive rabbits out of the hat, and Anderson moves up or down to fight GSP or Jones, YOU WILL BE WATCHING THAT FIGHT.

    • Yell0wm0nk3y

      ^This 100%.

      Dana = Debbie Downer

  • Dar Rearick

    Silva told Dana several time he will take any super fight!!!!!!! He wants 1 billion dollars to do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • McMuffinTop

    The UFC isn’t fooling anyone, they’d still make those fights and they know that plenty of people, like us, would pay money to see either fight; my opinion is that Silva would rather face GSP, a man who is 4 inches shorter and has a reach disadvantage than Jones, which would be a much more interesting fight, people don’t realize that Jones wrestling is top notch alongside his incredible striking game.

    • Maddawgmar

      It’s not like its a huge reach advantage. 1.6″ advantage for Silva. Jones has just under a 7″ reach advantage on Silva.

  • John

    Why would the super fight dissappear? I’d still want to see those fights regardless of how many fights they lose.

  • The Best Eva

    Show him the money Dana!

  • Jake

    Just days ago, Dana said win or lose he still go ahead with a super fight with Silva and Jones/St. Pierre. In true fashion Dana is reversing his statement. His word means nothing. Case in point: he gave that hack Sonnen an undeserved title fight with Jones. It’s sad that UFC has a pseudo monopoly in MMA. Dana is ruining the business in my humble opinion.

  • Joga10

    All This f****** s*** is about money now…. Anderson Silva wanted to lose this fight