Dana White: I Would Not Be Shocked If Lorenzo Fertitta Ends Up Owning an NFL Team

September 13, 2012
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Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White at UFC 100Dana White along with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta were able to purchase a failing Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion, and in just over a decade they’ve managed to turn it into one of the most profitable businesses in all of sports.

Now take that same formula and apply it to a team in the National Football League.

While his only passion is fighting, UFC president Dana White could potentially see his business partners branching out and owning an NFL team one day.

“Fighting is all I care about, it’s what I really do, and what I love. I’ve always loved it since I was a kid, but Lorenzo, my partner, is a football fanatic,” White said when speaking to the Dan LeBatard show in Miami on Thursday.

“I would not be shocked if Lorenzo ends up owning an NFL team. I would not be shocked.”

White says Fertitta’s diehard attitude would translate perfectly into the NFL, and he believes one day it may very well come to fruition.

“He’s an awesome owner. They’re very smart guys and they’re great guys to work for. They’re very generous to everybody. They would be a great fit for the NFL and they’re very aggressive guys. They go into a market where a team hasn’t been doing well, I think they’re the guys that could turn a team around,” said White.

“They’d be kick ass owners.”

The Fertitta brothers have primarily focused their business over the years in casinos and then working with the UFC, but White believes his partners could venture into the world of football one day.

Of course this is all speculation for now, but when an idea is present, it doesn’t always take long for it to come to reality and as White said about the Fertittas purchasing an NFL team, he reminds people that “everything is for sale.”

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  • bajafox

    Please buy the Chargers and fire AJ Smith and Norv Turner! hahaha

    • Triggerman99

      I was gonna say the same thing about the Raiders, but I’ll give it a few more weeks before I start calling for Reggie Mckenzie’s head.

      • bajafox

        Hahahaha, I can’t even talk crap about winning that game. I usually clash with Raider fans but after the way they lost it’s kind of hard to really say anything.

        I bet every team in the NFL is preparing a back up snapper.

        • Triggerman99

          LOL! Yeah, that position just got a lot more important, didn’t it?
          Eh, can’t really blame that on anyone. Who would have figured THAT was going to happen?

    • mrsister

      One thing I’ve always noticed about Dana is that even though he owns a part of a successful sports entity – it wasn’t based off his love (or interest in) other sports. He knows nothing about other sports – he doesn’t watch them or watches them like my mother watches them. He has no interest. Having said that what does this statement mean? Nothing. What does Dana White know about the NFL – zero.

      All of the franchises have been in the same hands for decades and decades – the franchises continue to grow in value. There is no franchise for sale nor will there be one for sale. Lorenzo can like the NFL all he wants but he will not own an NFL franchise. Not today, not tomorrrow, not ever. He the kind of dork who buys a arena football team.

      This isn’t news. Dana needs a few people around him that tell him to shut up. It would do him some good.

      • MikeMc1983

        I don’t like to be the guy going around correcting people, but the premise for your entire post is wrong.
        Dolphins sold in 2009, browns sold more recently, and I believe the jags are for sale, or have sold. I’m not sure which. There maybe more, but those just popped in my head.

        • MikeMc1983

          Not to mention the possibility of expansion.

  • insane187288

    did dana say team of nfl. ha they have way more money and power than we do but in the ufc there is always a winner. but talk to jerry jones and you have a champion team that cant perform. if someone in the ufc doesnt perform then yor stuck. in the nfl… money talks

  • White is being very unprofessional about this situation with Jon Jones since he is ignorant; when in essence the blame rests solely on the ineptness of UFC management and their attorneys’ lack of conscripted appropriations and obligations which were excluded and omitted from the contractual commitment wordage, which could have been implemented and promulgated legally by inserting a precautionary provision which would have made it mandatory for alternative fights to take precedent with other top fighters, if in the event an unfortunate injurious condition occurs. This stipulation would be enforced and mandated with fines and suspensions if unstained by breach of agreement.