Dana White: “I Don’t Think Rory MacDonald Ever Said He Wouldn’t Fight Georges St-Pierre”

July 17, 2013
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Rory MacDonald Q&A 478x270UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald could be on a collision course with fellow Tri Star training partner and UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but MacDonald doesn’t want to talk about it.

MacDonald (14-1) is ranked third on the UFC’s official 170-pound rankings behind Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit. (St-Pierre is the titleholder and holds the rank of champion and isn’t included in the top ten UFC rankings.).

MacDonald’s only loss is to Condit in June 2010.  The 23-year-old Canadian takes on fourth ranked Jake Ellenberger on July 27 in the co-main event of the UFC on Fox 8 fight card, and a win would move him solidly into title contention.  But the question remains, is he willing to fight St-Pierre?

“I don’t think that Rory ever said he wouldn’t fight GSP.  Rory said he doesn’t want to talk about fighting GSP,” said UFC president Dana White on Tuesday during a media conference call.

“I don’t think he’s ever said he won’t fight GSP.  When that day comes, when he gets to that place where it’s time for GSP vs. Rory MacDonald, I’m sure that’s when Rory MacDonald will want to talk about fighting GSP,” added White.

Many people assume MacDonald won’t accept a fight with St-Pierre.  He left the door open to many possibilities when asked if he’d make a move to the middleweight division to avoid fighting one of his mentors.

“I’m just going to focus on this fight for now.  My whole career has kind of just been go with the flow.  Everything changes after each fight, so I’ll see where I am after this fight and assess the options from there,” said MacDonald when asked about a potential move to middleweight.

A move to middleweight seems unlikely for the former King of the Cage lightweight champion who has competed as a welterweight since 2009.  An eventual match-up with St-Pierre may be inevitable, if he can get past Ellenberger, of course.

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  • robc

    Of course he would fight GSP given the opportunity. He is young and hungry… First after Ellenberger, he needs to rematch Condit. If he gets through that, then title contention is a possible next step.

  • Guest

    I like the way Rory handled this situation. Not turning down the fight just not wanting to talk about it. That’s a big issue to workout and deal with, why sidetrack yourself thinking about that instead of worrying about your next fight. If he beats Ellenberger he deserves a title shot.

  • I like the way Rory handled this situation. Not turning down the fight just not wanting to talk about it. That’s a big issue to workout and deal with, why sidetrack yourself thinking about that instead of worrying about your next fight. I wouldn’t mind Rory vs Jake Shields either. I know Jake hasn’t performed since coming over, but it would be a nice fight.

    • Husksj

      Jake Shields doesn’t deserve to be mentioned along side top 5 guys. He has been a bust acquisition by UFC. His striking clunkiness is unreal, when he goes on the ground the audience falls asleep.

      • Your pretty much right, I just like the sound of the fight. Ellenberger better take the win on this with all that trash talk.

        • jay

          he has won every fight except Jake E. the week that his dad died, and the fight against GSP, but won the last 2 rounds, first guy to win a round in like 5 or something fights, boring yes, does damage, no, but he wins, a lot more dominantly than b Henderson btw. (((yes, i know kampman was screwed))) I wouldnt mind the Rory fight, because I think Shield’s conditioning and strength would be a real challenge for Rory, staying off the mat or against the fence for the last three rounds … he gassed against condit and Id like to see his submission defense after going 4 round and being tripped 30 seconds into the fifth … everyone wants Diaz v Condit 2, especially Condit … he felt bad about that performance and did what he had to in order to get paid … i think he will war with Diaz next time.

          • I became a very big fan of Condit after the Kampmann fight. The guy has a lot of real close fights. Kampmaan, Ellenberger, Diaz, almost Rory. And yes Diaz/Condit 2 would be a war b/c Nick would put the pressure on even more to get that decision.

      • Served

        how has Shields been a bust?
        He’s only lost 2 fights out of 6 in the UFC, w/ a couple of those coming at 185. A decision loss to GSP and then Ellenberger aren’t bad losses.

        In regards to his style, he’s ALWAYS been like that. The human blanket. Yes, to most he’s rather boring, ala Jon Fitch, but Shields is still a top fighter.

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    He said the exact same thing about Cormier

  • Shred Man

    Johnny Hendrix will beat GSP, so it won’t even matter.

    • toom

      hendrix could do it if he stops a takedown and hits him with one of those bombs its over

  • passenger

    actually he said it in an interview before the B.J. Penn fight…

  • benja

    this guy is the only one in that division that could beat GSP. GSP dint finish fights, MacDonald does.

  • DamianCross

    Rory never said that he wouldn’t carve off a living pig’s face, wear it as a mask, and murder all the residents of Prince Edward island either.

    I wonder why.

  • Sir_Roy

    Doesn’t say either way because he knows he “can’t” beat him.

    Granted, training with someone is not the same as fighting the person … but I’m pretty sure Rory is privy to GSP’s prowess without having faced him inside the Octagon, more than any other contender has been to date. Which is why he’s not extremely eager to pronounce or denounce IMHO.

  • bajafox

    Hopefully Ellenberger will beat him and this will be a non-issue. I would rather see him face Condit or Nick Diaz after the Ellenberger fight, win or lose.

    If he beats Ellenberger and one of those two, then there is no doubt he should face whoever is holding the belt next

    • Marcus Miles

      Rory vs diaz would be a sick clash of styles. I think he could beat Diaz but it would be a sick ass fight!!!!

  • drkdisciple

    I recall several times him stating that he would not fight GSP. Last time I heard him say that was a few weeks back in an interview with Ariel Helwani. I do believe this kid will one day be a world champ.

  • Supaman

    actually, as several people have pointed Rory HAS stated that he would never fight GSP in the Octagon. Rory has actually stated it several different times.

    However, that’s not to say that he wouldn’t change his mind once the title shot was actually offered.

  • George Sperry

    Reported on MMA-King in Nov. of 2012

    “At a recent UFC 154 question and answer
    session, MacDonald was asked about the possibility of fighting GSP. It won’t happen, he said.


    GSP and MacDonald both train at the Tri-Star gym in Montreal. As a matter of fact, GSP and MacDonald are close friends as well. Not only does MacDonald not want to fight one of his friends, but he is also unwilling to give up his spot at the Tri-Star gym. If MacDonald were to fight GSP, he would have to leave to train at another gym, and he is not prepared to do that.”

  • South.NZ.MMA

    I see Roy dominating G.S.P. no disrespect to the Champion, Vaseline or no Vaseline lol.. he is the Champion, but seriously Roy is part of a new breed of fighters, smarter, stronger, faster, and youth, Roy is very clinical in which technique to use in his stand up clinch game, utilizing Judo, Sambo and jujitsu throws and take downs, once down, technical ground work using wrestling control to create space for significant ground and pound striking. Basically better than G.S.P in my opinion…Could we be witnessing the Era of a new young Fedor in Roy. M.??..Time will tell.

    • Ambitionispriceless

      ur buggin GSP would manhandle and wear rory out hes not ready for George.. gsp has ton of experience over him just look at what condit did to him and gsp fought the best in welterweight division and was victorious… and im a nick diaz fan honestly

      • Chicago

        We really have no idea what would happen is gsp and RM fought. RM was winning that fight against Carlos until he made a mistake. hell Carlos Damn near kicked gsp’s head into the 5th row and became the new ww champion. I think RM vs gsp would be his toughest challenge yet….. excuse me as I detach myself from Rory’s balls.

    • Hamburger Jim

      He’s neither as athletic nor as strong as prime GSP.

  • kooolout

    We’re not fighting. Me and Georges are friends, we’re training partners. We’ll have our own arrangements and figure it all out when the time comes. It’s not going to come to us fighting. Friends, teammates, you know? We’re here to help each other. – Rory Macdonald May 2013

  • 801diego

    I’ll go with joe rogans comments after the mike pyle fight, he is going to be better then GSP. might not fight him, but if he did he would definitely crush GSP if it came down to it

  • Mike Little

    OK, we have a schedule fight for GSP already. He has to win this one first right? Why are we even speculating on this fight right now.? If he wins and I do say IF as we know he could get KO’d by Hendricks, Let Rory fight Condit or Diaz and then lets talk about him facing the champ who will be GSP or Hendricks.