Dana White: I Don’t Hate Fedor, but He’s Done

April 29, 2012
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The name Fedor Emelianenko still gets brought up to UFC president Dana White just about any time he meets with the media, but he’s not sure why anymore.

Emelianenko was released from Zuffa owned Strikeforce last year and has since picked up two wins, albeit over questionable competition.

Still, White can’t go more than a press conference or two without the Russian’s name coming up and so this time he makes it clear: he doesn’t hate Fedor; he just doesn’t like his management.

Check out what White had to say about Fedor in this exclusive video with the UFC president:

  • dgs

    I don’t know why Dana feels the need to drop f-bombs every second sentence (maybe he thinks it makes him sound more legitimate?), but I can’t disagree with what he has to say. Especially about life sometimes presenting you with golden opportunities that may never come up again. You either seize them, or you don’t, waiting for something bigger/better to come along. Problem with that is, sometimes nothing bigger/better ever comes along, and then the moment is gone forever.

    I wonder if Fedor is using his management as sparring partners for pretty much screwing up the biggest opportunity he had in the sport?

    • Booker T

      Yeah, we don’t need the f-bombs but have to agree with Dana.

      • tsszaltax

        This is the fight business. You want some suit and tie up there giving politics instead of what he really thinks? He does that in these small interviews. He dont do it that much at all if ever when he’s up on stage at a conference behind the mic.

        • LAW OF FIST

          u r correct sir!

        • lonniebatt

          yep you are absolutley right it is too bad that so many people get to see these informal interviews and think that he is like this when he is dealing with big business, besides when it come to big business dealings if Dana thinks he cant handle it because of being worried about losing it he always sends Lorenzo… you have never heard of him being rude or throwing out the “F BOMB” in very important business just look at the press confrences he may be sharp but he never cusses, hey with Dana what you see is what you get and I like that in this sport he is just a FAN as much as we are annd most of all he is HONEST.. by the way I cannot stand when people describe the work F**K by calling it F BOMB only a sissy a$$ chump says that…..

          • lonniebatt

            .excuse the WORD not work

        • KBEsq

          It’s not that black and white. Just because you say you don’t want a guy using the “F” word two times per sentence and making the “jack off” sign when talking about other fight companies, doesn’t mean you have to have some stiff suit and tie person.

          How about Dana White without all the cussing? It is literally that simple. He could easily tone it down, and still allow his opinion to come out in a more classy way.

      • lonniebatt

        dude you use the description F BOMB too, no self respecting Male uses that, only women talk like that check yourself and see if you really have a pair….. are you serious,,,,F BOMB LMFAO…….

        • KBEsq

          Wow you’re really cool. All the guys must really respect you and look up to your alpha-maleness.

          Yeah, i use nasty language and sound like a complete loser who never grew up. Yeah! I also love that you bash a guy for not sounding like an idiot child, and then you use “LMFAO.”

          • lonniebatt

            yes I am a really “Cool” LMFAO, and yeah I sure do use LMFAO and because you dont understand why well let me explain it for you,,, its ONLY BECAUSE they delete any and all profanity So I must apoligise for not being able to tell you what I really think!!!! LMFAO,LMFAO, AND REALLY, LMFAO !!!!

          • KBEsq

            @lonniebatt – So let me get this straight. You bash a guy for using “F Bomb,” then you justify your use of LMFAO by saying that you cannot use profanity on this site.

            Way to be a hypocrite!

      • BizzleZX10R

        Who cares if he uses F-Bombs? what are you guys 12? I understand if it is a but unprofessional,but he uses curse words to really emphasize the point he’s getting across. It makes sense. For example when you say “I hate this” seemingly enough people don’t think you just don’t like it. When you say “I *******,hate this” It’s easier for people to go “Oh man i really hates this”

        Sounds stupid but it’s usually the case.

    • does him cursing really offend you that much? It’s just another word in the english language, get over it.

      • TKD

        @ billserad: Maybe these are the same idiots crying that the sport is “too violent”, or that there is too much bleeding during fights. If you listened to the interview, and all you heard was him cursing, then maybe you are watching the wrong sport. Women’s gymnastics seems more fitting to these sensitive babies!

      • lonniebatt

        yeah you right F BOMB only women talk like that…. F BOMB,,,,, really !!! LMFAO

    • Yep, I agree 100%. Fedor and his management thought Fedor was the God of MMA but his competition was limited to Strikeforce and their own promotion M1 Global. Russians want to think they are superior to Americans but they are 3rd class and they know that deep down. M1 had a sweetheart contract to co-promote with Strikeforce before Zuffa (UFC) bought them out. Fedor made a lot of money so it’s not like he needs to fight anymore to pay the rent and support his family..lol… But if Fedor wants to be considered one of the best HW’s of all time then he needs to fight UFC HWs and prove himself. He’s not going to win every fight but if he can work up to a title shot then that is noble. He lost out on a huge pay day and Dana is right. Dana bothered me for many years but now he has grown on me because of his upfront and harsh reality answers and comments. He’s not always right so it’s not like I think he’s a genius or the truth when he speaks. Zuffa is all about money and power and Dana is just a talking head for this brutal corporation while Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta pull the strings.

      I’ve always been a Fedor fan but he never evolved as a complete MMA professional fighter. He’s always relied on his quickness and power to overcome his opponent with flurries of accurate power shots. But his mystique has been gone for years and Dan Henderson really proved that. Hendo didn’t care what weight Fedor came in at, he knew he could drop the H-bomb on him and he did. Very embarrassing for Fedor and his legacy.

    • lonniebatt

      who describes the word f**k my saying :F BOMB”what kind of wussy a$$ stuff is that

  • adice89

    Yeah its not Fedor though, hes not scared to fight anybody period. I do think he would have punched Brock in his face harder than anybody else tho and came out with the win. DW is right though, M1 isnt doing shit but using Fedor, reason is…who else do they have that is marketable? NOBODY. Still always a fan though myself, he always brought it no matter who he faced. He was a very accurate and very FAST brawler for a man his size. And STILL IS.

  • Its not always about money, Dana.

    • It’s ALWAYS about the money.

      • Lesnardo

        It is always about the money.

        And other than saying “Dana White must be right since Fedor sucks now,” we should try to understand that Fedor has made a lot of money fighting cans in Bodog, Dream, Affliction, and SF.

        Can we be sure that he would have made more money had he joined the UFC????

        I don’t think so.

        In fact, he would have made about the same if not less. Had Fedor joined the UFC after PRIDE, he would have fought and could have been a champion for a year or two beating the likes of Nog, Randy, Arlovski, Sylvia, and Mir.

        But what about when its time for Cain, Carwin, Brock, JDS, and Overeem to fight him?

        I just don’t see Fedor beating any of the new HWs, especially JDS/Cain/Overeem. He might have pulled a sub or decision against Carwin and Brock but still those would have been extremely risky fights.

        In any case, Fedor would be either fighting bums in the HW division or have gotten kicked out.

        Not sure if he would have made more money.

        • I think he would have made more money if he’d signed with the UFC instead of Strikeforce right after Affliction went under. That’s when his stock peaked.

          • Actually as I said before, it isn’t always about the money.

            Fedor stated long ago that he had made the money he needed in Japan, and that he was more interested in growing the sport of MMA in Russia (via M-1, I’ll admit) and sticking by Vadim. You know…his friend?

            Dana’s “friends” by contrast, come and go depending on the money they ask for and the color of their piss tests. Ask Tito. Ask his own mother. Money isn’t everything, and that is why the UFC can’t do business with Fedor.

      • lonniebatt

        everywhere all the time make no mistake about it…….

      • lonniebatt

        always make no mistake about it

  • maddawgmar

    Here’s the thing Dana, you are a fight promoter. Call yourself a CEO or President, whatever. You are basically a white Don King without the goofy hair. And ppl like you, unlike King. But your job is to put on the fights that fans want to see. Fans love Fedor even if he is “done”. He is the previous King of MMA, and people love comeback stories. I know you have alot of pride, no pun intended, but you’d be a richer man with him than without.

    • FlowWithTheGo

      Ideally I’d like to see Fedor in UFC but I’d rather have Barnett & Cormier. If Fedor came I wouldnt want him to walk right into a title shot. There are more interesting title fights like JDS vs Overeem, Mir, Cain II, Barnett, Werdum & Cormier. He wouldnt last long in HW division, he’d be a lot better suited to LHW

      • maddawgmar

        I agree there are more interesting fight for the title, but I believe he could fight his way to a shot, hs beat Hunt, Overeem he could beat Mir, and in a rematch with Werdum he would not be stupid this time and he’d win. There are very marketable match-ups and if he gets a streak going then maybe a title fight.

        • Lesnardo

          Umm.. Reem would kill him. And JDS and Cain would kill him as well.

          Fedor can’t beat Reem/JDS/Cain. Fedor vs Mir would be a more fair match for Fedor.

          • maddawgmar

            Overeem would kill him while he is on roids. But Fedor already schooled him. As for JDS and Cain they may very well win, but Fedor can compete at the top level still.

  • fightfankevin

    Sadly for Fedor, dana is right. I also agree with the other posters, i wish Dana could clean up his mouth, i love the UFC and want to get my 5 year old as a fan to, but i cant expose him to Dana and Rogan.

    • BlackDog2009

      you don’t need to expose them… DW and Rogan both keeps their swearing in check when the events are happening, on FOX or ever PPV. Kids don’t need to view these stupid interviews where reporters put the mikes to DWs mouth making him repeat the same vile crap over and over again.

      • lonniebatt

        yep you would be better if you let him watch the FOX shows first. then see how it goes,, but I feel ya I would be concerned also..

  • brianhussey

    Dana is a business man first as we all know(i.e. Kimbo Slice). With that said, I am more than happy to guarantee that Fedor fights at least once in the UFC. I would like to see him fight Gustaffson. However, I believe wholeheartedly that Fedor fighting someone more marketable would bring in a huge payday!! Hmmm … Alistair when he comes back? Wouldn’t that be something? Fedor knows the best is in the UFC as he has said many times, so how bad would it suck for him to have to fight a Strikeforce guy for his first and maybe only bout? HAHAHAHA

    • Lesnardo

      Fedor is now saying the best is in the UFC because there are no affliction and SF anymore. And Dream can’t pay him.

      If Sf were still around, I doubt Fedor would have said that.

      Fedor just wants to make couple more millions before he quits.

  • BlackDog2009

    Here’s the thing, DW is still butthurt that back then they did not kiss his butt, the russians didnot take all his terms. And YES, the russians ****** up, but DW is doing the same now… his arrogance and unwillingness to move forward and try to make a new deal is preventing FEdor from coming to UFC. It’s all about the two sides not thinking of the fans and the potential. And YES Dana, we will continue to talk about Fedor, FEdor is the man, he’s the best mma hw I’ve ever seen and none of his fights, NONE, have ever been boring. Fedor brings it, win or lose he brings it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You havent gotten your FEdor yet DW and you never will… there is only one.

  • TKD

    It’s ALL about money. M1 Global, UFC, Dream…It all boils down to money. That is exactly why Fedor is now claiming that the UFC is where he’d like to fight. It was no epiphany on his part…He knows that the money is nowhere else to be found!

    • lonniebatt

      That and respect because now no matter what he does he will never get the respect he is used to so he knows where he can find it and money of course

  • D-rail

    WTF?? PEDRO THE HAS BEEN RIZZO VS FEDOR THE ALMOST HAS BEEN. Fedor vs to Kimbo would of made better sense. Is this the best “The Dummy” could do, digging out RIZZO from the abyss, really?? Man, Fedor’s in trouble, serious trouble. Why not, line them up- Gary Goodridge, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock and Maurice Smith.

  • julianmoran

    Why would anyone hate Fedor?

    Having beaten the likes of Nogueira, Crocop, Arlovsky, Sylvia, Fedor has proven to have been the best.

    Full of **** Dana would deny it, rather promoting ufc fighters such as Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar as being so…

    Fedor is now back on a two fight winning streak, If he wins this third fight, I say bring him to the ufc, where I am comfident he would beat most of the ufc heavy weight division.

    • TKD

      julianmoran, are you insane? Nice to see the delusional fans are out today…

      • lonniebatt

        thats freaking hilarous isnt it a two fight winning streak yep sure it gotta agree with THE guy there,,, so freaking funny,,, WATCH OUT FEDOR’S BACK….

  • julianmoran

    Out of the 33 heavy weights in the UFC.
    I see Fedor beating about 30 of them.

    • lonniebatt

      JULIAN Dog I love ya bro but please you are making it obivious,, you are a nut hugger,,, Fedor will get killed bgy at leat half of the HW’s in the UFC,, he is done why do you think that he is where he is ??????? nobody hates him,,, he is just done…..

  • I love Fedor. When i first started to watch MMA, he was like Superman. So impervious to pain, so quick, so technically sound….
    Sadly, that hasn’t been the case for at least the past 3-4 years. The last fight you really saw any dominance in him was against Tim Sylvia (of all people), after that we saw him struggle a bit before dropping AA with a hard shot, and there was the dragon punch KO versus Rogers.
    Nobody stays on top forever. That’s why DW is correct in his “one punch from being worth 0” comment. I hate DW, but the bottom line is he’s good for the business and the growth of the sport as a whole. Does that mean I trust him as far as I can throw his ass? probably not. Why else has he not released a figure to back his claims about offering Fedor “big money” for fighting Lesnar? I don’t believe it nor do I believe that Vadim and the M-1 boys claims of “difficult negotiations”. Its more of the fact that they got into the room, neither of them would budge due to both of their selfish, arrogant pride.
    It is a royal shame that Russians and Americans still harbor bitterness from the “Cold War” era, and that is what this boils down to. If they actually put their head together and stop this non-sensical jibber jabber, they might have been able to accomplish great things. As it stands now, Fedor is left to fight cast offs and has beens. They had better pray Zuffa does release Alistair Overeem, that way they might get a half decent fighter to stand in there against their “meal ticket”.

    • shereko

      I was a real Fedor fan, hell got his autograph in my house… but, he is done, when you are a heavyweight, and lose to a guy that fights at middleweight some of the time, after being submitted by Fabricio, and destroyed by Bigfoot… its time to hang it up. As far as the money aspect goes, the reason the actual amount wasn’t released was because what type of good business is it to release that and have other fighters know about that? So the other meal tickets can get pissed before their next contracts, please don’t be that naive. The big hurdle in that negotiation if you go back and research it was the fact that Vadim pushed to have the event co-promoted… UFC doesn’t and won’t co-promote. Nor should they, they built the UFC, why share their success after they got there for 1 fighter. Vadim screwed Fedor and themselves. He could have gotten a 3 fight deal, then left and promoted “former UFC” Fedor under M1 but, nope… opportunities pass. So do careers. As far as the “F-Bombs” go… who cares, and why does it take up that much of this articles replys… WTF

  • BlackDog2009

    and can DW brag about his current HW roster that much?

    Cain looked like crap last time
    Kountry nothing to brag about, only that he can take punches in bunch
    Mir got lucky before he caught Nog
    Kongo looked like crap last time
    Metrione looked like crap last time
    Lesnar was raped by Reem
    Shaub looked like crap several times now
    Carwin done
    Travis Brown too new to tell if he’ll keep it up
    Pat Barry inconsistent crap all the time

    really for all DWs trash talk of Fedor… he only wishes he had someone with FEdor’s credentials, and he never will

    • lonniebatt

      Guess what Dog, he dont need Fedor,, nope never did, and never will, believe this if Dana White thought that he really needed Fedor dont you think that he would have signed him?? DUH !! The guy can get any fighter he wants. boy you guys are so caught up in your emotions it prevents you all from understanding the obivious.he .Guess what even said he tried to get him his MGMT. passed.by the way if the HW division is so bad then I guess you are going to pass on watching the HW card in may then,, right…. NOT !!!!!!!

      • BlackDog2009

        of course not, don’t get me wrong that’s not what i meant… what i meant is that DW can’t keep claiming Fedor is done when many and I mean MANY of his HWs are looking worst that FEdor ever did.

    • shereko

      Fedor looked like crap last 6 times
      Fedor lately nothing to brag about but, used to be able to take punches, no more though.
      Fedor got lucky against Arlovski with 1 punch when he was getting mauled
      Kongo is always hot cold
      Mitrione was rolling before that.
      Lesnars not on the roster so poor example you might as well said, Sylvia to help your case
      I see you left Fabricio Verdum and Bigfoot Silva off your roster examples, why?…Did you see Fedors losses? He got destroyed. Sad yes, it happens though. The mystique is gone. Also Dana has never ripped Fedor, he rips M1 and Vadim, which he should because Vadim cost Dana/UFC and Vadim/Fedor a LOT of money!

      • BlackDog2009

        How does that work in your mind? Last six times? I guess flattening Arlowsky on his face, and crumbling Rogers down isn’t impressive to you. It is to me… have you seen how monster big Rogers is? Fedor got caught in a submission with Werdum, that is not ‘destroyed’. Anyone gets caught, many of the best have gotten caught in submissions: Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, Nogueira, Rampage, Machida, etc etc. And Bigfoot as huge as he is had Fedor under him and was not able to put Fedor away, he coudln’t do it! Hendo is the only one that could claim a legitimate knockout of Fedor and getting knocked out by Hendo is nothing to be ashamed of.

        • shereko

          Ok here’s how it works… Arlovski wasn’t in the last 6 but, for the sake of your argument Arlovski was winning and moving Fedor around at will til the one haymaker he caught him with… but, I digress I wasn’t talking about that fight. Next ones… LOL Rogers, yes I did see him, at Sams Club by my house a couple years prior to that he changed my tires, no joke, and again after that fight I had him do it again… very good tire tech. NOT a great fighter, btw he didn’t fight after and is in jail now… Yes he got caught, lots do, but Werdum caught im in 1 min of round 1… Silva did overwhelm him which is what UFC guys would do to him and would have put him away if it was allowed to go on, Henderson no shame, except he’s a lot smaller than Fedor or is “normally”, then a decision to Jeff Monson??? Seriously?? Last fight, Satoshi Ishii, he did win convincingly but the guy was 4-1 and is 5’11” and 205… come on dude, seriously?? Those are facts not my opinion. So thanks for pointing out his last 7 fights… Ohh and getting submitted in 1 min of round 1 is much different than a desperation Flying Heel Hook after getting mauled for 2.5 rounds out of 3.

          • shereko

            That was when Ryo Chonnen submitted Anderson.

  • geoffreylee

    umm.. opportunity for a mega fight? how about jon jones vs silva @ 205? the stars are lined up, the potential is there, the money will be made. if either lose their next fight, will it have as much hype as there is now? the p4p debate can be solved. put on the fight everyone wants to see and make your money ufc guys. dont **** this up and let an opportunity slip away.

    lets make the fight happen then.

  • shereko

    Lets put the guy that walks around at 205 thats 37 against the kid thats 24 and walks around at 235… yeah sounds fair. Hey while you’re making matches, you should put Jose Aldo vs JDS for the Brazil main event haha, or Cruz vs Condit haha superfights. Are you one of the people that didn’t want the GSP vs Anderson when it could have happened?


    Fedor is the shit-plain and simple-any true hardcore fan can attest to that fact-Dana knows it and notice that Lorenzo hasn’t openly commented on the subject-that’s who’s opinion I really take into consideration

    • shereko

      Was… not is.

    • Ugly because of the great sporsmene, behind his back.