Dana White: Just How Good Could Roy Nelson Be? (UFC 143 Video)

February 7, 2012
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UFC president Dana White says that Roy Nelson is one of the toughest fighters he’s ever seen. In fact, he felt Nelson was close to finishing Fabricio Werdum at UFC 143.

“He rocked Werdum there once. If he was in good enough shape to keep that kind of pace, he would win more fights.”

White, however, questions Nelson’s size and conditioning, wondering just how good Nelson could be if he “really, really trained and got into it.”

  • Lesnardo

    No where in the fight was Roy close to “finishing” Werdum.

    Had Roy been 230lbs, he wouldn’t have had the strength to do any damage to Werdum.

    Please stop making stuff up about Roy Nelson. He was a B level fighter before TUF. After TUF, the UFC fanboys (who btw didn’t even know who Roy was before TUF) started jumping on his bandwagon. But now we all know what’s up. Namely, Roy can’t hang with top 10~15.

    Sergei Kharitonov and Big Foot would kick his ass too. Arlovski made Roy his girl.