Dana White Holds Out Hope for Alexander Gustafsson to Fight at UFC on Fuel TV 9

April 1, 2013

Dana White at UFC 150The UFC on Fuel TV 9 fight card was hit with horrible news over the weekend when Swedish news outlets reported that main eventer and home country favorite Alexander Gustafsson suffered a severe cut in his final sparring session, putting his headlining bout with Gegard Mousasi in jeopardy.

UFC president Dana White, however, insists that the fight has not been cancelled… at least not yet.

Swedish MMA Federation president George Sallfeldt on Sunday told MMANYTT.se that three doctors, one in person and two examining photos, have determined that the cut Gustafsson suffered will take weeks to heal.

Sallfeldt added that, even if the cut were to heal by Friday, letting someone go into a fight “with heavy scar tissue would not be an option.”

“It is very difficult to see that this will be medically approved on Friday,” Sallfeldt commented, adding that Gustafsson wanted to go ahead with the fight, but “this is a medical decision and not up to Alexander himself.”

White on Sunday night, however, told MMAFighting.com via text message that “the (Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation) has not said he can’t fight, and he wants to fight,” leaving the door cracked open, if ever so slightly, for the fight to happen.

To be clear, Sallfeldt never came out and stated that Alexander Gustafsson would absolutely be denied medical clearance, but his comments obviously lead to the conclusion that due to the nature of the cut it would be nearly impossible to medically approve Gustafsson’s participation.

The UFC is in a difficult situation if Gustafsson is unable to fight. There are no other bouts on the UFC on Fuel TV 9 fight card that would typically be considered a UFC headlining bout, and there is little time to line up a worthy replacement for Gustafsson.

Still, it would be difficult following Sallfeldt’s comments to see the SMMAF approving Gustafsson for the fight, and if they did so contrary to their own requested medical assessments, what would that say about the Federation’s credibility as a sanctioning body?

MMAWeekly.com on Monday made a follow-up request for more information on Gustafsson’s status, but there was no update as of the time of publication.

Mousasi’s camp told MMAWeekly.com that, as of Monday morning, Mousasi and his team are still flying to Sweden expecting to fight, and have not been told that the fight is off or that any change of opponent has been made.

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  1. Even if the fight does go on, if the cut in any way shape or form affects the outcome, it would be pointless.

    • very true, its an easy tko win via cut for mousasi if he plans on attacking it

    • The bigger issue is that the card desperately needs this fight to happen.

    • If the cut is bad enough to put a fight in jepordy, unless Gustafson was part of the Weapon X program…there’s no way it will heal enough to not effect the fights outcome should it still happen.

    • Gustaffson still wants to fight, so if he does and loses by cut he deserves to lose his status as possible contender.

  2. The UFC better find a replacement quick. It will not be a problem if the opponent cannot cut weight as they can fight at HW. Just bring a big name in.

    • Who would you put in though? Theres not another scheduled LHW fight until the 27th. I think this one may go bye bye…there are some good fights on this card. None I would consider main event status, but still good.

      • Lots of options. Bring in Wanderlei, or Anderson,

        • Wanderlei I could see…Anderson I don’t think they would risk an injury…and if he does win that throws a huge works in the LHW ranks.

          Hopefully the fight still happens…will be interesting to see what they do…

          Stay tuned to As the UFC Turnssss…..

  3. It’s time for Anderson to step in and save the day.

    • That would be pretty cool! However, Mousasi is way better than griffin or bonnar

    • anderson won’t be able to make weight this soon, he had more time before. it would be nice though if he did

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  4. You think d-bag would have learned to not base an event on one fight like the 151 fiasco. Wonder who he points the finger at this time if the event gets cancelled.

  5. apparently dana called Wanderlei … i think the Axe Murderer is steppin in

  6. I think this is Dana’s way of saying they can’t find a replacement in time. Not looking good for the card.

  7. Wand already steped up, according to a brazilian web site!

  8. i don’t see how he can fight if like they say the cut is sever so i can see this card ending up a mess (again)