Dana White Has Not Talked to Anderson Silva or Georges St-Pierre About a Possible Super Fight

October 6, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Georges St-PierreA lot has to happen before anybody can get excited about a possible super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

The two competitors have been linked together for years when talking about a super fight pitting the greatest UFC champion of all time in Silva against one of the most dominant pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC in St-Pierre.

Over the last few months however the talk about Silva facing St-Pierre has seemed closer to reality than ever before. UFC President Dana White has hinted at the possibility of the fight taking place on numerous occasions, and even said that a likely landing spot for the bout could be Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Still, a lot has to get done before that theoretical fight can even take place – for instance Silva and St-Pierre both have to get through their next challenges inside the Octagon.

“That GSP/Anderson Silva fight is just talk, it’s not reality. I know a lot of people are counting Stephan Bonnar out and think that this fight is a joke and everything else. Stephan Bonnar has never been finished in the UFC, he’s never been knocked out, he’s never been submitted by anybody and he’s been fighting all the best at 205 his entire career. From Jon Jones to you name it, he’s fought them all,” White said on Friday.

“This is going to be a tough fight for Anderson Silva, and if Anderson wins this fight even though he’ll never get the credit for it, it’s another huge notch on his career. This guy’s broke every record in UFC history and this is a big fight for him.”

As for St-Pierre, the Canadian returns after more than a year away from the sport after suffering a serious knee injury and undergoing surgery, and then year long rehabilitation. He faces interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154, but White knows that’s a tough task for anybody, much less a fighter coming back from more than a year off.

“Georges St-Pierre, the fight with Carlos Condit is no joke. Carlos Condit’s a real guy and a tough guy. Honestly and I mean this, this is no (expletive), we will see what happens with those two fights,” White stated.

There is also one other hurdle that has to be jumped before this super fight can come to fruition – Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre have to actually agree to the fight.

St-Pierre told MMAWeekly.com in September that his focus is on clearing out the UFC welterweight division, and while Silva’s management has talked about this possible super fight, White says he’s never directly had discussions with either fighter about the bout taking place.

“I haven’t even talked to Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva about those guys fighting each other. If things all work out that way we’ll see what happens, but there’s no guarantee that fight’s going to happen,” said White.

After a lot of talk and hype about this fight taking place in 2013, it appears everything has cooled down a bit with Silva and St-Pierre both facing challenges in the coming months, and neither fight apparently agreeing to the super fight in the first place.

Will Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre ever take place? That remains to be seen.

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  • corey haim

    people shouls stop talking about a fight that will never happen, this is like the equivalent to boxings mayweather vs. pacquiao

    • Stokes

      Mayweather/Pac WILL happen, way too much money to be made.

      • MaritalArtist

        I hope so

  • It’s not even Danas fault. All the fans want this fight and reporters have speculated on it but like he said; he never talked to either of them specifically about that. But at least hes well aware that everyone is hyped for a possible superfight. I’m sure if both GSP and Silva are successful, he may set this fight up for a special event. Unlike boxing with mayweather and pac man; Dana gives the fans what they want and actually makes fights happen. Regardless if you like Dana or not, he knows what hes doing for the business and for the fighters.

    • Stokes

      As I said before, the Mayweather/Pac fight will happen, the longer they wait to fight the more it gets hyped.

  • Mario

    This fight will not happen. The more people talk about it, the more unlikely that it’ll ever take place.

    Anderson Silva might lose against Bonnar. In my opinion, that’s the more dangerous fight to overcome in terms of making the super fight with GSP. Stephan Bonnar is a dog, that guy is as durable as they come!

    I can see a possible upset via. Decision for Bonnar. If it turns into a slug fest, a gritty war, Bonnar has the edge. He has the chance to slip by the judges if it turns ugly. Also take into consideration that it’s going to be a 3 round fight.

    I look forward to next week!

  • Stokes

    This fight wont happen until one of them loses. Or after Silva is 52 years old.

  • A fight I don’t want to see anyway. GSP is the better all-round fighter, but Silva is huge at 185 and GSP is a smallish 170. Silva wins 4 times out of 5, despite GSP being the better fighter.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    This fight will never happen simply because GSP knows he’ll get slaughtered. Anyone who thinks otherwise just remember he submitted due to strikes being landed on him from the Keebler Elf known as Matt Serra

  • I would love to see this fight. But I agree with most and I don’t think the fight will happen. I believe the rumour was started to take attention away from the growing demand for a Silva/Jones super fight!! Ps. . Just to quickly say I would personally much prefer Silva vs St Pierre anyway!!

  • More proof that the UFC is the WWE of MMA. Why risk tainting one of their superstars? Just feed the casual MMA fan silly bouts like Silva – Bonnan. It’s become a joke of a promotion. Look for a Japanese based competitor to rise again due to this nonsense.