No Love Lost: Dana White Has No Respect for Frank Shamrock

February 8, 2013
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Frank ShamrockFrank Shamrock has always had a turbulent relationship with the UFC since it was purchased by Zuffa, LLC in 2001.

Shamrock was the first UFC light heavyweight champion.  He went undefeated in the UFC (5-0) before leaving the organization following his UFC 22 victory over Tito Ortiz.  It was his fourth title defense.

Over the years, Shamrock has criticized the UFC and its president, Dana White.

The dislike is a mutual.

“Frank Shamrock is a (expletive).  Frank Shamrock literally never shuts up.  He’s always popping off about something. He’s always got something stupid to say,” said White following the UFC 156 post-fight press conference.

“Frank Shamrock came out with a statement the other day and wants to fight me.  Give me a (expletive) break.  The guy is a clown.  I just have no respect for Frank Shamrock,” said White.

Shamrock joins Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, and Joe Warren as coaches on the upcoming Spike TV reality series “Fight Master: Bellator MMA.”  The show is expected to debut this summer and is currently in production in Louisiana.

Shamrock never fought in the Zuffa-owned UFC.

He declined to comment on White’s statements when contacted by

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  • sda

    Screw the bad blood. I’m excited for the new show!

    • Ron Couden

      Good point! I don’t really care who likes who. Reading the posts on this story is like reading a bunch of girls complain about who doesn’t like who on the Bachelor. Show me good fights (Like Uriah Hall’s on Tuesday), and I’m entertained. Don’t really care who they are fighting for.

      • I’m with you guys, Dana, Frank and a plethora of other fighters and promoters have done a great deal to promote mma and I am happy about it because I and all of us ultimately reap the benefits. Why concern yourselves with the drama? I thought we all liked the fighting? I guess I was wrong,men like a soap opera as much as women.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          No Taylor Swift Hammer.

          It’s not about the drama. It’s not about the fighting per se. It is about having a level of respect for fighters.

          • macgrubber

            i have no respect for fighters. mad?

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I always thought it was kind of funny that Shamrock would continually bad mouth Dana and the UFC and then whine about how they wouldn’t put him in the UFC Hall of Fame.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Umm..since when do you have to nuthug the NFL to get on the NFL hall of fame.

      UFC HoF is a joke. It is like that Annual MMA red carpet thing that Roy Nelson and Pat Barry dress up to attend. It’s like being ranked as #1 by the UFC magazine.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        Hey dipshyt, last I knew, there was no MMA hall of fame, only the UFC hall of fame. And since the UFC owns the UFC hall of fame, they can put anybody in or leave anybody out that they want.

        So, if the UFC hall of fame is a joke, then why is Shamrock always whining about not getting in?

        If somebody talked mad shyt about the NFL, I’d be surprised if the NFL would put them in the NFL hall of fame (you know, since the NFL owns the NFL hall of fame)

      • MuayThaiFood

        Anyone who uses the word “nuthug” probably shouldn’t criticize others for sounding uneducated. BTW, education and intelligence don’t necessarily go hand in hand, cretin.

  • Kåre Knallhard

    Frank Shamrock is a fighter;) Daniella… White is like Don King. He destroys MMA:(

    • Hell yea man thanks to Daniella these fighters now have insurance, exposure to top networks like FOX, Fuel and FX, and also helped to promote the sports stars as educated athletes and dedicated fighters not thugs and bar fighters. Damn that Dana White.

      • Oh and btw Zuffa has created several millionaires and protects their fighters by not releasing their information. I’m pretty sure Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin and GSP are all very happy with Dana and would most certainly not consider him Don King.

        • What about crybaby rampage jackson?

          • I can’t speak for Rampage. He has his issues with Zuffa. I have no right to tell you he’s right or wrong on how he feels towards them. But no matter what his issue is I am 100% a fan of us still and wish him the best.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          First, you just named 5 of the most successful MMA fighters. None of them made anything close to superstar boxers but I agree that they are all living comfortably from their MMA income.

          Releasing their information??? Dude…are you dumb? So…boxing harms Pacquiao and Mayweather by disclosing their salary??? I think protection of privacy in financials is not exactly the reason why UFC doesn’t fully disclose fighter pay.

          When people say Daniella killed MMA, I am sure they are not talking about the financial success of UFC. Dana did a hellava job in promoting UFC and MMA in general.

          What they mean is that Dana often acts like a classless douche (kinda like Tito).

          • obtoy

            Quit trying to explain what someone else is trying to say. What leader of any organization isn’t hated by a few. Even our president has haters.

          • JimmyPettishardo

            “hate”????? You sound like an internet nerd.

          • Sir_Roy

            And you don’t come off nearly as smart as you think you do.

          • You know what they say, you can’t please everybody. Nobody is liked by everybody. People are even hated on for little no reason. Understandable.

          • 5 successful fighters yes but good business men as well. Of course they made nothing close to a superstar boxer, boxing has been around way longer then mma. And yes releasing their information can hurt a fighter. Dana White specifically spoke on this subject regarding GSP and other fighters and how he does not disclose their information b/c of incidents such as Don King/Mike Tyson. And to say Dana acts like a douche is just an opinion. A rough, brass personality maybe. Blunt; of course.

        • thesweetscience

          Great points. I couldn’t agree more. I think these guys who pretend they hate the ufc must be related to Frank Shamrock. Lol
          How can these guys hate the ufc but claim to love mma. Like saying ” man, I’m a hard core football fan and can’t Waite to see the Canadian football league compete with the NFL. The NFL sucks!” Lol these guts are morons.

          • lol I like your style. Please follow me on fbook and twitter. I enjoy fans like yourself.

    • Scotty_O

      Lets hear 5 points to back up your post, give yourself a chance to sound less stupid. Feel free to use smiley faces and winks too, all though it probably won’t help your cause any.

    • kbroesq

      What a ridiculous comment. People always bag on White no matter what he says, and these fighters he insults seem to walk around with some kind of halo around their head. Guess what? You don’t know these fighters. White does.

      And “destroys MMA”? Are you out of your mind? White and Zuffa created MMA as we know it. I think it’s funny that you’re saying White destroyed “MMA” when you wouldn’t even know what the term, “MMA” is without White. Pretty ironic.

      And you don’t even say how he destroys MMA. Is it because he wants one, supreme organization to run MMA? You know, kind of like…umm…EVERY OTHER SUCCESSFUL SPORT THAT EXISTS?

    • obroy

      What a dumb uneducated statement. Where would mma be without dana and the ufc!? That’s like saying the NFL destroys football. There would be no football without the NFL. Their would be no mma or mma websites,magazines,reality shows,etc.. without the UFC. Meaning all these so called stars like Couture and shamrock would still be nobody’s .

  • Handy

    I think most real MMA fans know that the d*** here is Dana White. Bellator and Viacom seem like they are now making a push to compete with the UFC and Dana clearly doesn’t like it. I thought he was going to cry when he was talking about Couture. I’m glad that they are sticking it to the man. I just wish that Shamrock would commentate again, he is by far the best commentator out there. Far better than Goldberg and Rogan who both equally annoy the crap out of me.

  • Sir_Roy

    The UFC will eventually learn, that no matter how many ‘Prides’, ‘Strikeforces’ or umpteenth MMA organizations they buy out, there will always be a competitor. Markets are organized in such a way … there is always room for a second, and always will be unless the modern economic map gets a major overhaul.

    Coke has Pepsi, McDonalds has Burger King, PC has Mac (etc. etc.) …

    And thank god. It keeps corporations ‘relatively’ honest.

    • Diablo

      Where are the major competitors for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL? Examples of major competitors for these would be more relevant since we are talking bout professional sports.

      • Sir_Roy

        Good points. However, more valid to compare a sport like boxing (You have more than one professional boxing league – WBA, and now the WBL with numerous organizations associated) than hockey or football (who still have their minor leagues and Canada has the CFL).

        And even then we are far, far from comparing apples to apples.

        The ultimate point, was to say there is enough money to be garnered from consumers to feed the UFC plus a competitor … Bellator is filling the recently vacant role, just as Strikeforce grew to prominence when Pride was absorbed into the UFC. It’s a question of supply and demand coupled with the way a sport is structured.

        The differences are abundantly obvious to me.

        There is no demand for more than one professional hockey league as too few will tune in, given the way the sport and the league is structured. MMA events are far different, they are not ‘seasons’ filled with ‘games’ … they are events unto themselves.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          You sound like an uneducated stubborn bluecollar guy trying to sound smart.

          SF grew to prominence when PRIDE was absorbed??? Dude, PRIDE was bigger than the UFC. SF, even with Fedor and Reem were competing with the UFC only in the HW division and the competition lasted 3 months (the HW tourney, defeat of Fedor and acquisition of Reem by the UFC).

          Look man, your argument contradicts itself. You said that WBA and WBC and IBO and WBO dominate the boxing market. Yes, so how come I can’t make WFB and enter the boxing market? Because the market is already filled with big dog(s)!!!!

          The days of any one creating an organization to compete with the UFC are long gone. PRIDE was UFC’s only competitor. And UFC bought PRIDE. On top of that, UFC bought fighter contracts from Affliction and engulfed SF. You don’t understand how big the UFC is right now.

          • You must be jealous for some reason. His post was more intelligently worded and structured than yours. Example: ” even with Fedor and Reem were competing with the UFC” You should try to be more respectful, you take in what you put out.

          • Sir_Roy

            No need to insult bud. I’m not trying to ‘sound’ smart or be something I’m not. I enjoy debating and discussing all things revolving around the sport I love. Some points I make can easily be contradicted, and I’m open to being ‘educated’ and learning from those who know more than I. You make some good points, others I feel can be discussed.

            And yes, I’m ‘blue collar’ and damn proud of it. I work damn hard to support my family. You just insulted the majority of Americans who do likewise. In this day and age though, there are more blue collar workers with university degrees than not …

            I do wonder if you know you contradicted yourself in stating Pride was bigger than the UFC … and yet the UFC bought out Pride. Again, I’m willing to be educated so please tell me how that works.

            Finally, you nailed it bud, boxing leagues are filled with big dogs, as in ‘plural’, as in room for more than one. You come off as the stubborn one unwilling to countenance any who don’t immediately and wholeheartedly agree with you to be blunt. Loosen up, no one’s trying to dethrone you champ.

          • Cornholiio

            FYI… the WBC, WBA,IBF, etc are sanctioning bodies and not boxing leagues. the powers that be that run boxing are the promoters like Golden Boy, Top Rank, Don King.

          • Jimmy For President

            OMG!!!!! Jimmy Retardo. You sir are an idiot. I read all of your posts and as long as you don’t plan on having children, I think we’ll all breathe a little easier.

        • Defiancy

          Minor leagues for any major sport aren’t competition for the main brand, they are a feeder system for said brand.

          And I don’t know that there is a demand for another UFC, but a demand to see other fighters who currently aren’t under contract with the UFC. If the UFC had a minor league system (jokes about other organizations aside) I don’t know that it would have the kind of competition that it currently has in the fight market.

          A lot of the UFC’s competition comes from the fact that they can only keep so many fighters on the roster, those left out usually go fight for another organization until they build their value enough for the UFC to take notice. If the UFC had a more developed fighter development program, it’d be less necessary for other fights to seek out another organization.

      • steve

        fight game is about the fighters not three letters just ask M1 Global.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Umm…yeah…and NFL has?? NBA has???

      There is always gonna be new entrants into the lower level fighting market. But none of them are competitors of UFC. They are feeder organizations, nothing more.

      UFC has had only one competitor and that was PRIDE. WEC, WFA, Bellator, OneFC, Dream, Sengoku, Elite XC, and Bodog were NEVER UFC’s competitors.

      SF and Affliction competed at the HW division but that was about it.

      • Joey

        The NFL has the XFL! Oh wait….

        And the NBA has the ABA. Including teams like the Flint Tropics with head coach/player Jackie Moon.

        • JimmyPettishardo


          Yeah…some industry is dominated by one organization while other have many. It is what it is.

      • Sir_Roy

        Aside from points made in my response below, I will add to your points that I don’t think Bellator will remain regulated as a ‘filler’ for the UFC or a place where yesteryear’s ‘has beens’ go to die.

        Effectively you’re comparing Bellator to the minor leagues as they function for other sports. I agree that It fills that role, partially, today but is quickly proving it can be so much more.

        The world of MMA functions around events, not singular matches, games or seasons. It’s a completely different brand of marketing. I think there is room for two big dogs – creating an interesting potential to generate dream match-ups in the future.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          “I think” there is room for two big dogs.

          I don’t know what you mean by this. You are aware that there is a reason why the UFC has no legit competition. No one wants to invest money to attract fighters to compete against the UFC at the high level. What we see are up and coming backyard organizations acting as feeders for the UFC. It is gonna take time and luck for bellator to be anywhere near UFC’s level. And if and when that happens, the UFC will simply offer to buy Bellator out.

          “The world of MMA functions around events, not singular matches, games or seasons.” <—WTF does this mean???? read this sentence to yourself…this sounds like some uneducated wannabe economist trying to sound smart.

          • Tyler

            Its actually pretty simple to put together bud. MMA has events, meaning prelims and main card fighting, not just a single fight or a game, and certainly there isn’t a season. Year round events. Ironic how you come in here trying to tell the other guy how “blue collar” and “uneducated” he is when you yourself are an arrogant retard. What a horrible combination.

          • Well typed! Hahaha, someone makes a statement that he doesn’t understand, so he attacks it, hilarious.

          • JimmyPettishardo

            Barrier to entry into backyard fighting is low.

            Costs required to compete against the UFC is probably not worth the money.

            U r dumb.

          • MuayThaiFood


        • MuayThaiFood

          Unlike other monopolies the fans benefit from the UFC in one respect. If were to spread top level competition across 2 or 3 organizations you end up never knowing who is the best is because they won’t fight outside of their organizations.

  • nadillon

    I swear all Dana is doing is giving attention to a competing league. I believe its intentional, Dana is smart enough to realize what he’s doing.

  • aries

    The real people who made mma what it is are the fighters , the royce gracies the Matt hughes , griffin, liddell etc . Dana has helped a lot and that’s an understatement , but without fighters Noo Mma if u wanna get down to it

    • Sam Eames

      Fighters like Frank Shamrock as well.

  • mikeyman1000

    Wow a story bout dana white having no respect for somebody.this is a big deal isnt it? umm actually no! every other day he talks s*** about someone or is at war with domeone. i love watching the ufc,but man id hate to have to work for that retard. you expect a company worth several hundred million dollars to have a ceo/president who is at least somewhat above bulls*** bickering and fueds with former and current employees. hes a meglomanic moron and hes out of his mind.he cannot continue to run the ufc like its a high school.take points frim the nfl or mlb’s execs and see how they talk,dress,& compose themselves. dont do any interviews where you constantly cuss and talk like a street punk you idiot.and maybe build free mma gyms in inner citys for poor kids the way the nfl and mlb does with football and baseball. it will all be great for the ufc. if you dont do that then at least figure out some other things to make your company seem a little better and not run by street hoods. last but not least have dana white act like a grown up that runs a huge business.

  • Shelter

    Regardless of everything, I feel Dana is just a prick, and honestly needs his azz whooped to bring the clown back down to reality ….

  • Bio rhymes

    Lol @ Dana creating MMA. He didn’t create the sport and anyone thanking him for giving u something like Jesus, is a ball-less f@g. Pride became the most popular sport in Japan without Dana.
    All Dana is responsible for is trying to shut down other mma organizations in the US, and not letting the sport and at helmeted thrive by suing them and getting corrupt back door political deals made, to oppress MMA in the US.. All to further the UfCs monopoly on their cash cow.

    Notice every other CHAMPION, Dana seems to have no respect for. He just a whiny twit, who doesn’t get respect because he doesn’t even know what respect means, let alone deserve it

    • Piccolo

      Are you stupid even, there would be no us mma without Dana. just because something is popular in japan doesn’t it’s big. Most people don’t to rats ass about whats going on in japan. Second of all he has done things to put mma in the forefront of American sports working his ass off to get it sanctioned in every state. Has for not letting the sport thrive, are you kidding the mma is now very well known; it’s a big sport, on major television programing with high viewership numbers. That is compared to when Dana first got into the business and the sport was dying, banned in many states. if you ask me that’s thriving, especially compared to where it use to be.

      • Piccolo

        sorry I meant Are you stupid, there would be no US mma without Dana. just because
        something is popular in japan doesn’t mean it’s big. Most people don’t give two
        rats ass about whats going on in japan. Second of all he has done things
        to put mma in the forefront of American sports working his ass off to
        get it sanctioned in every state. Has for not letting the sport thrive,
        are you kidding me mma is now very well known; it’s a big sport, on
        major television programing with high viewership numbers. That is
        compared to when Dana first got into the business and the sport was
        dying, and banned in many states. if you ask me that’s thriving, especially
        compared to where it use to be.

  • diazfan209

    I could care less about Frank Shamrock’s personality outside of his MMA accomplishments. He is a UFC hall of famer, but will never get that achievement because of a personality conflict between him and Dana. Pathetic.

  • JimmyPettishardo

    I just reread every comment posted on here including my own. I, am a douche! I had no idea that no one liked me.

    I am a king, a stud, and a legend in my own mind, sometimes my arrogance clouds my better judgement and I come off looking like the fool I did here. I’m sorry, I’ll keep in mind how much of a blue collared uneducated wanna be that I really am and keep my mouth shut.

    P.S Every girl I’ve slept with was a 3 at best. And by every girl, I mean the only one that ever did. I married her.

  • marcogiove

    yea danna hates every one whos not licking his arse and not with the ufc

  • I’m glad that Frank did not make a comment. He has a great deal to offer the MMA world and can focus on the new show with the Bellator. I’m very happy for him. Having worked with Frank on more than a few of his seminars, I’ve found him to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in all aspects of training and MMA. He has an incredible coaching personality and was the prototype of the Modern MMA fighters. He was one of the first MMA fighters to successfully employ transitions in his game.

    • Sam Eames

      Hell yeah. Franks Shamrock is great.

  • $9244763

    Frank Shamrock is a clown nuf said

    • Sam Eames

      Frank Shamrock is an MMA legend. I feel he deserves more respect than all this.

  • No Regrets

    Um, Frank always has something to say?!?! But Dana doesn’t?!?! Oh. Ok. Thanks Dana for the clarification.

  • I believe DW miss quoted Frank Shamrock, Frank said he would like to “kick his ass” not fight him. Let’s be real, Frank would rip DW a new ass hole faster then a rabblt gets fuc—. There isn’t anyone who has done business with DW and has balls that DW doesn’t hate. Frank says what everyone else just thinks, it’s too bad because that is why DW is the way he is. Fight him, what a joke that is, DW lies like a rug and swears to it. Things will never change until there is a legit fighters union. To keep Pat Militich and Frank Shamrock out of the UFC Hall of Fame just makes it look like a bunch of pictures in the family room of DW. It is nothing and always will be nothing.

  • pogodog7

    I would absolutely pay to see Dana fight Frank.

  • George Sperry

    ““Frank Shamrock is a (expletive). Frank Shamrock literally never shuts
    up. He’s always popping off about something. He’s always got something
    stupid to say,” said White following the UFC 156 post-fight press

    Sounds like an accurate description of Dana to me.

  • DamianCross

    I had the opportunity to interview Shamrock at an old Strikeforce event and I declined. The whole “I’m not really an a**hole but fans r dum and they’ll pay to see me lose” schtick is just insulting. Now his latest gimmick is that he wants to fight an old rich man with zero training? Both Tito Ortiz and the WWE did that one already, Frank. Nobody wants to help you promote yourself.