Dana White Happy to Never Have to Do Business with Randy Couture Again

January 31, 2013
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UFC president Dana White

When UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture signed on to coach Bellator Fighting Championships’ reality show on Spike TV, it was no surprise to UFC president Dana White.

According to White, Couture isn’t what he seems. His public persona doesn’t match the real man.

“Randy Couture comes off as the greatest guy in the world, Captain America.  He’s the furthest thing from it, and I’m happy to not be in business with him anymore,” said White during the UFC 156 media day on Thursday. “Now I don’t have to be in business with him ever again.”

White’s comments may come as a shock to some, but he maintains they won’t be a shock to anyone that actually knows Couture.

“99.9 percent of the people, that won’t be shocking at all, people that actually know him, not people who watch him on TV,” said White.

Couture is a former two-division UFC champion.  Only he and B.J. Penn have accomplished that feat.  He coached opposite Chuck Liddell in the debut season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” and the two had one of the most famous trilogies in mixed martial arts history.

Couture holds the record for most championship fights in UFC history with 15 title bouts. He is a legend in the sport, but White says he didn’t get to know the real Couture until 2007.

On October 11, 2007, Couture abruptly left the UFC.  He and the promotion engaged in a legal dispute.  Couture essentially lost the court battle and returned to the UFC in 2008.  White says it was then that he got to know the real Randy.

“When that whole lawsuit went down, when he lied about his numbers, and lied about a lot of things, went into court and it didn’t work out for him, I’d say that’s when I really got to know him,” said the UFC president.

Bellator’s reality show is expected to debut this summer.  A press conference is scheduled for next week to announce Couture’s partnership with Spike TV and Bellator.

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  • dd

    im not shock what white is mad..hes alwayz mad when someone doesnt follow his orders

    • Mark McDowall

      He is really making himself out to be a bit of a spoiled brat. If things happen that he doesn’t like he goes on a curse filled rampage.

      • Advance*

        He does come off like a spoiled brat but there’s usually a lot of truth to his claims. I believe when he says that Randy isn’t what he seems. The point is that Dana should just wish him luck in the future and leave it at that, instead of trying to tear him down

      • kennybro

        speaking of rampage, he’s is a great example of dana not being a spoiled brat. he hasn’t said anything bad about rampage while rampage is talking about how the ufc disrespects and underpays their fighters. i think we’ll never know how much of this stuff is really true so there’s no point in judging them based on their seemingly inconsistent statements.

        just sayin’.

        • Sir_Roy

          He’s not talking crap bout Page because there’s still potential money to be made there. It’s only as soon as White feels there’s zero profit to be made that he starts to froth at the mouth and punch back.

          It’s now financially smart to defame Randy as in so doing, he defames the competition. Typical.

  • shizzlegizzengard

    randy couture is so awesome. he’s such a contrarian. wanted to fight fedor, left the ufc, didn’t want to be in the ufc’s game, ended up in ea mma, now he’s coaching for bellator. maybe he just got hit in the head too many times… he’s not thinking right?

    • Guest123

      Or maybe he realises he hasn’t got forever in this sport, so it’s best to make the money while he can. He’s always been very clever with his name, branding and profile. It’s good to see a guy being a business man, not just a punching bag

  • Matt

    I guess Ryan Couture can forget about a career in the UFC. He can thank his dad for that one. I’m not sure it is the best move for the whole of Extreme Couture for that matter.

    • Sir_Roy

      If Dana can make money off Ryan, he’ll do so. But yeah, Ryan’ll have to make a bigger splash to get his foot in the door and keep it there than he would have otherwise to be sure.

  • Randy is being his own man. DW wants to own all his employees and he is just pissed off Randy had good lawyers and got it all. DW is being a baby, typical ******** and will never change. Before he was a great guy and now he is not, the only thing that has changed is his place of employment, does that change a person’s character, I don’t think so unless you are DW.

  • white is an a-
    hole like joe rogan

    • Kong

      Dude, say what you want about Dana (although I tend to like the guy). But Rogan? He’s an awesome guy.

  • Nobody has the right to tell you how to feel, or to tell you how you feel is wrong. Dana is a full grown man. You may not agree with how he feels but you have to respect it. At least he’s not being fake and saying “oh best to Randy he’ll do some good over there helping guys”. Whether you agree or disagree with him he always tells it straight forward.

    • rampage

      dana acts like dana. if he is pissed off he wil let you know.dana is not fake but he can be vulgar in his business dealings.

      • Indeed my friend.

      • justin_e

        He is as fake as they come. Throwing tantrums does not make you real. Telling the truth does.

    • Sir_Roy

      Sure. OK. No one has the “right” to tell you how to feel. Fine. You can certainly voice how you feel as honestly as you want. There will, however, always be repercussions. And at a certain point, it becomes indulgence. Especially so if in so venting and expressing you reveal yourself to have the emotional responses of something less than a “full grown man”. You can be damn sure folks will call you on it. Many of us are calling Dana on many things these days.

      There’s telling it like it is, then there’s reacting to things as you see them running against your dictated desires in what you feel to be beneficial for you. Dana definitely falls flatly in the latter category here … as he seems to do more and more frequently as the years shuffle by.

      You don’t perform as prescribed, and you can be damn sure Dana’s “loyalty” will run only so far. Randy doesn’t owe him anything and is wise in looking after his own interests. Dana sure as hell won’t, not if they don’t coincide with his own.

      • The thing is he has had an issue with Randy before. You would think Randy would have been offered a job with the UFC after fighting. Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell and Ken Flo are set so it’s not like Dana doesn’t have loyalty. Nobody is really right or wrong on this subject b/c none of us know the whole story. I honestly could care less I’m just happy the UFC keeps putting on great fights.

        • Sir_Roy

          Randy had many other, better, opportunities. Unlike the other blokes you mentioned. And he’s chosen to follow up on them. Pretty sure Dana’s made offers in the past. Randy just had better (plus he’s a savvy businessman in his own right and knows how to market himself just fine).

          • Randy also has the movie thing going for himself as well. I didn’t catch any films with him in them so I don’t know how well he was but he has many doors open for him doing several things, I just don’t know why he choose to go another organization. Best of luck to him either way. I have no personal issue with the guy lol. Are you catching those fights tonight? And who are your picks?

    • justin_e

      Why do I have to respect how he feels? He has no class. He was all over Randy’s nuts (Being fake for all those years?) while he was signed with Zuffa. If he said he’ll do some good over there in bellator, THAT would be being real. Him crying as soon as he is gone and changing his tune about him is exactly the opposite of being real. He obviously knew he was a good guy to be in business with and is just angry that someone else will see the benefits.

      • He’s voiced his anger towards Randy several years ago already, so this is nothing new. It’s not like he’s talking trash about what Randy has done in the sport, he’s not trying to take that away from him. This is business though and Dana is the type of boss you don’t play hard ball with. I do understand where your coming from though. I respect how you feel 😉

  • guest

    translation’ “how dare you not kiss my ass and be grateful for whatever crumbs I offer! – when i say jump you say say, ‘how high!'”
    By the way – zuffa didn’t win the court case – they used delaying tactics to keep getting the date pushed back knowing that couture wouldn’t spend what was left of his career waiting for his day in court – the case was never actually heard

  • justin e

    Dana is such an unprofessional cry baby. He’ll do anything to slander him.

  • Asa

    i think its funny how ppl so oh randy is such a great guy lol, hes always been amazing. u dont even know him nor ever hung one full day out with him. dana can be rude, but he is usually speaking his true self good or bad. theres more than just randys side, which the courts obviously agreed with dana too. tito even said how he was the one who messed everything up on mma roundtable with joe glasier. chuck, rich franklin, bj penn etc alot of the older guys have a great relationship with dana and the ufc soooooo.

    • #1MMAFAN.

      by the way it’s Jay Glazer not Joe Glasier. Kinda makes you look like you don’t know what you’re saying,now doesn’t it?

      • Asa

        lol no, cus the facts were still there! this is not a english class but feel free to correct. i know im right when the only comeback or response to my comment is a spelling cirrection. plz continue. good day. whoops another one ” can u find it” lol

        • Fuzzmaster09

          You also said the courts “sided with Dana”. The courts never saw the case. Dana and pals spent a lot of money to keep delaying the case, knowing that Randy wasn’t going to blow all his finances to have his day in court. Sooooo, you still don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Asa

            chuck, rich, bj, matt h, tito admitted it was him, forrest, axe murderer, i could go on and on. the hall of famers all have great relationship with dana in broadcasting and managment etc. he helped all of them after they career was over. plus all the guys still fighting champs and contenders. i dont hear to many bad mouthing or hating the ufc besides randy and rampage. oh an its after rampage sucks now and loses cant compete that hes going to do movies and boxing etc. lol.

  • JTM78

    Dana just wants a bunch ass kissers like GSP he hates it when fighters man up and stand up to him.

  • George Sperry

    Dana is the most predictable person in Sports. Waaa Wa. Anyone that isn’t 100% behind him is scum.

  • DamianCross

    All I know is I did an interview with Kim Couture and when I walked back to my seat Randy was totally sitting on my jacket. True story.

    • Mike Oxafloppin

      You should be greatful that Captain America’s fart particles are all over your jacket! I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.


    dana is a person NOONE wants as a boss, look wut he did with PRIDE FC…most dont know tht he lost $250,000.00 when he made a personal bet to pride’s president when he thought chuck liddel would win da 2003 middle weight tournament, and he didn’t…in return da WORLDS best organization was scapped because ufc could never compete against them anywhere in da business, according to dana’s comments when it was still around…plus da whole RANDY going to court was because he wanted to fight FEDOR and dana picked PRIDE FC GREATS AND FORGOT TO PICK UP FEDORWONDER WHY!!!

  • dan

    I’ll give Dana this, he did a good job of slamming the man himself and not his accomplishments. He couldnt slam his career without looking dumb. And thats where he actually creates doubt because none of us really know Couture so he can say things like this and it gets ppl thinking.


    Couture should got beat up alot and lost alot for a guy to be called a legend. 11 losses ain’t no legend.

    • kooolout

      wow.. go get your shinbox and stay off the MMA boards

  • Terry

    don’t cry about it Dana, because that is exactly what your doing. When someone doesn’t follow your orders, you whine and cry. Vince MacMahon jr.

  • #1MMAFAN.

    Somebody call the wambulance Dana is cwying again. It’s always everyone elses fault. I’ve never heard Dana confess to ANY wrongdoing.Have some accountability Mr. White.

  • JRod

    It’s sad that he’s willing to drag someone’s name through the mud bc they don’t do what he wants. This is a pretty bitch move imo. Randy is free to do what he wants. He always played ball when he was in the UFC and now that he’s out, Dana is trying to break him down. It’s pretty sad…

  • Darin

    Alpha male types that always have to have their way ALWAYS hate guys who are just like them.

  • Ed Mister

    I love the fact that Dana strives to include himself in the circle of Bud, Selig, Roder Goodell, David Stein, etc. This serves to show what a joke he is. Most imoressive though, is that over a long history of incidents, White is 100% certifiable in his behavior. You know he will respond exactly the same each time he has a disagreement or competition with someone. He immediately smears the other person. In this case, he smears a founding father who made him millions of dollars. The other sports’ commissioners are also somewhat certifiable: they never lower themselves to such childish behavior. Let’s cut through the crap: Anybody could have built the UFC to what it is now with the money and tools that were provided. Does anybody really think that Dana White had anything significant to do with this growth? If anything, the UFC might be bigger now if it had a glorified administrator with professional skill sets. Truthfully, does anybody not think that White has a long history of completely consistent child-like behavior?

  • Fitzjitsu

    Dana is mad that randy wouldn’t **** *** **** like every other fighter.Dana is a sociopath and thinks the world revolves around him an the ufc.

  • BobLemons

    I must be one of very few mma fans who likes Dana White. He can be a douchebag, he often opens his mouth before engaging his brain and can be VERY unprofessional. But that’s why I like him, he seems human. He lets his emotions influence what he says and even though it often shouldn’t be said at all, I believe him.

    Calm, measured and professional people tend to be the biggest liars in my experience. Short tempered, angry fuckers tend to tell the truth, even if it’s better that they didn’t.

  • z0phi3l

    People you can hate on Dana all you want, sadly you’d be wrong. Nothing Dana has ever said has been proven to be false, I like him because of that, he doesn’t need to lie, he lets the facts prove his point

  • Tito the HB BADBOY Ortiz

    Randy has been in more fights than Dana last I remember Dana And Tito where suppose to fight that never went down Dana talks the talk but can’t walk the walk!

  • mopain

    Fans it’s aa . Always has been always will be. He’s in the business of screwing people over. Doesn’t like it when he gets a dose of his own medicine!

  • THe YEti

    and what happens when Dana isn’t what he seems? He cries about it all over again, like a “little spoiled brat”.
    can’t sign someone? let’s tarnish that guys; image. Because the mainstream fans ONLY listen to what Dana says. And while we’re at it, what kind of douche puts himself as the face of the company? When you think of UFC now, as opposed to a few years ago, all i can think of is Dana White (Vince McMahon) instead of the fighters. The fighters have always been 2nd in todays UFC.