Dana White Hackers Got it Wrong? UFC President Apologizes to Innocent Woman

January 31, 2012
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UFC president Dana White

UFC president Dana White, embroiled in an internet war with hackers upset about the UFC’s support of controversial Internet watch-dog legislation SOPA, made a personal visit to a Las Vegas woman recently to apologize for her getting caught up in the web of who he refers to as “online terrorists.”

White threw down with hackers that briefly re-directed visitors to UFC.com and UFC.tv recently, challenging them to do it again. They instead went after the man himself, posting personal information on the web – including a social security number, phone numbers, addresses, and more – indicating that it was White’s.

At least one address and phone number turned out to be that of Las Vegas resident Julie Breeler, according to a news report by Fox 5 News in Las Vegas. The news show did a story on Breeler, who said she has been getting non-stop phone calls and has been on edge, worrying that her home is being approached by people looking for White.

“(I) went over and apologized for all the trouble caused by the online terrorists,” White told FOX5’s Claudine Grant.

White isn’t backing down, however, once again telling hackers to keep trying.

  • TKD

    Dana White, or not, these a-holes should be found, publicly humiliated and then locked up for a long time.

    • jmat13

      Hacker beatdown?

    • kylesmith

      Unfortunately, they won’t be found. They are way ahead of us when it comes to computers. I’m not defending them in any way, but I think Dana should stop testing them. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve come out of this unscathed thus far.

  • RubeKegal

    Agreed completely TKD. I know we live in America and we are “civilized” but I would be okay with publicly castrating a hacker so anyone else even hinting at getting into the business will greatly reconsider. In my opinion, hackers are like if you took a sh*t and then puked and pissed on it. The combination is what I think of hackers. Get a real job you f*cking scumbags!!

  • Triggerman99

    It’s just really sad and pathetic that there are people out there who spend their time doing stuff like this; just sitting on the computer and finding ways to annoy people. Get a job or something. Do you really feel like “Yeah, I’m awesome!’ when you hack someone? That’s sad…

  • MikeMc1983

    Out of curiosity why would you assume the “hackers” don’t have jobs. I’m not trying to defend anyone, or anyone’s actions. I’m just curious when be a hacker became synonymous with jobless. I missed the memo.

    • jmat13

      I don’t think hackers are jobless. I will say that most of them are just jerks though. I did say most not all. The really good hackers actually don’t need jobs. They make plenty without them. But as a fight fan I’ll ask the hackers on this to please not screw with the sport I love. Go after MLB, NBA or NFL. Go big or go home.

  • Triggerman99

    It’s not synonomous. But to have that much free time, I can’t help but assume. Either that, or the job isn’t all that demanding.

    • Its Bjorn Rebney. Bellator isnt in season so he has the time to learn how to hack.

  • Triggerman99

    Well, then I guess I was right! LOL

  • jmat13

    Did I actually hear a person say “Hey Dana. I want a job. Call me back.”? Realy? It’s a very large comapany. Do like everyone else that works for them. 2 options. You go and fill out an app and give them a resume or if your a good fighter with a good record they will call you. I love the UFC and would think of it as a dream job to even work for them but no way in hell I would ever take a maybe hacked number and friggin call it. Plus I don’t live in Vegas. So I’ll just have to settle being a huge fan like the rest of the normal people in the world. I’m OK with that.