Dana White: GSP’s Problems “Aren’t as Bad as He Thinks They Are” (UFC 167 Video)

November 17, 2013
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Dana White UFC 167 ScrumUFC President Dana White briefly spoke with Georges St-Pierre after UFC 167, and the boss got some reassurance in terms of the champ’s future.

GSP said he needed to get away from fighting for a bit, and the internet started buzzing with speculation of his retirement. But White’s conversation with St-Pierre told him that he’ll be back to fighting soon.

Check out MMAWeekly.com’s footage of White talking on the subject after the post-fight press conference.

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  • Johnny Eagle

    GSP’s face is always shitty after fights, if we go by busted up faces, let’s call judging off.

    Cain Velasquez got tagged up on his face, needed stitches after Dos Santos hit him. Heavy punchers leave heavy traces.

    Another question I asked myself after the fight is – do I want GSP to go on, or am I excited about Johny Hendricks as the new champ.

    Honestly? Johny felt better, despite coming to realization that GSP’s “reign” was over.

    • Tyler Jackson

      That’s where looking at other factors like him wobbling after punches and hearing about his memory loss factor in – if you don’t know the round or that the fight was over how can you honestly say to millions of fans and the press you know you won 3 of 5 rounds.

      • Fern

        dude, it was a great fight. It was a close fight and lets just leave it at that.
        Lets be happy we got an exciting GSP fight for once.
        I seriously don’t understand why so many people fixate on close decisions.

        They are what they are. In my opinion Gil Melendez should be lightweight champ right now, but so what, the judges didn’t see it that way. It was close and it didn’t go to him. I’m one person, but there are 3 judges. End of story.

        • Big Tuna

          It wasn’t close lets leave it at that GSP had one round

          • L

            Hey, I know, how about if I speak my OPINION with great conviction? People will have no choice but to agree with me. Making arguments and providing facts, who has that ever convinced?

          • Kris-tyahn

            BIG TUNA: GSP only won 1 round?! WTF are you talking about?! GSP won 3 and 5 no question, Hendricks won 2 and 4 no question, the only difference is that the round Hendricks won he did damage, which doesn’t mean s*** bc GSP bruises like a peach and cuts easily, Nick Diaz is the same. BJ Penn does not cut easily or bruise easily. People are acting like Hendricks won 5 rounds and he was robbed. The fact GSP ate every Hendricks shot and still won the 5th round shows GSP does not have a glass jaw like everyone thought bc of Serra who tagged GSP behind the ear. Anyway, just bc Hendricks did more damage in two rounds doesn’t mean he win the fight, it means he has more power and

          • microman

            Yeah! not even one judge score it this way. Make it better let’s just say that Hendricks win it 10-7 for all 5 rounds. You are a genius!

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          I see your point here and in the Jones vs Gus fight as well as the Gil vs Henderson fight, you can apply it perfectly as those were very close. Unfortunately for GSP fans as well Hendricks fans, this fight was not close at all. GSP was dominated in every single aspect of the game except for the range striking. GSP really only won the third round and I thought he fought that round perfectly for someone who just took a beating in the first two. I felt like after the third round, GSP was slowly recovering and was going to turn the tide. Unfortunately for GSP, it seemed as if Hendricks was just using the third round to recover after unloading so hard in the second. Hendricks came out looking almost looking fresh again in the forth and fifth round. GSP fought his A** off and showed as much heart as anyone could show by hanging in there but he fell short. It’s pointless to argue over the decision as we do not decide anything, what’s done is done and they will have an immediate rematch anyway. GSP earned a lot of respect by showing the heart of a champion in that fight and Hendricks proved that he is the best and it wasn’t all hype, respect to both guys.

          I won 110 on that fight after having some problems with my sportsbook and not being able to put 1k on Hendricks like I had planned on. Dodged a bullet there thanks to crooked/bad judging. Can’t say I didn’t feel a little dirty winning on that fight though.

          • microman

            You know, putting more word dosen’t mean you’re comment is more intelligent. You are a genius.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            It’s actually not a long post, you are probably too stupid to even realize that the width of these posts at this point are half the size of the originals. Being a diehard GSP fan doesn’t mean you have to be oblivious to the facts and the world around you in full support of GSP. Giving him respect would be enough to GSP, he would not ask for more. It makes me happy that you are so stupid though, you are clearly an asshole and there’s nothing worse than an intelligent asshole. Unintelligent assholes light up my day and I want to thank you for the continued amusement that I’m sure you are going to provide to superior people around the world.

          • archaictext

            GSP winning the first and fifth rounds isn’t a bad call. The first round was close. GSP was more aggressive with the jabs and forward movement, they both had takedowns (except GSP had a submission attempt with his), both had their backs against the cage about the same amount of time, and Hendricks had some knees, but GSP had some great leg kicks and head kicks.
            5th round: GSP controls all but 1 min of the round, and that was only when Hendricks reversed him against the cage a few times (30 sec, 15 sec, and another 15 sec respectively) which amounted to nothing. In this round GSP had good jabs, a couple good head kicks and a hard straight right which rocked Hendricks, and set him up for a takedown (1 of 2 in this round for GSP). Hendricks didn’t have anything but a couple of weak strike attempts in reply this whole round. This was a very dominant round for GSP and if you can’t see that, then you have no idea what you are talking about. Since you already gave GSP round 3, that just leaves round 1, which I think I layed out well in my description as an argument for it being a good call by the judges in favor of GSP.

      • Johnny Eagle

        Hell, a lot of fighters go into a war and leave it out there to win. Frankie Edgar is one perfect example – easily bruised, but you can’t say he hadn’t had some pretty controversial decisions which people felt should have gone HIS way…

        This case is just the opposite.

        Johny put on a great show and this wasn’t George’s best fight.

    • dathump

      I agree, sure gsp face shows more damage, but its not like hendricks just walked through georges striking, how many time have we seen fighters take a hit and smile to hide the fact that it caused damage, if those hits did as little as johnny says they did why did it stop his forward momentum? if this was a one round 25 minute fight, then yes hendricks won it. I am disapointed in hendricks sore loser syndrome, fighter have been told over and over not to leave it with the judges, and never leave it with the judges against gsp, who has never lost by decision.

  • felix

    (UFC 167 Post-Press Conference)

    • Milosc

      He’s just nordic featured, man. Fedor had the same problem after fights, it’s slightly thinner skin

      I’m more impressed by what Hendricks did to the inside of his head. When he fights Lawler they will burn the house down

  • michigan love

    GSP’s face looks like he got mugged in DETROIT!

    • Harvest13

      After he came thr Flint! Lol…jk, that was a great fight tho from both warriors.

    • BobGyro

      Ya and now all you phucktards that said he couldnt take a punch can stfu

  • anotherbadcallhuh

    hate the way the top stars are protected in ufc gsp lost that fight he knows it in so does everyone else id be a shame in isnt it funny that this always happen with the bigger stars in ufc dirty judging guess dana the new don king of the newest dirtiest sport thats what killed boxing waner wich sport will step up in take ufc place like ufc did boxing learn from history or ull repeat it

    • Robert

      Periods are your friend.

    • David

      This happens a lot in in mma period. Obviously you only watch main events because if you watch prelims or other organizations this is actually normal.

  • EYE Opener

    Stick to the facts…..

    Although most people thought Hendricks won the fight, the stats show the fight much closer.

    Hendricks landed 142 of 252 total strikes, while GSP connected on 125of 245 strike attempts. However, GSP beat Hendricks 101 to 85 in significant strikes and landed three takedowns to Hendricks’s two.

    On the judges’ scorecards Round 1 was the only one they were split on. Most armchair critics felt Hendricks won the first, but two judges gave it to GSP.

    The first frame saw Hendricks out-land GSP 27-26 in total strikes but GSP had the edge in significant strikes 19-18 and the two were even in takedowns at one a piece.

    The judges made a tough but good call in the decision and everyone else is a cry baby with nothing better to do but complain….

    • Advance*

      Haha you’re using the stats to prove GSP won the fight and it’s because GSP landed 1 more significant strike in the first round?

      • L

        Thats why people are calling it a close fight, which could have gone either way.

      • Kris-tyahn

        So your saying Hendricks won the 1st round bc he landed fewer and did less than GSP in the 1st round?! WOW now that’s a great conclusion, I mean MADMAX used stas and numbers to prove his point, while you just gave Hendricks te 1st round bc ur a hater. So why did Hendricks win the 1st round?! Also, if the round is as close as it was, wouldnt the tie go to the champ, especially if he did a little more?!? I have to watch the 1st round to see who won it, but people/NOOB losers like you act as though Hendricks won 5 rounds. It was a very close fight and could have gone either way. I love to see a rematch, bc if GSP doesn’t get hurt early like he did last night, GSP would have given Hendricks

    • Madmmax

      I agree. The only difference in rd 1 with the takedowns was st Pierre popped right back up, but when he took Johny down, there was also a submission attempt. Again, good decision

    • Rick

      Finally someone with a brain.

    • BobGyro

      Amen brotha mmaweekly should post this as a story

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    can not go by damage shown, put that aside and it wasn’t all that close anyway. Johny controlled most of the fight. S***** f****** judging, done. He will get it next time.

  • jimmy777

    All 3 judges found GSP to be the winner…

    Judge Judy St-Pierre

    Judge James St-Pierre

    Judge Robert St-Pierre

    • microman

      it was a split decisoin you genius. So even if you wanna make a joke you blew it. You are a genius.

  • jimmy777

    All kidding aside, GSP did not leave it all in the cage, he got hit to many times and was wishy washy to say the least, he didnt look nearly as pumped as hendricks. GSP needs to bring his entire arsenal in the next Hendricks fight, more kicks, more punching, and a ton more movement, he should not have been hit that many times.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      While things didn’t go his way, saying that he didn’t leave it all in the cage is beyond wrong. Hendricks came out pretty aggressively and used his superior strength, grappling, and power to put GSP in bad shape. Given the situation, GSP did everything he could in that fight and the amount of heart he showed in that fight is unmeasurable. Sometimes leaving it all in the cage isn’t just displaying your full potential but overcoming adversity when things don’t go your way or you get put in a bad position. Hendricks won that fight but if you don’t respect GSP after that fight then something is wrong with you and you should go watch nascar.

      • archaictext

        Just because you say Hendricks won this fight doesn’t make it so. I already addressed this in a response to your other post. What you may be confused by are the rounds Hendricks did win. He won them by a larger margin than GSP in the rounds HE won. Still, since no rounds were judged 10-8 it doesn’t matter. If the scoring was more dynamic than the “10-9 for a narrow win, 10-9 for a dominant and decisive win” by round system, then maybe you would be right; but as much as I want to agree, the system is the way it is. GSP’s win here is a legit call based on the scoring system currently used.

    • archaictext

      I agree he needed to move more. Not his best performance in that aspect.

  • Collideoverme

    I watched the fight again. It was a whole lot closer than some people are giving credit for.

  • Collideoverme

    So…just out of curiosity, what is this issue gsp is going through? Anyone have a clue? I still haven’t heard it being addressed. Dana was very vague about it.

  • r u kidding me?

    has anyone else seen the turd dana giving us on the fox fights where are the hw lhw all i see are a bunch in house show fights they give fox sports one make some changes or fox should get a refund

  • r u kidding me?

    i think gsp biggest issue is he got his ass whooped

  • nuff said

    all u guys talking about the scoring of the fight its like this if u and i fought u throw three jabs in take me down once then i get up in throw one punch that concussed u n make ur face look like gsps do u really think u won that fight hell no johny hindricks the champ!!! in gsp days of dry humping pple to get a win are over so all u gsp lover mightiest well go back to gay porn cause he gone