Dana White: Greg Jackson is a Businessman, He’s Not Your Family

September 5, 2012
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Dana White and Greg Jackson UFCWhen UFC 151 was cancelled, Dana White aimed both barrels at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his trainer Greg Jackson and fired, pointing the finger at them for the show not happening.

Now almost two weeks removed from that fateful day in late August when the first ever UFC event was scrapped, White admits that the blame for the event’s cancellation was more widespread than just Jones and Jackson, but he’s not taking back a single word he said that Thursday on a media conference call.

Moreover, White still believes exactly what he said about Jones’ trainer and coach Greg Jackson, who advised the fighter against taking any fight on 8-days notice after original opponent Dan Henderson was forced out of the fight due to injury.

“The Greg Jackson stuff, this guy, this is my philosophy on trainers – you need a good trainer, a guy that’s going to be there for you, who can kind of keep you in line, keep you training and everything else, trainers don’t make fighters…talented fighters make trainers,” said White on Tuesday during an appearance on UFC Tonight.

“That’s a fact.”

White continued when speaking about Jackson and his approach towards his team of fighters, and the family atmosphere he promotes so often.

“The thing you have to understand about Greg Jackson and I’ve said it before, this guy is a businessman, first and foremost. Before anything, this guy is a businessman. He’s built a business. ‘We’re a family, we’re a family’, that’s what he kept telling Rashad (Evans) and Jon (Jones), so they wouldn’t fight because they’re a family,” White explained.

“I told Rashad and Jon, he’s not your family. Greg Jackson is not your family member. If things go bad for you tomorrow, brother Greg isn’t going to be there for you. Is he going to pay your bills? Is he going to take care of your family? No he’s not.”

White points directly towards the fallout that happened between Jon Jones, Rashad Evans and Greg Jackson as to why the trainer and coach is more about business than protecting any kind of family interest.

“You saw when push came to shove, who did Greg Jackson pick? Who did he ultimately pick at the end? He picked Jon Jones, the guy he believed would beat Rashad, that’s a fact. That’s a business, he’s a businessman,” White said about Jackson.

White doesn’t appear to be backing off in any way when speaking about Jackson or his influence on his fight team, but it’s not likely either of them will be going anywhere, any time soon.

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  • Steven UK

    Dana was out of order calling Jackson a weirdo. If the UFC had put on a stronger card they wouldn’t have needed to cancel UFC 151.

    • bigwurm

      Dana was spot with everything he said, including the weirdo comment. as far as a stronger card goes, they dident need to put on a stronger card. Some times you have to have a card like this to give all the young and up and coming fighters a shot.. and this card was full of them and was huge for a lot of fighters. A card like that and a couple fighters would have broke lose to shine.. This Jon ***** jones fault.. He had his camp in.. And if Jon Jones would have fought like he was promoted to fight that night the card wouldn’t have had to of been canceled.. He refused to fight a guy who dident train for the fight!!! Jones wasnt hurt, HENDO WAS.

      • Machterf5

        Dana (and apparently bigwurm) forgot that before Jackson sided with Jones, he said he wouldn’t train either guy. Then Rashad left Team Jackson and said a bunch of crap about Jon Jones, Greg Jackson, and the other trainers over there. That’s when Greg Jackson said he would corner Jon Jones because Rashad talked a bunch of crap.

    • RubeKegal

      Agreed 100% with you Steven UK. Maybe Dana will have learned his f*cking lesson making Ellenberger vs. Hieron the co-main event.

  • browill70

    Dana White is also a businessman. If you win Dana White loves you but if you lose a couple of times he in the background with the axe in his hand.

    • Tell that to Dan Hardy and Phil Baroni…

    • rsnowbass

      White is a business man but he treated Liddell like a brother.

  • Everything he said about Jackson is the truth…as is evident with the Guida/Maynard fight and this decision.

    But putting the blame on the UFC as well for putting on a VERY week card should take as much if not more of the blame than Jackson/Bones.

    The fact is this…The UFC barely breaks even with the ticket sales they make on each event. They make their money on PPV buys, and this would have sold maybe a couple thousand as opposed to the tens of thousands that are normal for a PPV card. I think they need to put on less PPV events or use StrikeForce as almost a minor league for the UFC, just keep the top 10-15 guys in each division fighting on the PPV cards. How many recent cards have been maybe the main event and 1 or 2 other fights that people actually care about. But look at a card like UFC on Fox 5…thats going to be a great PPV card but they’re doing it for free. I have a feeling the Fox cards are going to continue to be better and the PPV’s will continue to be 2-3 fights supporting a whole card.

    From what a family friend of mine told me, who works for Fox Sports network, the execs at Fox were beyond pissed off after the JDS vs Cain fight lasting less than one minute and demanded that future cards consist of more and better fights. And judging by the contract the UFC signed with Fox they will be at their mercy for the duration of the contract.