Dana White Giving Jason High the Axe for Shoving Referee at UFC Albuquerque

June 11, 2014
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Jason HighJason High may have felt slighted for his fight with Rafael dos Anjos being stopped at UFC Fight Night 42 on Saturday night in Albuquerque, N.M., but things got much worse than a loss. High now finds himself without a job, as well.

Referee Kevin Mulhall called a halt to the fight due to what he perceived as High not intelligently defending dos Anjos’ strikes late in the second round. High immediately popped up, furious, and shoved Mulhall in the heat of the moment.

He later took to Twitter to apologize.

“Incredibly sorry & embarrassed for the ref incident. Will never happen again,” High wrote.

UFC president Dana White didn’t witness the incident, but after reviewing it, he contemplated no wiggle room for High, apology or not. He’s gone.

“What I did find out is that I guess that Jason High kid got up and pushed a referee; he’s cut,” White told UFC.com on Tuesday. “I’m going to cut him.

“I look at that the way (Paul) Daley put his hands on his opponent after a fight was over,” he continued, referring to UFC 113, where Daley sucker punched  Josh Koscheck after losing to him. “You don’t ever, ever (expletive) touch a referee, ever. You’re done here. He’s been apologizing on Twitter, but he’s done.”

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  • guest

    Let’s be honest, Dana is using the pushing as an easy way to cut an average guy who tries to out-wrestle his opponents. If Ronda had shoved a ref, Dana would be accusing that ref of sexual harrasment

    • Corey Hutton


    • put me in the sauna coach

      and then would fire the Ref after calling him a ****ing perv.

      • Jimmy Rebel

        the referees are not employed by Dana, the commission employs them. but yes, he would probably slander his name just like he did spazzagatti

  • snapdad

    dana just trying to make an example of a lesser known guy. PEDs are against the rules, but I don’t see dana giving belfort or sonnen the axe.

    • Stan Huneycutt

      You can’t touch push a ref bottom line . It has nothing to do with ped . Nothing

      • snapdad

        I agree with you. but do you think dana would cut jon jones if it was him pushing the ref. I think not. the point I was trying to make was regardless of the rule being broke(whether it be peds, shoving refs, ect) everyone should be delt with the same. im glad he cut high, but he needs to be this stern with all fighters.

  • Stan Huneycutt

    What Dana is doing is trying to have a professional business where the fighters act like grown men and not doing stupid things like pushing refs and pushing and shoving at weigh ins . You don’t see this crap in boxing . He wants grown men and women and not a bunch of uneducated meat heads . I don’t blame him one bit . You know the rules when you join the UFC . See how far you get where you work if you shove the president of the company you work for . I’ll bet you get hit in the ass with two checks for doing it .

    • Joe

      Are you for real? Boxing has had WAY worse incidents, to say otherwise means you havent watched the sport long enough to form an opinion like that.

      • Azumpire

        Yup, Mike Tyson should have went to prison right after chewing Holyfields ear off, yet they allowed the fight to continue… insanity

    • put me in the sauna coach

      yeah you don’t see that crap in boxing…


    • snapdad

      this stuff happened in boxing all the time, back when boxing was legit, and pushing and shoving happens at ufc weigh ins all the time, right in front of dana, but nothing is said.

  • Don

    I remember a boxing event, when the fight was over, the guys went to shake hands. They did not have any gloves on.

    The guy who lost sucker punched the winner when he went for a handshake…

    …guy was knocked cold.

    …puncher was led away in cuffs.

    • Sir_Roy

      And well he should have been too. That’s assault and battery. You’re dumb enough to do it on camera and yeah, there’s not much legal wiggle room! At the professional level, it also happens to be extremely dangerous. How many years you figure a sucker punch KO like that can shave off a fighter’s career? An elite boxer can kill a man with an unanticipated head shot like that. Sheesh. Some people’s children.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      yeah I tried to post it here but guess not…go to youtube and type in “boxer knocked out after decision”

      • Don

        Yep! That was it!

  • Me

    Harsh? Yes, but I also understand that this is about the bigger picture. Dana has decided to use High as a precedent. It’s all about sending a message to other fighters. Would Dana have used a ‘bigger’ fighter in this way? Probably not, but High unfortunately gave Dana the opportunity.

  • dandogood

    cut the bum no loss good statement to make

  • mmalive

    High was in the wrong. But uncle Dana went a bit extreme by cutting him. Everyone makes mistakes at heated moment and High was doing just that. Fine and suspend him for a year. High will learn his lesson with no money coming in.

  • jdwilli09

    There is no doubt that High should not have shoved the ref. He did the right thing and without being forced to apologized. It’s not like he pushed him hard and sent him sprawling across the ring, which he could do. He also isn’t the first person to react in anger after they feel their is a bad stoppage and touch a ref. Dos Anjos rocked him, but then struck him in the back of the head 10 times and Mulhull stepped in and stopped it because Dos Anjos was telling him to. I honestly thought for a moment it was being halted for illegal strikes. Dana totally just set High up to be a fall guy. Decided in this instance to come down on someone for whatever reason. I think it’s become a bad deal all the way around now, bad reffing, bad stoppage, bad reaction to the stoppage, and bad decision to cut High. Unless Dana wants to come out and say look fighters A,B,C etc, have pushed refs in the past, and I want it to be known that it won’t be tolerated any longer.

  • Azumpire

    What about Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson chewed off Holyfields ear, yet the damn fight was allowed to continue? Tyson should have been arrested, and sent to jail for assault in that incident. Yet, unfricking believable that they let the fight continue. Tyson got his ass kicked twice for that incident too. He got off easy.

  • macarrech

    If hes has been a top 10 Dana wouldn’t have fired him. But is good that they cut him, its send a very important message to the rest of the fighters and he is not going to be a big loss to the ufc.