Dana White: Georges St-Pierre’s UFC Contract Frozen Until Return

December 13, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre Dana White UFC 167Georges St-Pierre is stepping away from fighting and relinquishing his UFC welterweight title, giving Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler the chance to fight for the vacant belt at UFC 171.

St-Pierre didn’t completely shut the door on a comeback, however, and UFC President Dana White said that he believes the fighter will return. Until that time comes, White said nothing will change in the terms of St-Pierre’s contract. Instead, GSP will simply continue where he left off.

“His contract freezes,” White said, when asked where his fighter stands from a contractual perspective. “If Georges St-Pierre stays out for six months or six years, his contract is frozen. So when he comes back, his contract will start again with his first fight [upon his return].”

St-Pierre told media members on a conference call that the pressures of being a champion, combined with the relentless pace of promoting fight cards while training for title defenses, became too much for him. As a result, St-Pierre said he needed to take an indefinite leave and agreed to vacate the title in his absence.

“I’ve been fighting for a very long time, at a very high level,” said St-Pierre. “It’s a lot of pressure. I know that UFC is a business. They have to keep things rolling, so I vacate my title.

“I need to have a normal life for a little bit,” he added. “If I come back some day, I will be even better.”

White sounded optimistic about a St-Pierre return, and applauded the now-former champion’s decision to step away to clear up whatever personal problems currently troubling the fighter.

Life goes on, the UFC boss said, but there will be more chapters to read in the book that is the career of GSP.

“Because he’s walking away,” White said, “it’s like you put a bookmark in it and wait to see how this story ends.”

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  • Philip

    The aliens finally got him.

  • Kent Murray

    He truly put a dark mark on his legacy,snubbing Johnny Hendricks at the same time that close of a fight and done no rematch bad deal lots of fans lost. Carlos Condit came closer to finishing GSP than anyone since Matt Seirra.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He’s not snubbing anyone. He doesn’t owe you or anyone else a damn thing! I’m not going to get into a worthless argument about who won, I’ll just check the score cards again.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Exactly. When I watched the fight, Hendricks also left it in the hands of the judges. It’s no secret how BAD that can go. The GSP vs Hendricks fight was not unlike the GSP vs BJ Penn fight. Sure BJ made GSP look battered but technical scoring over ruled BJ winning. That being said, as a fan, I felt BJ won their first fight as I think Hendricks should have won against GSP. As a fan, I feel accumulative damage should be a large factor in a decision…ESPECIALLY a close decision.

      • Kent Murray

        Your opinion. Who’s arguing with you that’s my opinion never said a dam thing about anyone owing anyone he is making the rite decision for himself as a fan I just don’t like it you gotta be a Moron to try and debate my opinion.He got the rounds on the score card but he still was pounded through out the fight.his rounds where much closer. GSP got the W

        • TheCerealKiller

          You’re the most
          illiterate person I have ever seen on this forum! Learn to speak English, then come back to this forum.

    • King of The Couch

      There’s no dark mark on anything. And he didn’t snub Johnny. He gave him his shot and he lost. That’s the way this sport works. You get your shot and take it. Not complain that you aren’t getting a second one after you lose. There’s only one Superbowl per year. One World Series and one Stanley cup. The losers aren’t given a do over because it was close.

      • Manuel Lopez

        Excellent post. Very true.

      • Kent Murray

        I believe GSP had planned this all along but under the circumstances in my opinion and many others too we would like to see the rematch sooner than later this isn’t football or baseball it’s MMA the UFC and a different precedent has been set. I didn’t see any losers in that fight, the fans are simply losing out period and although I will always be a big fan of GSP he dropped down on my list a little. He’s a great fighter but I would rather watch a lot of other more exciting welterweights. Fact: He will lose fans or be diminished somewhat in some fans minds. But it is what it is and he certainly has the rite to not fight and shouldn’t if his head is not in it. I love and enjoy this sport way too much to be worshiping any one fighter.

        • TheCerealKiller

          , . ? ! ” <— have you ever sen these things? They make English easier to understand!

          • dom

            sen? you mean seen

        • Kris-tyahn

          Kent: It’s people like you who make athletes want to kill themselves. GSP planned on taking a break before he even fought Hendricks, so how is he compelled to do a re-match?!? Last time I checked, you get 1 shot & if you fail/lose, then you LOSE. If that’s the case, then Hendricks should have had to fight Pierce, Koscheck & Condit again, b/c many people thought Hendricks lost those 3 fights.
          If people lose “respect” for GSP, like you have or whatever it is you lost, then that’s their problem. GSP doesn’t owe the UFC, Dana or especially the fans anything. I’m a HUGE GSP fan, am I disappointed GSP “retired”? HELL YES! Do I think he owes me/the fans a re-match?!? HELL NO! He did his job & fulfilled his obligation.
          Why don’t you expect GSP to give you & the fans part of his pay cheques, since we’re the ones paying him. I should get to stay at his place for a weekend, if I’m in town b/c I helped him pay for that, and hell, I should get his Range Rover while I’m there too. If GSP doesn’t give me a cut of his winnings, I’m going to lose a little bit of respect for him, I mean I’ve spent over $10 000, for all the times I’ve spent to go see him fight.
          I guess GSP also owes it to us NOT to retire right?!? Since he owes us a “re-match” …… BAHAHAHAHA STFU!

          • Kent Murray

            Your dumber than a box of rocks. I don’t even know what the hell your talking about.

  • robc

    I like how Dana said a couple of days ago that all GSP was doing today was a mall opening… Was Dana really that much in the dark on GSP’s plans?

    • Seth McJerald

      actually he did open a mall the other day and like dana said they had a conference call today and thats when GSP said this things. you need to follow the news more lol..

  • Kwang Wang

    Contract frozen?

    Does Stana mean Greasy P’s contract(hands) are shackled till he retires or is forced to ride out his contract with the UFC just like they did to poor old Randy.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Randy wanted to go fight Fedor. Who, outside of the UFC, would he want to go fight? Shackled…

    • Kris-tyahn

      Kwang: You’re not very intelligent are you? I’m sure GSP wants to fight all that talent outside the UFC…. you idiot!

  • MMAreality

    Anderson ended up the same way! They get tired!

  • gspthemoviestar

    He is off to get a normal life by having a family, secure a big house, nice cars and live a high life outside the limelight. He even trade his GI for suit and trunk shorts where the b*ch are prettier. After he had enough, he takes of his sunglasses and say I’m now a lot fresher with new intention. I want to challenge for the belt, let get it on. Well, the truth is he’s taking time off to do some movies to secure his future after fighting and a better prospect in the longterm. Don’t blame the guy, got to grab a good opportunity if it presents itself. He will be the next Van Damme, he already has the accent and the physic.

    • Mike mckinney

      Van dam was by no stretch a great actor, but come on, he certainly isn’t Gsp bad. Gsp is one of the least charismatic people to have ever stepped foot in front of a camera.
      He very well may do other things, but acting will not be his next career path.
      He does have a commercial where they’re playing up the fact that he has no personality. Guess you have to give him props there.

  • Kent Murray

    Wish all the best to GSP, but I want to see a rematch! Maybe in a year or so? I think he will be back sooner than later he won’t be able to stay away long.

  • Kwang Wang

    Kris actually you’re the idiot.
    Why dont you knob gobbling Stana’s weiner and read the article Greasy P does not want to figt anybody at the moment.
    Even if he wanted to fight outside of the UFC he wouldnt be able to due to their slave like contracts UFC offer.