Dana White: Floyd Mayweather Gets Licensed in Nevada, No Reason Chael Sonnen Shouldn’t

October 9, 2011
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A rematch between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and top contender Chael Sonnen is all but a done deal after Saturday night.

Sonnen immediately called for a second fight with Silva after dispatching of Brian Stann at UFC 136, and even said he hoped to get the bout on Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.

The only issue is that Sonnen has had some issues in the past dealing with state commissions, most notably in Nevada and California.

While he doesn’t get directly involved in commission dealings, UFC President Dana White says he sees no reason at all why Sonnen shouldn’t get licensed in the state of Nevada.

As a matter of fact, Nevada licenses boxer Floyd Mayweather, who is currently undergoing several pending legal issues, and White believes Sonnen should have no trouble facing the same commission.

Check out Dana White’s thoughts on Sonnen’s run ins with the athletic commissions and whether he believes it will present a problem for a location for a potential rematch with Sonnen vs. Silva.

  • b-soc

    I’m no fan of Floyd, but Floyd’s issues have never interferred with his career. Sonnon made “inconsistent statements” regarding his roiding. So yes, Chael should have trouble getting a license. Its one thing to use, but try to cover it up – yeah, you deserve trouble from the commission.