Dana White Fires Rousimar Palhares for Unsportsmanlike Conduct (video)

October 10, 2013
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Dana White UFC on Fox 8 Post_9291UFC president Dana White was not pleased when Rousimar Palhares failed to release the heel hook that caused Mike Pierce to tap out at UFC Fight Night 29 on Wednesday night in Brazil.

He was so upset that he told Olbermann host Jeremy Schaap that Palhares would be released and not fight in the UFC again.

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  • Guest

    DANA Give pierce the bonus Rousimar Palhares was gonna get and while your at it, MAKE THE FIGHT NC

    • Timothy Malone

      The UFC cant change the official results of a fight, only the athletic commission can.

      • Guest

        Give pierce the bonus then… wonder if pierce has any injury from that?

    • drkdisciple

      Give me a break, there is no bonus yet for being the victim of the submission of the night….

      • Jimmy777

        No, they were gonna give rousimar a bonus but took it back because of what he did to mikes leg, so give the bonus to mike instead of keeping it. Im sure he will have issues with that knee

  • nick

    I seen so much worse actually.. what about bj penn in jens second fight,, what about rampage punch wanderlei 4 to 5 times in the face after he was ko’d while the ref was trying to pull him off

    • youcantfight

      be real idiot. seriously u can’t f***ing say s*** like that. a torn acl from that heel hook is far worse than gettin reigned on by rampage trust me. u can get over the concussion but that knee will never be the same tool

      • Jabroni

        Yup- this^^

        I would take Rampage hitting me 5 times over 2seconds in a heel hook any day. Pearce will be walking with a limp for a year. I cant think of anything that would be more painful to be locked into for that time than a heel hook.