Dana White Fires Back at Jon Jones ‘Piece of Meat’ Comments

September 14, 2012
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UFC president Dana White at UFC 146Following UFC 151’s cancellation, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been doing the media circles with most of the questions being fired at him aimed at his decision to turn down a fight with late replacement Chael Sonnen.

In one of those interviews, Jones is quoted as saying ‘I felt like a piece of meat’ regarding his treatment surrounding the entire situation.

Now UFC President Dana White is finally hearing about those comments and responding to one of his biggest stars making a statement like that.

“I wonder how the piece of meat was feeling when we bought him a Bentley,” said White when speaking to the Jim Rome show on Thursday.

Jones showed off that Bentley in October 2011 after picking it up following his win over Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson at UFC 135 in late September. That was the same Bentley that Jones infamously crashed into a telephone pole during his DWI arrest earlier this year.

The ‘piece of meat’ comment from Jones obviously rubbed Dana White the wrong way because he believes the UFC built him up to the status where he could have toys like a $190,000 Bentley.

“That statement right there drives me insane. A year and a half ago nobody knew who Jon Jones was, now the kid’s a multi-millionaire, he’s got this, that, and a piece of meat?” questioned White.

“Let me tell you what, I know some people who are in some jobs that feel like a piece of meat. Jon Jones is far from one of them.”

Regardless of this latest fray between White and Jones, the UFC President promises that he will sit down with him in Toronto next week prior to UFC 152 and they will hash things out as best they can.

There may be smooth sailing ahead for Jones and White after all this dies down, but there is still a rocky road to travel to get there.

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  • thai plum sauce

    Jones is like what, 22, 23? Still pretty naive about life in general.

    I’m gonna side with Dana White. UFC buys you a $190K car, you wreck it like an idiot (because it shows your lack of appreciation), you make millions of $ as a 20-something y.o.

    I’m losing respect for Jones. So many other fighters want so bad to be in his shoes: big fight money, sponsorships, $190K cars, perks, etc. I hope Jones tastes defeat soon. It’ll humble this immature kid. I hope his MMA-stock dwindles…he’ll know what it’s like to be a “$5,000/per fight” fighter.

    • onebad

      that’s not really the point. jones is a douche, but in this case he is actually acting smart. fighting someone with only a couple days notice is silly. he gets paid well, but how much draw does he bring to an event. dana likes to say he has done so much for the sport, which is true, but at this point he is also detracting from it too. all of the fighters deserve more money, period. he already knows what it’s like being at the bottom he started there. dana contradicts himself constantly and is a pathological liar. jones is just a kid who got uber famous and he will eventually be grounded and then we will all benefit. dana is just pissed he wasn’t able to manipulate jones into doing whatever he wants. sonnen deserves no favors and really should be kicked out of the sport for his previous actions. he is a bigot, liar, choke artist, cheater and convicted felon. deplorable. he didn’t deserve the fight against silva and he definitely didn’t deserve a fight against the champion a weight class above the one he just got destroyed by.

      • onehitwonder

        the point isn’t if Sonnen deserved the fight or not, he would have got creamed, but the FANS deserved A fight, that is who he really screwed over, i could see not taking the fight if his pretty belt was in danger, but what did Jon have to loose? In the early days of UFC fighters took on replacements with 20 min. notice.

    • markronin

      He’s 25 and I agree he’s naive, but not because of his age, rather because of his lack of intelligence.

      He had no legitimate reason to turn down that fight.

    • Lesnardo

      UFC bought him a $190k car????? You mean UFC paid him for his services which he used to buy the $190k car?

      Dana is a joke.

  • shaman

    “Look kid, we gave you a nice big flashy car. Now we own your little ass. Fight Sylvester Stallone next week for the ‘World championship’. He’s blowing up [fucking] Twitter”

    Yeah, he’s a piece of meat

  • shaman

    “Look kid, we gave you a nice big flashy car. Now we own your little ass. Fight Sylvester Stallone next week for the ‘World championship’. He’s blowing up Twitter”

    Yeah, he’s a piece of meat

    • TKD

      Does anyone else not know what the **** this means????

  • fightfankevin

    I see your point shaman. But sometimes you take care of the people that take care of you. Look at the elite of the mma world. Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, BJ Penn. Dana didnt have to beg these guys when the UFC needed them.

    • donnastubbs

      Your so true Dana didn’t have to beg any of these guys. Jones is a perfect example that money turns some people a damn fool! My mother had a old saying that I think applies to this Jones ” He thinks his **** don’t stink” I think he needs to start looking for work cause if it’s one thing you don’t do and that’s piss Dana off and I think he did LOL!!!

    • clizzark

      Dana didn’t take care of him in that situation. He threw him under the bus.

      • markronin

        Did Jones have to come out of pocket to the tune of millions, some say around 40 million in lost revenue? No. Rather, he was driving the bus.

        • clizzark

          Only if you’re dumb enough to believe everything Dana says and put all the blame on Jones.

          • MrAdidas

            Well if jones accepts the fight like EVERY other fighter/champ has the show would go on, so how does this not put the blame mostly on Jones? This is the 1st UFC event cancelled EVER bc of one fighter, I say bc of one fighter bc when this happened in the past/a title fight had to be rearranged, the champ still took whatever challenge and the show went on.

    • shaman

      Just don’t say he ‘isn’t’ a piece of meat, though

    • shaman

      Imagine that a week from the Superbowl, one team drops out- so the NFL decides to let LSU have a crack (after loosing to USC), because they’re fresh off a hugely popular reality show.

      Imagine this with MLB, NHL, or even women’s vollyball.

  • JRod

    You don’t even have to look at the elite. Rich Franklin (one of my favs, but not elite) has stepped up numerous times on short notice… Some guys have it, other don’t, I guess.

    • rileydobbe

      Rich Franklin is one of the elite. Always a headliner, always shows up in shape, great fights, and very respectable.

      • collideoverme

        100% agreed!

  • maddawgmar

    I see both points. Jones felt he was fed to the wolves about the cancellation. But this business can be you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Or it could be do as I say or GTFO. Jones gets to make that decision. Ask Megan Fox and Charlie Sheen, don’t bite the hand that feeds.

  • donnastubbs

    I totally agree with Dana. I use to like Jones I thought he was a smart kid going somewhere but now I have zero respect for someone who doesn’t think before they speak and who thinks they can’t be replaced!

  • White is being very unprofessional about this situation with Jon Jones since he is ignorant; when in essence the blame rests solely on the ineptness of UFC management and their attorneys’ lack of conscripted appropriations and obligations which were excluded and omitted from the contractual commitment wordage, which could have been implemented and promulgated legally by inserting a precautionary provision which would have made it mandatory for alternative fights to take precedent with other top fighters, if in the event an unfortunate injurious condition occurs. This stipulation would be enforced and mandated with fines and suspensions if unstained by breach of agreement.

    • bajafox

      Since when should we expect Dana to be professional? hahaha, it’s his business and he can run it however he see’s fit.

      • markronin

        He’s professional, he’s just not a politician and he doesn’t sugar coat things. I much prefer it to canned, PC responses to everything.

  • Dana White is the “DON KING” of MMA. So wheat you bought him a Bentley if that was a gift or a bonus thats all it was. Oh if Dana White buys you a Bentley you have to jump on his every command.

    • fightfankevin

      Again per my earlier comment, Dana could call Matt Hughes, say your fighting tomorrow night in a different weight class against the world champ and Hughes would say what time do i need to be there. Dana’s not saying i own this guy hes saying you scratch my back , i scratch yours.

      • clizzark

        Those are 2 different situations. It brings up the point of why would Hughes even be considered for a title shot (just like Sonnen!)? It’s far, far, far easier for someone undeserving of a title shot, with basically nothing to lose and everything to gain to accept a title shot on short notice than for someone like Jones to accept a fight with a lot to lose and pretty much nothing to gain.

        The people who agree with Dana are sheep who let Dana do the thinking for them. Some of you people can’t even realize that Sonnen had absolutely no business even being considered for that fight. No criticism for the UFC for putting together a paper thin card that could fall apart with 1 single injury? Doesn’t that tell you a glaring problem right there?

        • fightfankevin

          I think you may have missed the point. Hughes wasnt being considered for Jones. Hughes would fight anyone he was asked to fight in his day for the good of the company and sport. Perhaps youre right on the unstacked card but why is the point so much about Sonnen being undeserving? Who was left? Remember Sonnen had the kahunas to step up, and he had a lot to lose too. If he loses to Jones, he is 0-2 in last two fights, both title fights and would have no chance for a title fight again for a long long time.

          • clizzark

            So, now you want to change what you said in an attempt at making a point? We don’t know what Hughes would have done back in the day when he was champ, so your new point isn’t much of one, either.

            Who was left? A bunch of guys said they would have fought (off the top of my head, I can only recall Weidman and Silva). LOL at Sonnen having a lot to lose. What a bunch of BS. Nobody would fault him for losing to Jones, especially on such short notice like that. Losing to the #1 guy in a division above you on short notice won’t hurt you at all.

    • Are you kidding me? Do you even know anything about Don King and what he’s done to people? Please find another sport to follow, fans like you give mma a bad rep with your ignorance.

  • Id love to be a fly on the wall when those 2 sit down. If Dana has the balls to rip Brock Lesnar a new ass after UFC 100…then Jones has a date with the Devil lol.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you want the fighters to fight everyone you put in front of them, then don’t give them the option to pull out. Say this is who your fighting…deal with it or F off.

    Also does anyone else think Dana is going to somehow try to get Jones away from Jacksons?? He HATES him with a passion and this is now 2 events that Jacksons stupidity has ruined. Who knows how he could do it…but I think that he will try something…

  • ajmadic

    People that agree with Jones on this are morons.

    • markronin

      They are, and they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid, like Jones.

      Name one fighter who agrees with Jones and says they wouldn’t take that fight either. Right, not one.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I just wonder how much the self-serving media is blowing all this crap up so they have something to write about. It’s like when the UFC is trying to promo a fight and they interview both fighters separately. They try to get one guy to talk smack about the other and then they go to them and tell them what the other said to get them to fire back. I didn’t see the Jones interview or the White interview but it would be interesting to see what happened behind the scenes and what context everything was in. If you’re skeptical just think about all the articles they write about stuff nobody cares about and shouldn’t. How many more articles do we have to suffer through over UFC 151? Mayhem Miller, would you please run naked through the streets so we can get off this topic?

  • SuperNate-AO

    At this point, even die hard Jones fans would like to see him get KTFO…maybe it would good for him in the long run.

  • Digiddy

    I think what has been lost in all this is the fact that Jackson is all about gameplanning. He is one of the smartest guys in the sport. Let’s not forget what Chael did to Marquardt, took em down and beat him down. The whole gameplan with Hendo was avoiding the overhand right. Then your suppose to fight a guy who is an Olympic caliber wrestler who nearly beat Silva. Totally different fight for Jones with absolutely nothing to gain with a win.

    • collideoverme

      Obviously he had something to lose though…Respect.

    • Was there another Henderson/Silva fight that I missed?? How you can say he nearly beat Silva when he got choked out in less than 2 rounds I don’t know. You must be one of those “Sonnen won 4 rounds” type of people…

      • Digiddy

        I never mentioned Hendo vs Silva, so I don’t know what your talking about. I was talking about Sonnen vs Silva. And ya Anderson won the fight, but he pulled it out at the last second. Chael put a beating on Anderson that we’ll probably never see again. Nobody trains the week before a fight so it was way too late to train all out takedown defense.

        • MY fault…read it wrong. But unless they start counting the amount of rounds you won as more important than submissions, KO’s or TKO’s then its completely pointless for people to mention it.

          For example…The Packers were 15-1 last year…the Giants were 9-7 but they won the SuperBowl. At the end of the season thats alllllll that matters. Winning 4 rounds then getting choked out means nothing if your not getting your hand raised at the end of the fight.

          • Digiddy

            Well played beaver, being a Packer fan myself that hits rings true
            My point was only that Sonnen has a potential of pulling off a huge upset. And no I’m not a Sonnen fan, but I do respect his abilities as mostly boring as they may be.

    • markronin

      That has nothing to do with it. Don’t you think everyone would prefer a perfect prep time for every fight, but that’s not always the situation. Sometimes you take a fight on short notice to help others out. Jones just proved that he’s the most selfish fighter in MMA.

  • Honestly, JJ needs to think about one thing–no matter how great he could be and how good he is currently he could end up just like the great Fedor–a king without a castle or kingdom. The UFC can cut him and guess what…he gets picked up by a organization that wont pay him what the UFC is paying him and he fights a bunch of no bodies where eventually he gets beat on a lucky night by a nobody and his stock drops. Paul Daley and Josh Barnett know first hand what exile is. Or say some one like Gilbert M. who cant be tested cuz there is no one in strikeforce to fight. Kid needs to really think business cuz no UFC means no Nike deal=no big money.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Get real, JJ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • collideoverme

    Tito Ortiz > Jon Jones…
    at least attitude wise.

  • goleta83

    We still owe him because we oppressed his ancestors. That’s what they all think.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Thanks for your comment. Good to hear from the white supremacist faction.

      • Booker T

        goleta83 is not racist when there is truth to it.

  • Bottom line is that the UFC has done all that they can for this douchebag and he could care less. I think that’s basically what Dana is getting at. When the company you work for backs you one hundred percent, and you spit in their face, it’s probably not the smartest move in the long run

  • @ MuayThaiFood u get real—where is Fedor? Even beore he started losing. Zuffa showed him and Global they didn’t need him and despite being the great Fedor they didn’t do business with him–before the losts or even after the losts when they clearly had him at odds. Jon is good but his marketability is not like GSP or Anderson Silva. You dont hear folks sayn how bad they can’t stand them two. So yeah I believe they would cut him to make an example just to put other fighters at risk then bring his humble azz back after he did a show where he “may” or may not” be paid.

  • @ MuayThaiFood u get real—where is Fedor? Even before he started losing. Zuffa showed him and Global they didn’t need him and despite being the great Fedor they didn’t do business with him–before the losts or even after the losts when they clearly had him at odds. Jon is good but his marketability is not like GSP or Anderson Silva. You dont hear folks sayn how bad they can’t stand them two. So yeah I believe they would cut him to make an example just to put other fighters at risk then bring his humble azz back after he did a show where he “may” or may not” be paid.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Sorry dude, but I am the one being real. The examples you use are nothing like JJ. Fedor and Gil Melendez have never been in the UFC. Fedor because he wanted too much money and a slice of the UFC brand and Gil because because of Strikeforce’s contract with Showtime. Neither are even close the situation Jones is in. Barnett was openly bashing Dana and was popped for roids three times.
      This little tiff Dana and Jones are in is nothing. You think this is enough to get him canned….really? Dana is reactive and likes to say whatever is on his mind to the media which isn’t real professional for a boss but he’s not going to let the proven dominant champion at 205 go for his whiny immature comment. They will meet and Jones will say………..yes sir….sorry sir and the show will go on. You’re delusional if you think otherwise.

  • If Dana White gave Jones a Bentley as he says, I wonder how much money did White win thanks to Jones, the fighters are the ones who give the show on UFC, they work hard, train, and expose themselfs to injurires, etc. Mr. Dana White fighters like Jones and many others are the ones that have made you a millionare also, never forget this my freind, because wthout UFC and the fighters who give the shows fighting in each event nobody would know about your existence also. So after all I think maybe a Bentley for Jones is nothing comparing the millions of dollars you have gained thanks to him…!!

    • People forget Dana white gets a 10% cut of every $ the UFC makes. He was pissed because they made 0 on that PPV(truth is they barely break even on actual ticket sales, all their money is made off PPV revenue). He also knew that Sonnen running his mouth and luring Jones in to the fight would sell…but no where near as much as a proper build up. IF it ever happens they will sell a crap load of PPV’s…and Dana will make a F ton of money.

  • clarkw901

    Honsetly, i’m amazed there aren’t many, if any, slavery comments. If he truely feels like a piece of meat, you have money, quit, go to another organization to fight. No one of forcing him to stay in such a harsh work place.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Another vote for Mitt Romney!

      • philmckracken

        Go post your political crap on the democratic and republican websites you retard! Cant even enjoy mma forums now without dips#@ts like you!! Waaaa…. George Bush raped me…. Waaaaa….. Obama killed my sister. Go post something stupid on Facebook a$$hole!!!

        • MuayThaiFood

          I wasn’t talking to you Phil so no need to get your vag all inflamed. Why don’t you just shut your cockholster and moved on!

          • philmckracken

            Thats Mr Mckracken to you boy!!! Your talking on a forum about mma stupid. I read it…. you are talking to me. Talk about mma. MMA MMA MMA!!! Not POLITICS!! Bash Obama and Romney on your facebook. Excuse me while I go squirt a little cream on my vag. Duhhhhhr… shut your cockholster. retard

    • markronin

      That would be funny actually.

      “I felt like a plantation slave and Dana White was my massa, whippin’ me for bein’ an uppity Negro.”

      That’s probably what he and his friends and family said in private.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Here’s a link to the whole Jon Jones interview if anyone wants to know what he said. It’s a rather long interview that puts some contextual clarity into his “piece of meat” statement. If you just want to hate on him then it won’t matter to you, but for those of you who haven’t already made up your minds based on excerpts from Dana’s interview you might find it interesting.
    I think he could have phrased it differently but I totally see where he’s coming from. If you listen to the WHOLE interview he certainly doesn’t come off as a guy who’s ungrateful to Dana or the UFC.
    Dana should be the one taking the majority if not all the heat here IMO.


  • Once ghetto always ghetto… $190,000 Bentley or not. Simple. Jon Jones is basically joining the same status as Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Dennis Rodman and all those other idiots that nobody should care about!!! That’s why I’m always going to be a fan of athletes like GSP, Machida, Derek Jeter, John Stockton, Aaron Rodgers, etc. Guys that have class and are the real deal!!!

  • MuayThaiFood

    Mr. McKracken, maybe your little meltdown should be directed at Damon Martin and not me. This article has little to do with MMA and is more on the lines of a TMZ piece. Also, please try to be more original and get your own insults.

  • philmckracken

    Im not stealing your insults goober. Im mocking you. Damon Martin’s article is about Dana White and Jon Jones. MMA. Not Mitt Romney. Idiots like you have to push your political crap on everybody else. Just joking about Mr Mckracken. You can call me Phil. Phil Mckracken.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Go mock somebody of your own intelligence. I know you were joking about Mr. Mckracken so I was obviously joking back. And, yes you did steal my insult….that’s what parroting is.

    If you don’t think people’s leanings on this issue are reflected in their comments then you are pretty unobservant. My comment was meant to be a joke anyway, nitwit. This is a management/labor issue basically, I guess you missed that point too.

  • philmckracken

    I like mocking people beneath me… Thats why I picked you. Look Mr Food, or Muay if you prefer. I got all that. If you wanna take mocking as a compliment… I guess go ahead.
    Everywhere you look people are bashing or complimenting their political candidate and its even more rediculous doing it on a mma forum same as my rambling to you about it. Freedom of speech… IK but bash your presidential candidate (whoever it is) somewhere other than here. I like going here to read and watch fights to get away from that crap. WHITE POWER!!!! Come on now? you know thats funny