Dana White Felt Nick Diaz Should Have Been Penalized for Swinging at Georges St-Pierre

March 18, 2013
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Carlos-Condit-Nick-Diaz-9286-UFC-143At the end of the third round of the UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz main event in Montreal on Saturday, challenger Nick Diaz took a swing at champion Georges St-Pierre after the bell signified the end of the round.  Referee Yves Lavigne was on top of the action and prevented the post-round punch from landing, but that doesn’t change the fact that Diaz took an intentional swing at an opponent between rounds.

Following the event, UFC president Dana White said he thought Diaz should have been deducted a point.

“In my opinion, the ref should have taken a point away right there. That wasn’t like, oops, I didn’t hear the bell.  It was intentional and it should have been a point,” said White during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference.

Diaz denied that he was actually trying to hit St-Pierre after the bell.

“I didn’t really try to take that shot.  I just threw it across his face. I know it sounds like some (expletive), but I really wasn’t going to hit him with that.  I was just being really mean out there because I wanted him to try to hurt me, try to finish me,” said Diaz during the post-fight press conference.

Diaz’s antics usually entail talking to his opponents, taunting them and an occasional obscene gesture in an attempt to bait them into attacking.

“That’s his style.  His whole style is to either get in your head to intimidate you or get in your head to get you to fight his kind of fight and play his game.  That’s what he does,” said White. “That’s definitely his style.”

At UFC 113, which also took place at the Bell Centre in Montreal in 2010, a frustrated Paul Daley hit Josh Koscheck after the fight. He was immediately released by the UFC for the incident, but White doesn’t think what Diaz did was comparable.

Daley and Koscheck got up off the mat when the bell signified the end of their fight, and Daley made a move towards Koscheck like he might congratulate him on a good fight or something of that short, but instead cheap-shotted him with a punch to the face.

“The difference is, at the end of the round, the ref was right there.  He went to slap Georges and he didn’t get the slap off,” said White.

St-Pierre retained his title against Diaz, logging a one-sided unanimous decision victory.  He’ll likely face Johny Hendricks next.  Diaz’ future remains unclear, as he hinted at a possible retirement.

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  • bajafox

    Very disappointing to see him do that. I’m a huge fan of Diaz but that was unprofessional, the bell had clearly rung

  • dan

    GSP deserves to be slapped for all the money he makes to put on crap fights. He was scared to take Diaz’ back in fear of being reversed and possibly subbed. His “striking” consisted of quick pop shots and no combos out of fear of being countered. I’m glad I watched this as an invited guest because the fight went exactly as I thought would and ended in another snoozer. The only thing that impressed about this fight was Nick’s strategy of giving up his back to avoid elbows. I see Hendricks falling to GSP as well by the same manner. Maia is my only hope now to end the snoozefest that is a GSP fight.

    • csfischer20

      I think he will stand with maia because he will get submitted on the ground. I agree and i’m sick of watching him lay on people for 5 rounds and then acting like he’s so great.

      • dan

        I agree that GSP will stand with him but Maia is no slouch. He may not possess Bigg Rigg type power but he’s definitely more technical. His TD’s are no joke either. This is a guy who doesnt need a “power” double leg to get you down, all he needs is a good grip. Maia is a dangerous fight for GSP should they meet.

        • Antonio

          Really?? Really a dangerous fight for GSP? the same Maia that got knocked out by Marquardt, the one that lost to Munoz and an out of shape Weidman?

          • dan

            LOL. Is that all you got? Lets break this down. Maia was put to sleep by Nate so cant say much there. His fight with Munoz was a close fight and his fight with Weidman was abysmal. So are we to ignore that this is that same guy the ran grappling clinics on Sonnen, DYK, Story and Fitch? You can say what you want about the DYK fight but I feel confident to say that Maia wouldve out-grappled him too. Maia has been a nightmare for guys since he dropped to 170 so yeah I love his chances.

          • Antonio

            None of those guys you mentioned that he has beaten are on the same level as GSP even the guys that beat Maia. I bet Maia will lose to Condit, Rory, Hendricks and Diaz. It will not be Maia that will defeat GSP.

          • Lucas Freire


            GSP is an undefeated champion for a long long time. I want you to mention ANY guy at 185 and 170 on the same level as him. Besides Silva of course.

            About Maia,his standing is LAME. His Judo/JJ is the best,but I think GSP would be able to outjab him,and who knows,even knock him out.

          • Ksmma

            Bisping, Munoz, weidman, Omani, sonnon. All beat GSP. GSP knock someone out………. HAHAHAHA

          • Lucas Freire

            You talk about knockout and goes on saying Bisping,Munoz,Weidman and Okami?


            Bisping is the most known pillow-handed fighter on the UFC. Munoz is a brawler when standing…Weidman doesn’t have that whole experience,and Okami is just a Fitch-from-185

    • Defilingsoul

      His coach is mostly to blame too, near the end he told GSP “Remember be reactive, NOT proactive” Which means be defensive, not offensive. Translate that, it means go for points not for a finish.

      • Shemo

        Try again. He said to be reactive with his take down’s (ie. when Diaz is coming towards him). Didn’t instruct him to be defensive.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        no it doesnt you moron…it means react to what diaz does, and counter him…

    • Sir_Roy

      You were on here singing Diaz’ accolades before this fight, how he was going to take GSP out, and while GSP had a very lackluster performance no doubt, he nonetheless managed to dominate an even more lackluster Diaz with it.

      That says a lot.

      Wonder if you even realize the fight was standing for 13 minutes and Diaz did absolutely nothing with it. There was nothing impressive about GSP in this fight. Agreed. But far, far less impressive about Diaz’ performance.

      Was he smart to give up his back? I guess, though he was obviously suckering GSP into a trap. Georges realized such and didn’t fall for it. Should I be impressed that Diaz had to give up his back so bloody often though? His greatest accomplishment was tuckering GSP out by the third round with his odd ground game resulting in GSP making sloppy take down attempts in the later rounds that Diaz (who was less gassed) found easy enough to stuff.

      Would have been smarter had he actually DONE SOMETHING while on the feet. Diaz got all the stand-up time in the world and didn’t do shite with it.

      GSP, not overly impressed with this one. Diaz? Downright disappointed.

      • dan

        “You were on here singing Diaz’ accolades”. Umm, you must be mistaking me with someone else because as much as HATE GSP and love Diaz, I knew who was winning this fight. I wasnt even gonna watch it until a friend called. But dont worry, I’m not changing my stance: GSP still sucks the life out of an event.

      • Crashman

        I am very much a GSP fan but you describe my sentiments exactly with your commentary. very well said.

    • Antonio

      You’re a stupid douchebag that need to be slapped. GSP is that good that nobody is able to give him a good fight. It’s up to the challengers to try and figure GSP out and give him a good fight. No one has taken him out of his element and maybe Hendricks can do that but I doubt it.

    • He was scared to take Diaz back in fear of being reversed and possibly subbed. His striking consisted of quick pop shots and no combos so Diaz could not counter. So he did everything right to avoid losing and won the fight by controlling Diaz on the ground and avoiding Nicks awesome combos that he usually gets off on high level strikers like Paul Daley. And your sitting here insulting the guy. Anyone could have went out there and just threw hands with Nick and possibly lost, this guy went in and won the fight in every way.

      • Crashman

        Alls i see are excuses and whining people lmao , he took a sucker shot after the bell, the sign of a TRUE champion right lmao. .. freaking idiot. .. haha won the fight in every way, he got SCHOOLED lol.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      well then you really have no hope then…HA!

  • Jmoney510

    Fined maybe for unsportsmanlike conduct. But point deducted is just dumb. His actions didn’t change the outcome of the fight or give him an advantage…. Stalling, eye gouging, holding the fence, or illegal kick to the balls should get points deducted before diaz gets penalized for swinging at air

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      he could have very easily been DQ’d for that and a point deduction was absolutely a legitimate option…you cant take a swing on someone because youre frustrated after the round clearly ends…last person that did that (daley) got fired

  • He took the swing. Admitted. Dana is right. Now that it is too late and irrelevant to take the point, maybe taking some cash will be the most “corrective” thing to do.

  • dan

    Oh and Dana should be slapped too. Now I hope people know what wolf tickets are because the UFC sold eveyone one of those. Where was the beatdown? Where was the mad, rabid GSP? I agree with Nick’s post-fight comment about the direction of the sport and the UFC’s love affair with GSP is a prime example of it. Only in the UFC world is the most boring UFC champion its highest paid. Oh, I’ll be waiting on those drug test results, Dana. Will GSP be on it after 5-6 no results?

    • Christopher Williams

      GSP sold Dana the wolf tickets man. I’m gonna end his career and this and that. I knew GSP was selling wolf tickets when he said it.

  • marcus miles

    All the beefs between foghters are all bullsh#t. its all scripted for hype. next time Danas fat ass sits there on his stand saying someone so “flipped out …..tonight” know its all show. the beefs are fake!!!

    • dan

      wolf tickets

      • marcus miles

        Hell yeah

    • shakejunt

      people sell fights, yes, but let’s not pretend that someone like matt serra and matt hughes get together and have picnics

      • marcus miles

        Im sure there are fighters that dont like eachother in the Ufc like hughes and serra. But that was a natural beef that sold itself without the ufc making countdowns centered on their beef .When Bj penn was schedualed to fight diaz, bj put out a video saying how he was bummed he had to fight a friend and on top of that Dana wanted him to say this and that about diaz in interviews and bj didnt want to because he respects diaz as a friend and former training partner. At that same time there was an article on this site saying ufc is now scripting pre fight interviews. Since then there is some type of bullsh@t drama around almost every main fight that is manipulated.

  • westcoast

    All u people check the skeleton in your closet before you talk about the next man

  • The_Commentator

    What a douche.
    Illegal hand wrap accusations, steroid accusations. I didn’t get a good sleep, how did he know my gameplan?
    To top it off he’s swinging clearly after the bell.
    No class whatsoever.
    He’s as bad for the sport as he is for himself.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    good fight from GSP…won the stand up by a wide margin when many claimed he would never stand and trade w/ Diaz (majority of the fight was stand up) and absolutely dominated the grappling when many people said Diaz was the far superior grappler (FALSE)…not the most exciting fight but far from boring…anything less then a finish and the haters were gonna be super critical…no surprise…anyone especting a GSP finish had some far out expectations…say what you will about Diaz, hes durable as hell, has an iron chin and never gets finished…Diaz looked really bad out there…idk what it was but that was one of his worst performances in recent memory…he offered no offense save for a little action in round 3 when GSP was tired…other then that, he was outclassed on every imaginable level…even post fight, GSP outclassed Diaz…accusations and insinuations of cheating, excuses by the boatload, claims of steroid use, taking cheap shots…Diaz is a real low life and he proved it before the fight, during the fight and after the fight…

    • mma4eva

      nicely said, couldn’t have said it better myself, couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • George Sperry

    It wasn’t just after rd 3 he did it after rd 1 too. After rd 2 he tried to stay w/Georges and taunted him rather than go to his corner.
    He’s not good for MMA and his apologists aren’t either.

  • Jean-Pierre Gagne

    Have any of you who say that GSP is boring ever considered the fact that he is the best PPV seller in the sport? Why so many people are willing to pay to watch him fight if they think he is boring? I would ruleout the Ronda Rousey’s answer that it’s just because he is good looking: The UFC’s demo is heterosexual male between 18 and 45. I doubt we are watching GSP over Jose Aldo just because he is good looking. He does not trashtalk to promote fight… so why do we watch GSP fight? OH! yes, it’s because he is one of the best at MMA! His technics are almost flawless, he does not gas out, and he’s got a large arsenal of weapons. Not excited about that? Go and watch Boxing or WWE, you’ll have plenty of yours dearly beloved ”Finishes” (likely staged).