Dana White: Fabricio Werdum Likely to be Next Opponent for Cain Velasquez

October 20, 2013
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Fabricio Werdum_StrikeforceUFC president Dana White revealed that Fabricio Werdum will likely be the next challenger for UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

White broke the news to UFC commentator Joe Rogan in an interview moments after Velasquez beat up Junior dos Santos in their title fight at UFC 166 in Houston.

“We’ll probably do Werdum,” White said. “It probably makes the most sense. His whole game has improved. He’s a big, strong, tough, durable guy. His striking has improved.”

While dos Santos on Saturday night showed that he has improved his wrestling game, Velasquez was never really tested on the ground, which is likely to be completely different when he faces Werdum.

“He’s going to want to take it to the ground,” White said of Werdum. “It makes this fight really interesting. Stylistically, we will see who has the better stand-up, and if it goes to the ground, I think for the first time that is a dangerous, dangerous fight for Velasquez.”

White didn’t reveal a timeline for the fight, but it is likely to happen as soon as Velasquez is ready to go again.

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  • Lucas Freire

    Cain is a cyborg.
    There’s no HW that can take care of him if not by KOing him on the first round.

    This guy is a beast! Someone has yet to show me a MW/LHW/HW with THAT cardio! Really, I can’t remember anyone above 185 pounds with that stamina, and below it I could mention GSP,Diaz and one or two 125 pounders.
    Not only this but, he hits like a truck!
    I really think Fedor has found himself a great contender for the title of Greatest HW.
    The way he dominated TWICE a fighter who is just so high above the rest of the division…

    • solo

      Its pure genes. there no way in hell someone with 240+ pounds can get that cardio by training hard. its just not possible.

    • Austin, TX

      He needs to go undefeated for 9 or 10 years winning 25 fights etc in a row as HW champ before you start comparing him to Fedor. He also (Cain) has a lot of decisions. He also just got knocked out in the 1st round by JDS a year ago etc. People forget the past so easily when intoxicated by the present.

      • Lucas Freire

        What? He has 2 decisions on 14 fights.
        I think Fedor is the greatest HW, but having 15 fights in 9~10 years makes it easier to be unbeatable for that long. He beat all the HW top contenders on Pride.
        Cain is proceding on cleaning the HW division in maybe the most competitive moment ever of the HW division on mma history.
        And just as comparison, Fedor has decision wins against irrelevant japanese guys.

        • Austin, TX

          It wasn’t 15 fights actually…. it was 25 fights undefeated in 10 years. Also the key words in your post were “is proceeding….” Like I said, when he cleans it out for 10 years undefeated for 25 fights as champ then call me and we’ll talk about how he compares with Fedor. He was winning against the best of the best of his time, (everybodt thinks their own time is the best in history at the moment etc etc…..its all relative.)….just like how Cain just got knocked out last year by JDS, etc. I’m just saying comparing him to Fedor is incredibly premature. ….in 10 years undefeated after 25 fights then maybe….

          • Lucas Freire

            Yeah, I understand and agree with your points, maybe I was indeed rushing stating that Cain is a challenger to Fedor’s title.
            The discussion about “times” is always open indeed, while the old legends rose to the top with true battles, the new breed of fighters is so complete, the sport itself is evolving so much that I really don’t think we can compare diferent eras with the same statistics.
            I do think Fedor is indeed the greatest HW ever, but I too think that MMA fights nowadays represent much more technically than it represented back then.
            We are talking about the days when almost everybody was a one dimensional, and those who could mix it up were the legends. The sport evolved, and as much as I like guys like Fedor and Wand, I don’t think that on 20 years they’ll be on GOAT discussions for any reason other than respect for those who built the sport.

          • Austin, TX

            Mm. Agreed. Something like that. It’s what possibly makes it so interesting to consider. Different eras in sports. In anything, etc. Yeah. I know what you’re saying.

  • Informed One

    14 men have admitted defeat against Cain. out of those 14, 1 was capable of submission threat, Big Nog, and he preferred to bang. Forget JDS claiming to be dangerous on the ground. Forget lesnar’s wrestling. If you are that good on the ground, you won’t fight against a TD. All these guys tire themselves bc they fight against a TD, then Cain ends up picking apart a tired fighter on the feet.

    Now think back to what happened to Nelson’s face when he tried to clinch fight Werdum. This fight is very interesting and is finally one where Cain doesn’t have an advantage bc of wrestling. If my count is right, Overeem has 19 wins by sub, and even he refused to go to the ground with Werdum in fight #2.

    Werdum should be able to conserve energy by accepting a TD, or have a good reach advantage on the feet, and his Muay Thai has looked great lately. This will be a good fight and perhaps one where we won’t sit through 17 minutes of cage hugging. DC really is his trainer.

    • Lucas Freire

      Remember this is MMA, not Jiu-Jitsu or Submission Grappling.
      It’s much harder for someone, even a top-notch grappler as Werdum to submit someone who is able to Ground and Pound so efficiently as Cain.
      Cain dishes out damage because he’s a HW, but at the same time he plays safe on the ground. You only see him pounding in fact when he stabilizes a good position. I see Werdum as a good matchup and of course everything can happen, but I really think the only guy who may be able to defeat Cain is JdS on a first round KO.

      • catch797

        Cain fights the same way Randy did. Smothers his opponent tiring him out. I find it really boring. I wish JDS had won, his fights are way more entertaining. That said, that’s why Fedor was one of the best to watch. Win or loose he always put on an exciting fight.

        • Lucas Freire

          He doesn’t fight like this. He fights like this because JdS has crazy good boxing skills and heavy hands.
          He has 13 wins, only 2 decisions and only 3 fights reached the final round.
          He destroyed everyone he faced.

    • TheCerealKiller

      11 have. You are not informed.

  • Mr Pete

    I would really like to see Cain vs Fedor, there is really no one else that could challenge him. Maybe Browne and Miocic with some time Duffy looks pretty good but

    I still think All of Fedor losses is kind of flukey, he is still the Champ in my eyes

    • Big Tuna

      Your eyes are smoked out, we all love Fedor too I still wear his shirts but the sport evolved past him and he was unwilling to change.

      • julian moran

        He actually changed his style after the Henderson loss. People tend to forget how he fought and won his last 3 fights.

        • bajafox

          Because nobody can remember who he fought those 3 times

          • Werdoomb

            Let’s be real.

            Fedor is the GOAT but Cain (and JDS) are on a different level.

            I would say that Fedor was far ahead of his time. I can still beat guys like Roy Nelson, Mir, and Nog.

            Here is the thing with Cain. His style is similar to that of Fedor’s. He is a short, compact, super-athletic, explosive grappler who can strike.

            The biggest difference is that Cain is a bigger guy. Similar height but much wider frame. In fact, Fedor would have came in at 205 had he started MMA now.

            The way Cain dominated JDS, who in turn dominated the entire HW division, was just impressive. I’ve never see a HW move that quickly (including prime-Fedor and prime-Cro Cop).

            Also, here is a thing or two addressed to TUF noobs. Prime Cro Cop would have given JDS a run for his money. I don’t know if Cro Cop would have won, but he would have thrown an amazing fight.

            Cro Cop destroyed Josh Barnett, who can still destroy 1/2 of the top tier fighters in the UFC. And Fedor beat Cro Cop. So I wouldn’t dismiss Fedor and Cro Cop at their respective primes that quickly.

            But I don’t see them beating Cain or JDS, although I see an entertaining fight.

      • Mr Pete

        Typical argument against veteran fighters, “past his prime, unwilling to change”
        1. “Past his time” is Chuck and his deteriorating chin.
        2. “Unwilling to change” is Tito and his inability to fight without muscling people.

        Fedor is neither of these,
        A) 1 Fluke triangle
        B) 1 Fluke blind punch from behind in an awkward position
        C) Fight stopped over swelling

        Until he loses a “clear and obvious” fight, Fedor should always be given the benefit of doubt, he has shown no indication of surrender, break down or give up mentality. After all he was Zombied by Fujita, slammed on his head by Randleman, mounted stuck in a submission by a 275 lbs Mark Hunt, rear naked by Coleman and he still won.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Yep, all of his losses are flukes. Keep live in rainbow world.

          • Mr Pete

            Show me a video where Fedor was “Clearly” outmatched by a better fighter and was unable to comeback from adversity, broke down and gave up.

            I’ll wait….

          • cs
          • Mr Pete

            Thank you Captain Obvious!

        • El Gvapo

          Ooh somebody doesn’t like Jones. Can’t see why you even mentioned him on here when nobody else has and he’s not even involved in the weight class in discussion.

          • Mr Pete

            In response to “your eyes are smoked out” Suggesting I am a blinded Fanboy.

            Fanboys are unable to accept logical reasoning. Prime example are Jon Jones Fanboys, hence the reference.

            I acknowledged that Fedor “did” lose fights but doubted each scenario as “Flukey” His only real beating was from Big Foot but as I have mentioned, it was not the first time he has faced adversity and he eventually always emerged victorious.

          • El Gvapo

            But nobody on here has mentioned Jones? What has he got to do with anything? Plus you deride those you consider to be “fanboys” yet you are clearly a fedor fanboy yourself. And yes fedor “did” lose fights, just like every other fighter out there.

          • Mr Pete

            Your fixation on Jones indicates you are a Fanboy as well. My example could easily be applied to any fighter/person/thing with a large following. “pounder per pound GSP” “GOAT Anderson”, “focused BJ Penn” “Healthy Tito” “Prime Mirko” and the immortal one “Sakuraba. (Honorable mention Xbox vs Playstation, Anroid vs Iphone) As i have stated “first to come to mind” Just an example, relax, ease up. Fanboys are extremely defensive of their Hero.

            Yes I am Fan of Fedor, however i am able to acknowledge his defeats. I only argue that his loses are suspect and challenge anyone to debate this. Would you like me to specifically define “Fanboy” in Detail?

          • El Gvapo

            My fixation on Jones? You’re the one who mentioned him you simpleton. You’re the epitome of a contradiction, saying any fighter with a large following has fanboys. So fedor had no fans eh? Idiot.

            “Fanboys are extremely defensive of their hero”?!? That’s you to a tee dickhead, saying all fedor’s defeats were flukes and that you’d challenge anyone to debate this. Fedor was great, but he got old and lost. Take a look in the dictionary for the term fanboy and there will be a picture of you (beating your meat over a photo of Fedor no doubt).

          • Mr Pete

            Lol….struck a nerve i see,

            Ok, now intelligently debate why or how i am wrong.

          • El Gvapo

            Fedor tapped out to a triangle choke and lost. Then he was beaten up by Bigfoot until the doctor had to stop it. After that he was knocked clean out by Hendo, another loss. None of which were a fluke, and what are the chances of there being three flukes in a row? I love Fedor, he was amazing but eventually all fighters will lose, even the greatest. It’s happened to Silva and it will happen to GSP, Jones, Barao and Cain.

            My point isn’t anything to do with Fedor, it’s idiots like you calling people fanboys when you’re a clear fanboy yourself. Unfortunately though you seem to miss the point on every reply you make so I have to conclude that you’re just a stupid little boy.

          • Mr Pete

            You responded to a debate stating opinions as facts; your incessant need to name call reveals much about your character, it is clear you will believe what you want no matter what evidence or logical reasoning is presented. (narcissist) Your need to get the “last word” in indicates some type of ego self esteem issues. (insecurities)
            I made a previous comment to a “werdoomb” which also coincidentally was a response to you proves that more than one person can see your fallacies.

            With age and maturation, you will be able to become a true fan of mma, you will understand statistics and win loss records alone does NOT define a fighter. Things like Fight performance, injuries, the actual fight, bandwagon fans, Fanboys, just overall mma knowledge alludes you.
            Point is, your character and opinions are severely flawed and has been noticed by more than one person. Is it really us or is it you?

            If it makes you feel better lets insert BJ Penn instead of Jon Jones as my example. His fans are just as hostile.

            I will admit though, at one point, I was a true “Fanboy” of Ken Shamrock in the early 90’s. In my eyes I truly believed he was the “worlds most dangerous man” I made excuse and justified every loss. You can throw Wanderlei in there as well. Happy?

  • Big Tuna

    Can’t wait!

  • julian moran

    I am not saying Werdum will win, but if the fight goes to the ground, Werdum can submit Velasquez. Velasquez needs to keep the fight standing.

    Werdum and Barnett are the only 2 I can see beating Velasquez, both by submission.

  • JohnQ

    Werdum isn’t on Cains level. Sure he’s a great jiu-jitsu practitioner but this isn’t a jiu-jitsu match. He can’t handle 5 rounds of pressure or that pace Cain puts people through. He’ll last about as long as Bigfoot did.

    • Werdoomb

      I agree. Cain is too tough for Werdum.

  • The Best Eva

    I like Werdum for the shot I’m interested to see what he can do with his jiu jitsu vs Cain’s wrestling, but I’m thinking Cain stands with him.

    I still think Cain takes it.

  • El Gvapo

    Cain’s chin has always looked a bit suspect to me, JDS had him rocked a few times, even Kongo has dropped him if I remember correctly. I can see a lot of the current HWs beating Cain, namely Barnett, Overeem, maybe Browne or even Hunt. The problem is I can only see them being able to do it in the first two minutes of the fight because I don’t think they would last beyond that point. So I’d say Barnett has the best chance, maybe just due to his experience.

    • Werdoomb

      Chin suspect only if you get hit. If you are too fast to get hit, I doubt you can say chin is suspect.

      I know you are going to use the Kongo fight, which happened 5+ years ago, and JDS first fight as evidence of Cain’s weak chin.

      As to the Kongo fight….who cares? Such a long time ago. You wouldn’t say Fedor has a weak chin because Fujita wobbled him. Why should you count the Kongo fight against Cain?

      As to the JDS fight. If you get hit behind the ear by JDS, you will drop. Doesn’t mean that you have a suspect chin.

      If, on the other hand, you get KOed left and right like Arlovski and Mir, yeah….you can say that the chin is suspect. Or if you are wobbly every time you exchange punches like Wandy or Nog, then I guess you can say that your chin has eroded over time.

      So quit with your 2009 Cain has weak chin trolling.

      • El Gvapo

        Haha how the hell was I trolling you fool?!? I didn’t say that Cain had a week chin, I said it’s suspect and I referenced a couple of occasions where he’s been staggered, including after the first punch of his latest fight and a couple of other occasions in that fight. I didn’t say he nearly lost did I? And I also referenced the fact that unless you get him early, chances are he’s going to batter you, I can’t understand how you couldn’t understand this?

      • cs

        While I believe Cain has a pretty good chin, seeing that he has only been rocked by people with KO power, I do understand what you are saying. As a regular fighter, the guy has a good chin, but he doesn’t have a chin like Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson, the young Chuck, or some other fighters out there who get hit by trains and look like nothing happened. His chin isn’t THAT great, but I wouldn’t say it is suspect.

        Werdoomb, he didn’t say his chin was weak, just suspect. You make yourself look like a fool by completely changing what he said.

      • Mr Pete

        That’s how newbies to the sport behave, they have no actual concept of the sport and thinks statistics from their obvious Football fandom can transfer over to mma as legitimate facts. Using things like MMA math but never actually watched the fights itself. “This guy beat that guy but that guy beat him so that means hmmm…..???” His wins/loss record 20-8 he’s garbage” My favorite recent one “Glover is garbage, Jones would kill him” He gets clipped with a Seth/Kimbo style back peddling defensive hook jab thing as he is rushing in, so logically he has a weak chin now.

        • El Gvapo

          You are thick as f*ck, you completely miss the point every time. So you wouldn’t base the opinion you have of a fighter on what you have SEEN in his fights? The discussion has been centred on who, if anyone, could possibly beat Cain so logically you are going to try and pick weakness/areas of opportunity for Cain’s opponents to focus on. I don’t think anyone on here has said that any fighter will beat Cain, only mentioned how they could possibly have a chance. And the fact that you use the term “noob” shows what a prick you are, are you a teenager or something?

  • danksy

    Werdum and Browne should fight for the top spot. They both have won 3 in a row, but Browne just beet Overeem, who was the last person to beat Werdum.

    • Werdoomb

      Umm…Werdum has been in the game since the Pride days and has solid wins against top fighters. Browne has only one solid win on his resume.

      Yeah…and Roy Nelson should have gotten a title shot after his 3 consecutive KOs right?

      • TheCerealKiller

        I can’t wait to see Werum get destroyed. He has nothing for Cain.

  • cs

    You fools need to stop saying “Oh this isn’t a BJJ match, it’s MMA” and anything else along those lines. Fabricio Werdum is an MMA FIGHTER who happens to EXCEL in BJJ. He has been fighting MMA for a LONG time. Under this kind of logic, you can say “This is MMA, not WRESTLING, so Cain doesn’t really have an advantage.” That’s just utter BS.

    It’s not like Werdum is some guy who has never had an MMA fight in his life and SUDDENLY got into MMA. The FACT IS that Werdum is one of the BEST SUBMISSION guys in MMA, not just the BJJ world. The whole point is that Werdum is one of the BEST at MMA-style submission.

    He submitted Fedor in an MMA match. He submitted Big Nog in an MMA match. He submitted Overeem in one of the two matches and Overeem REFUSED to go to the ground with him on their 2nd match. ALL of these fighters are EXCELLENT submission guys in MMA and he submitted all of them and he did it in MMA matches.

    If anyone can submit Cain Velasquez in an MMA match, it’s Fabricio Werdum. So stop it with the “This isn’t BJJ, it’s MMA” bs.

    • TheCerealKiller

      AND… he fought JDS in an MMA fight and look what happ.. wait.. what.

      • cs

        What’s your point? That was 5 years ago.

        • Lex

          The point is this is neither a jitsu or wrestling match, its an mma fight. True. And Cain is the MUCH beter mma fighter. Sorry to break it to you. Seems like your either really pulling for werdum; or just dont like cain. Maybe both. Either way it doesnt spell angood situation for you as cain WILL dominate this fight and move on to the next one..

          • cs

            Whatever you and cereal killer said had nothing to do with my point. My point is that this IS an MMA match, and NOT wrestling and NOT bjj. I am not rooting for Werdum to win or for Cain to lose. My point is that people are downplaying Werdum as though he is ONLY a jiu-jitsu fighter who cannot do anything other than win bjj tournaments. The FACT is that he has submitted EXCELLENT fighters. With that fact in mind, he is CAPABLE of submitting Velasquez. Do I think he is going to? No, I do not. I think Cain will grind him out for a decision win or get a TKO in the later rounds because Werdum will be too exhausted to defend.

            If you read what I said, and read the other posts, you will see who I was referring to. I never said he WOULD submit Cain, I just made the point that he is one of the BEST to be able to do so IN MMA.

            To summarize my point further, I was saying that Werdum is an MMA fighter, not just a BJJ fighter. You can jump to conclusions based off of nothing all you want though.

      • julian moran

        What is your point?
        Cain is a better fight then Dos Santos for Werdum, as Cain likes to take it to the ground, while JDS likes to keep it standing.

        • Werdoomb

          true. The biggest factor is that fighters want to avoid staying in Werdum’s guard. And Cain will not stay in there for too long for the fear that he might get “caught.”

          Cain would beat him up on feet, throw his skinny ass on the ground, and just stay in the guard for 10 seconds, and then get up. Kinda sounds like GSP.

    • Lucas Freire

      You guys talk like Cain likes to take everybody down. lol
      Only 2 fights on his carreer went to the decision, only 3 to the final round. All the others wer KOs on the first/second. What are you even talking about? What makes Cain a new breed of MMA fighter is the fact that he’s not a BJJ fighter, he’s not a wrestler nor a kickboxer. He’s a MMA fighter since the beginning, and is able to mix it up as much as GSP in my opinion. I don’t doubt Werdum is able to submit Cain. What I doubt is that Cain would throw himself on Werdum’s guard, or that he would be taken down by Werdum.
      Not to remember you that Werdum doesn’t have half the chin JdS has.

      • julian moran

        Werdum is known to pull guard.

  • Trevor014

    Verdum is gonna get smashed by Cain… No one really at Cains level in the UFC… Hes a beast

  • André Maranzato

    It’s hard to say that as a brazilian but I don’t think Werdum stand a chance against Cain. Cain owned Dos Santos so badly that Dos Santos had to admit he is not on his level. If Dos Santos couldn’t do anything against Cain, how can Werdum stand a chance? Werdum’s BJJ is awesome, we all know that, but Cain’s wrestling can easily surpress it. I really hope I eat my words.

  • solo

    Cain “THE TWISTER” Velasquez!!!

  • bajafox

    Don’t care who’s next, I will gladly pay to see Cain put on another beating