Dana White Explodes on ESPN Over Accusations that Anderson Silva Fight was Fixed (video)

July 17, 2013
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UFC president Dana White at UFC 146UFC president Dana White was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of Highly Questionable on ESPN.

Straight away, the show’s hosts hit White with questions about accusations that Anderson Silva threw the fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6.

White has been adamant about shooting down such speculation, and ESPN juggernaut or not, he didn’t shy away from speaking his mind on Highly Questionable.

“Anderson Silva has broke every record in UFC history. He’s the pound-for-pound best of all time. Why would you throw a fight?!” White exploded in response to questions that the fight was fixed. “It’s just ridiculous… Who is going to throw a fight by getting viciously knocked out?! Do you know how stupid you have to be to even think that? You are an absolute moron!”

Check out Dana White’s appearance on Highly Questionable below…

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  • David Huenecke

    Why is it so hard to believe what happened. Anderson is an awesome fighter and he knows it. He got caught goofing off because he didn’t respect weidman’s skill. It happens in all sports.

    • Aaron Matteson

      yup. Weidman was preparing for all of that popping and weaving stuff too. Weidman will outwrestle Silva AGAIN and beat him AGAIN

      • tyrone

        Certainly you hit the nail on head

      • kbroesq

        I’ve been watching fights for a long time, and I don’t know what fight you were watching, but Silva had that fight. After the initial take down where Weidman looked good, Silva stuffed take downs and made Weidman look bad.

        SIlva lost because he was acting like an idiot. People say he’s done this before in other fights. That’s ridiculous. He’s never clowned around like he did in the fight with Weidman.

        There’s a reason Silva is opening up as the favorite despite being KO’d. Why do you think that is? Because there are smarter people out there making those decisions that the people who say, “duhh, Weidman won the first round 10/9.” *takes finger out of nose*

        • Drew

          Clearly you never saw the Maia fight, or the rematch with Sonnen. OR really majority of Silva’s fights over the past 4 years. He ALWAYS does that same weaving around his opponents strikes. This was not a one off thing, Weidman was just disciplined enough to keep his composure and caught him. And you say after the initial takedown Silva made him look bad? What fight were you watching? They were pretty even, Weidman caught Silva several times in the first round. Which is why he KNEW he could put him down in the second. Weidman will win the rematch by KO again, I wouldn’t be surprised if its in the first round. Got to keep in mind that Silva will be shy to go into Weidman’s range knowing he can KO him.

        • hills

          I feal soe sarry fer thee liks uf yu.

    • tyrone

      Anderson said he trained for weidman for 4 months and what everyone calls clowning is actually the way he trains and fights. It is part of his training to psychologically destroy opponent. So with this declaration from silva, one has to conclude that weidmans win over silva was not a fluke, beings silva trained to fight this way.

      • South.NZ.MMA

        Four month got him believing he was more than prepared for Chris, Anderson hmm why not test out my new skills yes i will.. Boom! left hook huh?.. puff! Bang! Boom! lol.. enjoy for now Chis fans, for now! : )

      • David Huenecke

        Whether or not thats how you train its still clowning around. Dropping your hands and sticking out your chin is a good way to mess with your opponents head and lure them in thinking your not prepared. But if you do that you better be ready for the consequences.

  • 713

    This shows how little this guys know about mma. This isn’t boxing, where the only way to fix a fight was to get ktfo or to let the othef guy outbox you for 12 rounds. If your gonna fix an mma fight it would be by submission, where no one knows if it truly hurts or if u cant breathe or whatever…

    • deepgrim

      the company is getting bigger the whole time. fixing fights would only damage the company, there would be no point or need to fix matches

  • Darin

    The bearded douchebag in the middle is incredibly obnoxious.

    • jpgagne

      I think that’s the show’s whole concept!

  • James Bullard

    he threw it because he is tired and wanted a break. you forced him to come back for rematch. maybe it wasnt fixed, maybe he threw it…he didnt know he was going to get caught like that, maybe he just planned to lose in general and it just so happened to be a knockout. Dana White fixes fights all the time, i knew a guy who fought in UFC when i worked at regis, and he was offered 12 grand to throw a fight.

    • PleasegetafinishGSP

      You sir, are a liar, or your friend is a liar. Maybe your friend got offered the money, who knows? But to say that Dana White is the one fixing the fights? You obviously don’t watch the sport enough, or know nothing about the fighters and how much hard work they put in at the gym every day, or how proud they are as both athletes and men and women. Take your bulls*** someplace else, it ain’t welcome in this sport. Also, your use of quotation marks is “incorrect” as if you’re “using” them to make some “point” that only “you” understand. Moron.

      • James Bullard

        i watch every single fight, and have seenown every single ufc main event. not to mention, i was born and raised in denver and live in denver now, i know more about MMA than you ever will.

      • James Bullard

        btw, “moron.” isn’t a complete sentence, if you are going to talk s*** about my punctuation usage, at least use proper grammar.

      • James Bullard

        here is a proper quotation just for your retarded ass. “I don’t fight anymore for the belt. I changed my life now, I’ve had the belt for a long time now, I’m tired. Chris is the new champion. I’m not retiring, I have 10 more fights. But, I don’t fight for the belt anymore, I’m tired.”

    • deepgrim

      wasnt in silvas interest to throw the fight when he misses out on the super fights plus it breaks his unbeaten ufc record which would be something any fighter would love to keep, let along the cockiest fight in the company. if silva had have got caught by bonner when he was acting the jackass we would saying that it was fixed too or any other fight that he was acting cocky in

      • James Bullard

        where did i say it was how he was acting during the fight? i actually called him throwing the fight before it started. i don’t like Silva at all, never have and never will and even i knew he was going to. you can tell over his last few fights he is getting tired of the game, tired of it all and after this fight he even confirmed everything i said with his own words of being tired and wanting time off. as for the super fights, you ever think maybe he doesn’t really want them? Jon Jones would rick roll Silva like a toddler vs an adult, and GSP doesn’t want any super fights, and has said numerous times that he his happy where he is at.

    • James Bullard

      this is my last reply to anyone, tired of you closed minded kids, who know nothing about mma trying to call me names, because your brain doesn’t function well enough to come up with a logical argument. here is a video Pre-Fight, Fast forward to 5mins in and listen to what he says. (http://youtu.be/KDWJEWVhANg) now this is a post fight, about how tired he is, listen to the way he says it, the way he acts, you can see it in his eyes, he is just over it all and wants to spend time with his family and be alone. http://youtu.be/Rj54WsLq-o4) anyway, come to your own conclusions, i’m over it. listen to the bosses of the company, don’t listen to the fighters.

      • hills

        In the words of dana white, “Whoever thinks this fight was fixed, is a complete moron “!
        Hope grammar and punctuation are correct.

    • Baller31

      He wanted a break, but now he’s coming right back for a rematch?? Yeah that makes sense. I boxed for years, and have watched boxing my whole life and mma from the UFC 1, and that fight looked nothing like a fix. It looked like the beginning of a new era, and people hate change.

  • James Bullard

    not to mention, would he admit it? lol no he wouldn’t. maybe he didnt “fix” it, but i think silva threw it. i bet silva loses again to “solidify” chris as the champion so people leave him alone…just watch.

    • Daniello

      You sir are an absolute moron as well. If Silva was going to “throw” the fight, he would have submitted to the knee bar and wouldn’t have got knocked out. No one with an IQ above room temperature thinks anything different than truth, Silva got knocked out because he was doing what he’s done in many other fights and got caught.

      • James Bullard

        lol you have no clue how he wanted to throw it. maybe he wanted to throw it by decision which is why he didn’t want to be submitted by the knee bar? you have the IQ of a sock puppet if you think its not possible he threw the fight. you know nothing about MMA. Silva said it after the fight with his “i’m tired man, i wanna spend time with my family and relax” speech. just like in this video Dana said he would force him to do it either way. Part two is going to make him millions of dollars and probably give Silva another 500k+. you can keep sucking on Dana’s D**k, but like i said in my previous post, maybe Dana didn’t even know about it. Nobody including you knows whats going on in Silva’s head, and if i had to go off of what Silva said after the fight, i will go with he threw it.

        • Kbroes

          You still didn’t answer his question about the knee bar? If Silva was going to throw the fight, why didn’t he just tap out to the knee bar? It was deep. It would have been an easy, painless way to lose. Why would someone prefer to get knocked out and embarrassed?

          That’s not rhetorical, we actually want an answer.

      • James Bullard

        even funnier, i hate Anderson Silva. i have never ever liked him, and probably never will and i STILL think he threw the fight.

        • Lamont

          You said you hate him? I dont think you do. You said that to carry more weight with your argument

        • Chicago

          AA has been in a few movies. and his acting is god awful. he couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. so you think that he went from s*** acting with editing, & 4,5,6 takes to get it right to a hell of a performance in front of millions on the 1st take?… give that man an Oscar.

          • Sir_Roy

            Ensuring you eat a punch so you can hit the canvas doesn’t take incredible acting chops.

            I will agree with the “acting” bit during the Maia fight though. Running 5 full rounds with Maia looked fake as hell.

          • Chicago

            So instead of tapping out to an early 1st rd sub, or taking a ko due to a body shot or doing the Ortiz ref tko by acting like a turtle. AS takes a left hay maker to the jaw, bounces the back of his head of the canvass. and risks Chris blasting him 3 more times as he lays unconscious before herb d. can stop it…..? that guy is really dedicated to selling that fix.

          • Sir_Roy

            Yes to the first part of your post. For the simple reason, and as aforementioned, a TKO or a submission are not the same as a KO with the bookies. When “fixing” a match, why not do it right and in the most profitable manner? Even if he wanted to “stage” a KO via ground and pound – what’s to say Weidman wouldn’t go for submissions instead? Too risky that way. Also, KO’s via ground and pound are too often billed as TKO’s regardless.

            I’m saying what we are all saying – he was clowning and obviously inviting and instigating a striking match. However, I’m also saying, based on three interviews, plus one post fight interview by Minotauro, that more may have been going on and that he “may” have taken a dive thinking long term profitability and marketing a “comeback”.

            Here’s what I’m not saying; I’m not saying he wasn’t indeed knocked for a loop. He invited the shot, he took the shot and it very likely turned his lights out. I’m also not saying Weidman was in any way “in on it”. Quite the opposite to be sure. And heck, for a certain amount of money I wouldn’t mind soaking a shot or three that could very well end up knocking me the ‘f’ out. I’m not doubting the result, I’m doubting all that brought it about.

            Listen, I can’t prove a damn thing, no one can, but look at all the interviews post and pre fight, re-watch the footage, re-watch the Maia fight, (compare to Silva’s complete annihilation of Franklin) then tell me there is zero possibility that Silva is playing with the bookies somewhat.

      • Sir_Roy

        Your allusion to the sub attempt doesn’t jive.

        Fixed fight = bookie income. If you look at the odds between losing via submission and then via KO, well, if I were to fix my fight, I’d sure as hell choose to lose via KO!

        Those who say the fight might have been fixed (and based on past shenanigans, I do not overlook the possibility), see Silva as having taunted Weidman to forgo the take down attempts long enough to throw hands so Silva could eat a plausible punch and go down. Not like these things don’t happen in the fight game guys.

        As it can’t be proven without reasonable doubt, it remains pure speculation. But given all the interviews, and all the pieces and where they point, it’s not beyond reason to scratch ones chin.

    • james j

      I honestly don’t think Chris will win the next time.

    • Lol

      @ james bullard i knew a guy that did the exact same thing. People don’t want to choose
      to believe it but it is fixed! Honestly people are you going to believe
      everything dana white and the media says. Anderson said it himself he was TIRED. It all about money.. MMA is just as corrupt as boxing. Do you know how many people won betting for wiedman the underdog in vegas?

      @ daneillo speaking like a true sheep idiot. Sooner or later you know how the way of sport work.

      • john smith

        he couldve been mad at all the matches he wanted to do but was denied. he always wanted to do matches outsideof ufc but dana always said no.dana treats him like the face of ufc but never lets him do the stuff he wants. and they throw him chris weidman whos only had 4 fights in ufc. he said a few times he doesnt want to fight weidman.its like putting it back to the man.

      • James Bullard

        i know man, they have no clue what happens behind closed doors, just like they have no clue its a corporation now who is out to do nothing but make money, and without Silva UFC loses money and Dana knows it. Whether or not Dana knew Silva was going to throw the fight or not is one thing, but Silva himself after the fight claimed that he was tired and needed a break and didn’t want to be the champion anymore. it’s funny to me that people would believe some bulls*** the leader of the UFC says, over what the fighter says.

      • deepgrim

        he just signed a 10 fight deal, he didnt look tired till he got ko’d, im thinking he wanted it to look like he wanted to lose the title afterwards because he was embarrised that weidman caught him. I see he is now after the rematch after all so in effect losing the fight has done him no favours if he still wants to fight for the belt

    • South.NZ.MMA

      Very True even though Chris is rightfully the champion, he still has to beat the G.O.A.T in the rematch to solidify and Validate his place as champion. Will be a match to watch, Silver will be Focused and unbelievably motivated to recapture what he defended for 7 long years, Chris will have evolved Massively with the desire and drive to prove to the M.M.A world he is rightfully the new champion of the middleweight division, a match to remember for sure..

  • james j

    First of all, Silva has no reason to throw a fight. If he would have won, he would be fighting Bones in the biggest ppv in MMA history. Now he has to fight Chris in a monster ppv as the challenger.

    Bearded guy in the middle, there,is always a reason of cause and effect. Sorry, Goat got caught acting the fool.

    • Inebrius

      Maybe Silva had a close friend put a bundle of money on Weidman on his behalf…

      • deepgrim

        why wouldnt he could have done that against bonner when he was a huge under dog, weidman was the closest price with the bookies since silva fought henderson

  • Dave A Smitty

    he got busted showboating , and got the s*** knocked out of him ,a rematch will show the truth

  • Ira Getraer

    If Randy Johnson threw up a lob ball a triple A player could knock it out of the park. So could a super star. I hope Silva takes the rematch seriously and I hope Weidman still wins and shuts everyone up.

    • Eric Chism

      Silva has been doing that bit where he drops his hands for years. No one had been able to make him pay for it. Wiedman finally made him pay for it. No one threw the fight. People should give the man credit for dropping Silva.

  • dgs

    Every time I see an interview with Dana White where he doesn’t drop an F-bomb it amazes me. I’m sure he would have if the interview were not on ESPN, as I have to imagine it’s very difficult for him to control his F-bombs. It is refreshing to be reminded he does know how to speak in complete sentences without dropping them. He actually comes off like a real CEO instead of a semi-literate D-bag, the way he normally does when he doesn’t have to censor himself.

  • Mike-c

    James Bullard ur a tool, u don’t know s*** n what u heard was s*** so f*** outta here with this fight was fixed or thrown. Name tha fighter who supposedly got offered money to throw a fight in tha ufc. Bet u won’t cause ur icon lying out ur ass

    • Dave A Smitty

      he didn’t throw the fight ,,get a clue,,did you not watch the fight ,, he got knock out man,,,, he didn’t think he could buddy could reach that far out lmaooo.. i think ill bet on silva on rematch.

  • Inebrius

    I’d let someone “viciously” knock me out for $600k and the promise of another huge payout 6 months later. Dana are you a Moron? Of course people would do that. I personally thought the same thing when Sonnen did that stupid spinning back fist, flopped on the ground, then got knocked out with a knee to the chest FFS…

    • Nyx Nax

      Rofl. I know this is 2 years ago, but are you kidding me?! Lets see… probably makes more than 600k if he wins and hes guaranteed EVEN MORE if he CONTINUES to win, taking a loss his salary will just go down. retaining the belt he will make more and more each fight PLUS all the money you make advertising, sponsorship’s, etc. while retaining the belt.

  • silva says

    Silva said,” respect new champion, he best mw in the world, he greatest ever.i no play, i train this way, if i would’ve won everyone would’ve bragged about how great i was toying with my opponents. I got caught, chris hits hard, i fight anybody but chris, i no more fight for belt, chris is the best now. I tried to duck weidman for over a year and i was forced to fight weidman even though i protested. Who has weidman fought to get a shot at title? I want only super fights. Weidman is only an up and comer”.
    Well we see why silva dodged weidman now, he knew it was a bad matchup. Im happy with the american winning! Seems like some people are not wanting their country man to have won. I don’t understand the hate. Perhaps its jealousy showing its ugly face

    • RDD08

      I know man… It’s mostly hispanics and african americans who go for silva. It’s really prejudice if you ask me, like he’s not good enough to be champion.

  • South.NZ.MMA

    Anderson got caught! how? by pushing his game plan to far. What game plan you ask?? trying to draw Chris into the pocket. Whats a pocket you ask?? Striking rage & distance… hands down why you ask? clowning 50% yes, the other 50% for quick take down defense relying on his reflex’s to dodge strikes as he is well known to do, But in this case getting him caught!!! Happens to the best even to the G.O.A.T..A very well fought fight by Chris..But this Loss and the style in which Anderson lost in (K.O while clowning) will have sparked a Bomb fire in the belly of Anderson bring on the rematch!

  • Nate McAlpine

    I’ve never seen this show, but the dude in with the stache is an idiot. What an awkward show… Constantly laughing that phony laugh. Trying to make White look like an idiot. ESPN’s really gone downhill. Hopefully FS1 can fill the void!

    • Neoconnected

      I felt exactly the same way you did…these hosts are pathetic…terrible interview. How did ESPN ever hire these guys? The idiot in the middle had little to say but…”look at how mad DW is getting….hehehaha”. Just plain…BAD.