Dana White Explains Nate Diaz’s Removal From UFC Lightweight Rankings

May 7, 2014
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Dana WhiteOn Monday, Nate Diaz was ranked sixth in the official UFC lightweight rankings. On Tuesday, he was removed from the rankings altogether despite having knocked out Gray Maynard, who is ranked eighth, in his last outing on Nov. 30, 2013.

UFC president Dana White appeared on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight and explained why Diaz is no longer among the UFC’s official top 15 rankings.

“Everybody is talking about Nate Diaz being removed. So was T.J. Gant. T.J. Grant was removed too for inactivity,” explained White. “Early on, we’d let Dominick (Cruz) hold the title and stay in the rankings as long as we did. It’s unfair to the guys who are active.

“Nate Diaz is in this position where he’s turning down fights, hasn’t accepted any fights, and has been inactive. We don’t know how long he’s going to be inactive, so take him off the rankings. When he comes in and fights his next fight they’ll rank him again after his fight,” added the UFC president.

Removing fighters from the rankings due to inactivity is a new policy, but hasn’t been implemented with consistency. Dominick Cruz is ranked in the top 15 in the bantamweight division, but hasn’t fought since October 2011. On the surface, it appears Diaz’s removal may have more to do with his standing within the organization than his standing in the 155-pound division.

“You saw what has happened on Twitter and all these things. He wants to be released. He wants more money. He wants all this stuff,” said White. “He just signed a new contract. He’s under a new contract right now. And we offer him fights. He said he doesn’t turn down the fights because nobody responds. Just because you don’t respond doesn’t mean you didn’t turn down the fight. Not responding means you turned it down.

“I don’t know how long we’re going to play this game. But there’s no sense in hurting the other fighters that are staying active and working their way up in the rankings for a guy who is inactive and we don’t know when he’s going to fight again.”

Diaz is still under UFC contract. He’s still one of the top lightweights in the world. He just isn’t ranked as one.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Glad to see you go away.

  • jk

    JUSTIN HARRINGTON a kid out of WA. State fights 155 trains at Combat Sport & Fitness under Jeff Hougland and Foster BJJ This guy is no joke at all. He will come clean the 155 division. Uncle Dana let Justin come in the UFC he will make it exciting and will finish every fight… @DanaWhite @SeanShelby @JoeSilva come on guys I know you’re looking at this kid already bring him in already!! I guarantee he won’t duck anybody!

    • Sunny Randhawa

      unless he meets Joey Guevara again lol

      • jk

        Someone he fought as a amateur four years ago? Lol is right Funny thing Harringtons won every fight since… Didn’t Guevara quit fighting?

        • Aimed With “V”

          I don’t pretend to know the guy, but his sherdog record says that he lost his last fight….

          • jk

            My bad I was meaning after in his amy years(what the last poster brought up). He did finish every fight with a sub or ko and went 6 and 0 pro until this last weekend. He got caught… It happens we all know that. He will be back on track I have no doubt in my mind. He had a temporary hiccup…

          • Aimed With “V”

            Maybe you’re right, but I doubt that the UFC will pick up a fighter off a loss…Guess he’s couple of wins away from being signed to major companies.

            Of course, the best way for his career is to avenge this recent loss to Brokenshire – especially if he was just caught, that might be used as a reason for rematch.

          • jk

            Ill agree with that…for sure

          • jk

            And yes he’s going to have to get another 2-3 win streak under his belt before he will be picked up,but this kid’s a contender. I believe we will see him in the UFC sooner or later and he will do well. He’s gritty. Needs some consistent high level competitors. But I believe we will see him in the rankings…

          • Aimed With “V”

            BTW it seems like you know him personally, right?
            Can you explain please what is that “short choke” finish that he won two fights with?

          • jk

            Sorry I went to bed right then…And I do know him personally yes he’s like my little brother.Actually married to my best friends little sister. Justins an awesome human being and very humble in victory and defeat. He trains his ass off, works for it. That is why I am trying to get his name out there more and more. I believe in this kid a great deal and I believe in his heart and ability. I live in Vegas and he in Wa.state I watch a ton of fighters daily and Justin just has it so to speak….And to answer what you asked lol here is what he said “You’re basically just graving your own wrist or you’re locking your hands together for the choke from behind.” When I asked him why he likes it so much he said “I just take whatever I can get and whatever I see I can take to get to the win.” So if that helps any?

          • Aimed With “V”

            Of course! Thanks for the info!

            I suggest you open the account in the UG forum and talk a bit about the fighter.

  • Wasted talent.

    • earlsimmons

      talent….i don’t think so.

      • Aimed With “V”

        So, according to you, it takes no talent to beat Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller?

        That’s funny, considering the fact that they are scheduled to headline the whole UFC event…

      • Anyone that makes it to the UFC has talent. He also happens to have high quality wins in the UFC. Lets stop this “no talent” nonsense.

  • Aimed With “V”

    Well, whenever Nate decides to accept the fight (and it’s HIS call, which he will make if he feels like that financially), he will, no doubt, fight someone from the top ten in the UFC rankings.
    If he wins, he will get his place back and will be in a title picture, make no mistake about it.

    BTW UFC will put Nate in the main event.

    • jk

      And your right Nate will never be just on a main card he’s to big of draw that’s why they’re all pissy about it in the first place

      • Rob

        Nick is a main draw. Nate is not.

        • Aimed With “V”

          …and that’ why they keep putting Nate in the main event.

  • Baller31

    Regardless of his relationship with the UFC, Nate is a top ten fighter. This just shows that UFC rankings are illegitimate.

    • Aimed With “V”

      Seems like their rankings are not exactly about who is considered a better fighter, but rather are meant to show some kind of order of each ranked fighter in the title picture…

  • uncle

    Good move if he refuse to fight he should be removed

    • Lawdog1521

      Last time he fought was November. There are other ranked fighters who have fought less than that.

      This is retaliation and it’s childish.It also basically means any ranking the UFC puts out are worthless because they’re based not on talent but how well liked you are the the organization.

      • uncle

        And its childish to turn down fights and
        ignore your boss, I think its fair Dana
        said he would put him back once he
        fights again ,Why keep a inactive fighter
        in the rankings? its not like he is injured

        • Lawdog1521

          A professional doesn’t play favorites. If Dana wasn’t just being pissy he’d apply this to all fighters. But the fact is, Nate just fought in November. There’s fighters that have gone way longer than 8 months between fights, fighters with titles no less.

          By the time Cain fights again it’ll have been over a year. Nate being picky in choosing his next fight has nothing to do with it. He’s not violating his contract. He has the right to choose who he wants. And he has an alloted time to do. If Dana doesn’t like it, don’t give out contracts like that.

          Don’t lay out rules and then change them, don’t play favorites with fighters. Dana, as usual, is acting like a spoiled child.

          • uncle

            playing favorites did you say that
            when Nick leapfrog everybody
            to get a title shot against GSP?
            Nate is a jacka** he wants a title
            shot after 1 win and choosing who you want to fight is weak
            the greats fight whoever
            you put in front of them ,is he a
            crowd pleaser yes but the antics
            is getting old now wanting a bunch
            of money after 2 fights in your 8
            fight contract deal sounds really
            foolish atleast get 6 fights before
            asking for a raise so conversation over

          • Lawdog1521

            What sounds really foolish is being unable to divorce your personal opinion of someone from your professional opinion of them.

          • Aimed With “V”

            His teammate got a title shot after one win – and a win over Sanchez<a win over Maynard…

            Both of the sides play the game. It just seems like Dana is on the losing side of the game, because to put Nate out of the meaningless rankings – come on, that's kinda pathetic of an attempt to…what…punish Nate?
            Both Nate and Dana know very well the real value of Nate, and both know, that he's back to the rankings after his next win.

          • Aimed With “V”

            Both of these guys play the game, but seems like Dana is on the losing side.
            Come on, to put him out of the meaningless rankings really seems like a pathetic attempt to…what,,,punish him?

            Both of them know, that Nate will be back in these rankings after his next win.

      • Ol’ Rooter

        As if they expected something different from the bald-headed fat man.


  • Lawdog1521

    I don’t even like Nate but this is bush league. The last time he fought has been less than a year. You’ve got other ranked fighters who have fought less time than that.

    This is typical Dana acting like a child because of a contract dispute.

    • Mark Gilbert

      but he has refused to fight which is different than the others unless injury keeps them from fighting which is not the issue with either Diaz brothers,, they just want more money

      • Lawdog1521

        What part of his contract has he violated? That’s right, none of it. He’s allowed to choose his opponent and the fights he fulfills he’s allowed a certain time period.

        Dana, and you, are upset because he’s playing by the rules of the contract Dana wrote. If he didn’t want his fighters to have this much time or this many choices, don’t write up the contract.

        You can’t change the rules mid-game because you don’t like someone.

  • Bucket of Chicken

    The UFC rankings will never make sense. Removing fighters for inactivity makes sense, but UFC also had Rumble ranked at 14 before he stepped back into the octagon at UFC 172 when he wasn’t even with Zuffa.