Dana White Dreams of Ultimate Fighter World Cup

November 3, 2011
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Dana White

For the past couple of years, UFC president Dana White has teased about the worldwide expansion of not only the UFC, but their flagship reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

White recently revealed that the promotion is already working on the Brazilian edition of the show that will debut in 2012, and over the long run, they have much bigger plans on a global scale.

“I just announced last week about The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, the amount of talent that The Ultimate Fighter Brazil is going to create is going to be phenomenal. As we continue to go into these different markets and do The Ultimate Fighter, it’s just going to get very interesting,” White said on Wednesday.

The UFC president has talked numerous times about expanding and doing a reality show in Canada, England, the Philippines, China, and other markets where mixed martial arts is thriving.

The end goal would be for The Ultimate Fighter to run several tournaments in all of these different countries, and then crown one unanimous winner across an international format similar to what soccer does with the World Cup.

“Finally, I feel like I’m on my way. My goal is to get The Ultimate Fighter running in all these different countries at the same time, and when you have a winner, you do like a World Cup. Where each guy from each country fights each other and you end up with one winner,” said White.

“We’re getting closer and closer to this dream I’ve had for the last five years.”

The global market has become a huge source of revenue for the UFC and gaining new viewers from a show like The Ultimate Fighter might be the next breeding ground for success, as well as a hotbed of new talent.

A tournament format like the World Cup could finally re-introduce the UFC to its roots, albeit in a much different nature than the founders of the promotion started with.

It’s doubtful, however, that Dana White will ever be okay with a stadium full of vuvuzelas playing in unison, but for an Ultimate Fighter World Cup, maybe he’d make an exception.

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  • MikeMc1983

    Well I guess we have a little more insight as to how the ufc plans on doing its “minor leagues.”
    A lot of us have wondered if maybe they’d use like strikeforce as a method of farming new talent, and maybe they still will.
    I’ve really never thought of there being a ton of ultimate fighters around the globe. And use that to kill 2 birds with one stone. Have fights free on tv. Develope talent. Get fan support behind fighters well before the fighter ever sees a ppv.

    Doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I just wish one of these mma news sites (please mmaweekly. 🙂 ) would confirm whether or not the brazil tuf would be strictly aired in brazil. I’m assuming so since we hate watching shows with full captions here in America.

    The different TUF’s wouldn’t bring much fan exposure to the fighters not watching the shows in different countries, but a “world cup” might help that problem by showing each guys back story.

    It all seems to sound good in theory. I guess we’ll see…

    • wonggfan

      MikeMc 1983…you are 28 year old and you post here???

      Go get a college degree man. oh wait…you are too old for that. Just stay ignorant for rest of your life!

    • No offense, but when I watch the world cup, I know I am watching the best 11 players that country has to offer. I could care less about backstory. The only thing is, with recovery time and injuries, this “world cup” could take over a year to completely finish. I don’t see Dana ever willing to do a tournament style with multiple fights in one night like pride used to do.

      • wonggfan

        Pride had multiple fights per night only once dude and that was in 2000.

        The HW and MW tourneys were always one fight per night except for the finals.

        Having an official tourney is good for an up-and-coming organization without a pecking order in place.

        UFC does have unofficial tourneys where the winners will face off against each other.

        • Hmmm..didnt cro cop (2005 or06) beat silva and barnett in one night in the grand prix?? Fact check first brotha?? Im not sure on the year but i watched it and it was well after 2000

  • I really like this idea.

    Mike it says in this article Dana plans to have the international Ultimate Fighters on a Fox network: http://mmaweekly.com/ufc-pres-dana-white-says-tuf-hitting-brazil-in-near-future

    Even if they weren’t I’m sure they would be on ultimatefighter.com like the US ones are currently. I wouldn’t mind watching it with subtitles, and would prefer it to cheesy dubbing.

    It does limit the possible coaches a great deal though when you figure they will have to speak Portuguese. Then when you get like a version in the Phillipines or China? Are UFC fighters even going to be able to coach there considering the language barrier?

    • Yes, Dana plans on making the international TUFs available to the U.S. market in some form or fashion. Like uncanny said, he would like to get them on a Fox network, but there are numerous online options, etc. The last time we spoke with Dana, there wasn’t a concrete plan in place just yet.

  • kjs84

    Wow so Wonggfan u really do sound retarded in basically all of your posts… So the guy is 28 years old and posting… So what??? Only ignorant “young” people like u can post on this site?? I guess all the MMA fighters who are over 22 years old should just retire huh?? I didn’t know there was an age limit on being a fan of MMA lol maybe you should go back to Wwe websites… I think you’ll fit in more.

    • wonggfan

      “I didn’t know there was an age limit on being a fan of MMA”

      You completely missed the point.

      There are no legal age limit on being an MMA fan.

      There are social stigma attached to (a) being an MMA fan when you are 40+ years old and (b) regularly posting on MMA sites when you are 25+ years old.

      Nothing is more ridiculous than seeing a 40 years old MMA nuthugger. Regularly posting comments on the internet means that posting is a big part of your life. 28 year olds are generally busy with work and rarely have time to post on MMAWEEKLY. Thus, it is funny to see 28 year old dude posting here regularly. Sorry if you are old too.

      “I guess all the MMA fighters who are over 22 years old should just retire huh??”

      Completely misses the point. Right…and by my logic Showtime executives that are over 50 years of age should all retire since showtime co-promotes MMA events….lol @ your logic. Regularly posting on MMAWEEKLY is distinguishable from being an MMA fighter.

      • jonstalnaker

        I’m 31. I have a degree. I have a job. I am posting.

        I must be some sort of weirdo!

      • Wonfan, I’m 28, 2 degrees and a career in financial services. I’m married, and own my own home. I train in ju-jitsu and kickboxing and have been involved in martial arts since I was 7.
        I’m also a massive MMA fan, and in my lunch break at work or if I get 5 minutes at home I check the websites for news or updates. Sometimes, if I’m interested enough, I’ll post a question or comment.
        Do you think that suddenly at some age people just stop being interested in sports? That at a certain age all people do is work, and have no outside interests?
        Seriously? I hope you are very, very young, it would explain your inability to use logic or reason.

  • bajafox

    I’m 33. I have a degree in Engineering and multiple certifications in Inventory Management, Manufacturing and Oracle 11i ERP. I am posting. I must be some sort of weirdo too…

  • asianballer


    First, I doubt you’re Asian because that’s a seriously ridiculous chinky name.

    Second, stop judging people and attaching stigmas to them when you’re the one who can’t get off this site. Do I detect a keyboard warrior and computer nerd in you? Absolutely.

    Btw, I’m 28 and I’m work for a BigLaw corporation. What do you do, big guy? Well, you’re probably going to lie and start mouthing (or typing) off again, so never mind that actually.

  • Guys..2 wongs dont make a white!

  • kjs84

    Wonggfan lol I didn’t miss any point because in your postsvyou have none. I’m not a big poster but I am a huge MMA fan and I also been training since I was 14. I have a job and family just like everyone else. I am on here cuz I love the sport… I’m guessing you do too. So you should be glad there are people out there interested and supporting the sport we love. If it’s posting not posting who cares be happy there is support at all to push and make it a bigger thing than it has already become.

    Besides you are always throwing your two cents into a lot of posts… Don’t know how old you are but you shouldnt call out someone when you post just as much as the next guy regardless of your age… Who cares??

  • MikeMc1983

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I was busy at work. Oh crap, that’s a novel idea. People can work when it’s work time, and do other stuff when their work is done.

    It’s kind of funny because what got me checking this site often was people at work, or friends wanting to know what was going on in the mma world. It’s odd I know, but being educated on topics seems to help people in their social lives.

    I acually have been looking at this site for a couple years, but it’s people like wongfan that got me to start posting. (I’ve only started posting in the last couple weeks)

    I’ve seen wongfan, and others say ignorant thing, after ignorant thing. I’m glad to see the thing I’m bring picked on about is not one of my ideas, but me just being me.

    So here’s a little about me. I’m a 28 year old male. (I’m exactly what mma promoters, and mma websites want viewing their programs/websites. I’m the prime demographic, because I’m considered to have the most disposable income.)

    I guess you could call me a mmanuthugger, a NFLnuthugger, a NBAnuthugger. I also like going out on weekends to bars/clubs. So I guess I’m a BARnuthugger. I play pool at a semi-pro level so you could call me a BILLIARDnuthugger. When I’m at those bars/clubs/pool halls I like too meet girls, but they don’t have any nuts for me to hug, so I’m not sure what ignorant, played out term you can use for liking that.
    I’m sure you’ll let me know the term. Unless you just have do little experiance with women that you’ve never had one cross your mind.

    • bajafox

      I have a feeling that if wongfan got laid on a regular basis, he’d be less of a pr**k

  • shereko

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  • adrien-ay

    This could be UFC Idol, the international version.