Dana White Doesn’t Want to See Frankie Edgar Return to Lightweight

February 4, 2013
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Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson at UFC 150UFC president Dana White doesn’t want to see former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar return to the 155-pound division.

Edgar lost a closely contested fight with featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo at UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

It was Edgar’s featherweight debut.

At lightweight, Edgar dethroned the legendary B.J. Penn, twice.  His and Gray Maynard’s trilogy belongs in the epic rivalry folder of mixed martial arts history, but White would rather see Edgar compete in the weight classes below the lightweight division.

“He’s not going to 155. That’s not going to happen,” White told the media following the UFC 156 event.

Edgar has always been undersized in the lightweight division.  He could probably make weight for the 135-pound weight class if he chose to, and that’s something White would consider.

“The lower he goes, the happier I am.  I don’t want him going higher.  I don’t like him going higher,” said White.  “I like Frankie Edgar as a human being, and I don’t ever want to see him at 155 pounds again.  Those guys are too big and too strong at 155.

“Yes, I know he was the champion.  I know he beat legends and had close fights and everything else, but you can only fight so long in those types of wars with bigger, stronger guys,” added White.  “It’s not good.”

Edgar has lost three fights in a row, but remains near the top as a pound for pound fighter in the world on most people’s lists.  When he loses, it’s a razor close decision.  He’s never been finished.

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  • Shakir Hanifa


  • MuayThaiFood

    Say what you want about Frankie. Nobody has got the heart of this guy. He’s as tough as they come.

  • justin_e

    Edgar vs Borao/mcdonald winner for the title. All day.

    • Timothy Malone

      I think he has a better chance of beating Cruz than he does against Barao. Too bad Dominick has been sidelined for so long

      • jay

        i think he can take and hold down mcdonald for 3 out of 5 rounds, but frankie doesnt fight soft, he bangs, and scores points/confuses opponents with takedowns, but usually lets them up to land a strike, he can fitch mcdonald and barao though. him vs faber = superfight @ 140 is what i would like to see in NJ

  • From here on is where we really see where Edgar stands in the sport. So far he’s shown that he’s very tough and can take a beating, never been finished. But at the same time he’s only finished 3 of his UFC fights. He needs a clear win against somebody. Clay Guida, Mike Brown, Chad Mendes and Jimmy Hetes are all top fights for him still.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Agreed. It will also show just how many hard miles he’s put on himself at this point too….and I really like Edgar! He has a Sick of it All tattoo for crying out loud! How could he not be cool! LOL

  • dan

    Edgar is fine @ FW. He just happened to fight a guy who hits very hard. He did come very close so no need to have him drop another weight class.
    And since when has Dana cared about anyones health? Last time I checked, he hasnt pleaded with Wandy to stay @ MW or retire altogether. He just keeps making fights for him with hard punchers. Edgar is relatively popular so Dana needs to try to get a belt on him quickly

  • dd

    i dont care what kinda of heart he got but ur 0-3 now..make something happen or ur alwayz gonna be that guy that almost win

    • kennybro

      all those losses are to current champions. it would be foolish to hold those against him.

  • Dana wants a bigger name to move down to a less popular division, to arouse interest in it.
    I would match Edgar vs Guida as they deserve each other. I would not feel bad for either for having to face the other.

  • George Sperry

    Can’t Dana shut his GD mouth?

  • Sir_Roy

    Looking solely at wins and losses when determining the weight of a fighter is far too black and white and one dimensional.

    Edgar belongs among the top pound per pound greats due to the quality of competition he consistently hangs with, win or lose, and due to the manner in which he does ‘win’ or ‘lose’.

    He’s a champion in heart if not, at present, in actuality.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Know what you were trying to say…but…you make no sense unless you correct what you’ve said.

      Wins/losses should not be the only factor but THE MOST IMPORTANT in determining a fighter’s optimal weight class.

      In the days of modern MMA, “hanging with” the champ but nonetheless “losing” does not equal p4p best. LOL!

  • $19500761

    What’s Dana going to do make Frankie 20 lbs.

  • BobLemons

    I’m sure he could make 135, I mean, he dropped from lightweight and still looked like a dwarf next to Aldo. Aldo won the fight mostly on the merit of his jabs, he was so much longer than Edgar. So yeah, Edgar still looks small at 145.