Dana White Doesn’t Relish Georges St-Pierre’s Absence, but Admits It’s Exciting for the Division

March 13, 2014
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Georges St-Pierre Dana White UFC 167While everyone else, including Georges St-Pierre, seems to question whether or not for the former UFC welterweight kingpin will ever return to the Octagon, there is one man that doesn’t doubt he will be back: UFC president Dana White.

“I know for a fact he will [return],” said White during a media scrum in Dallas on Thursday.

It’s not clear where White’s belief comes from, although St-Pierre recently went from saying an unequivocal “I don’t know” to qualifying that to reporters in Brazil by saying, “Don’t blink, but I don’t know. We’ll see. It could be a yes, fast, or it could be a no, it depends. I can’t tell you everything; I have to keep myself some secret sometimes.”

There’s been a lot of chatter since St-Pierre vacated the welterweight championship in December. The former champion has been outspoken about some of the reasons why he took a step back – his own obsessive-compulsive disorder, the current state of drug use in MMA, and more – but it all coalesced into the need to take a step back to alleviate the pressures in his life in order to keep his sanity.

“He’s not gone because of TRT or any of that stuff,” added White on Thursday. “He’s gone because he had personal problems that he needed to deal with. A lot of that stuff got blown out of proportion. He’s gone because of the reason he sat down with me and Lorenzo that night and told us.”

With St-Pierre out of the picture, at least temporarily, there has been quite a shake up in the division that he has lorded over for several years.

Many fans and pundits have pointed to the shake-up as reinvigorating the division.

“It definitely infuses some new excitement and new opportunities,” said top contender Carlos Condit, who fights on Saturday UFC 171 card in Dallas. “Georges is great for the sport, great for the division, but I think after a certain period of time it started being a detriment.

“People get bored, people get fickle, and he was a great champion, he was a great mixed martial artist, but people were bored with his style.”

On Saturday, Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler headline UFC 171 at the American Airline Centers, promising anything but boredom. Both men are known for their one-punch knockout power, and with neither being a head-and-shoulders favorite, fans are relishing the unknowns for the first time in a long time.

“Is it fun for Georges St-Pierre to be gone? I mean, no, I wouldn’t say that it’s fun for him to be gone,” said White, although he had to admit that it has ignited a fire under the division.

“But the welterweight division is exciting right now, and when Georges does come back, whoever’s standing there, it will be a fun fight.”

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  • snapdad

    I don’t miss 5 rounds of dry humping. bye bye.

    • Toxic Mommy

      Henricks will be blanketing all Saturday night with no submission game..ZZZzzzzzzz

      • snapdad

        my thoughts exactly

    • TheCerealKiller

      The fight doesn’t start out with GSP on top of you “dry humping” you. Do your job and stop him from doing it! He also out boxed Diaz, who is supposed to be a great boxer. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • snapdad

        real exciting fight. all st pierre did was jab him for 5 rounds. sorry for the dry hump analogy, more like a hand job

        • TheCerealKiller

          “all st pierre did was jab him for 5 rounds.” which is more than Diaz did.

    • Dan

      Over 3/4 of the time that GSP has spent in the cage has been fighting on the feet. It’s “just bleed” morons like you that will prevent the sport of MMA to ever be taken seriously.

      • snapdad

        and its st pierre nut huggers like you that want boring fights. queer

        • Brent

          Really dude??? Enlighten us some more!!

  • RubeKegal

    Not a huge Dana fan, but him and Rogan have fooled people in the past and I have to give them credit.
    They got everyone to believe Hendricks dominated GSP and got everyone to believe Shogun dominated Machida in their first fight(Both Close fights).

    It’s actually brilliant on their part to set up the big $ fight. Let’s re-visit these 2 fights.

    When Machida was Champ and ranked #1, and Shogun was ranked #2,
    Rampage was ranked #3, but was filming A-Team so he was out of the picture
    Rashad was ranked #4 but he just got KO’d by Machida so he was out of the picture
    Forrest was ranked #5 but was on a 2 fight skid(Rashad & Anderson) so he was out of the picture
    Thiago Silva was ranked #6 but he got KO’d by Machida as well so he was out of the picture
    #7 was Mousasi who wasn’t in the UFC so he was out of the picture
    #8 was Luiz Cane(3-0 in UFC at time) but whose biggest win was over Steve Cantwell(Potential Matchup)
    #9 was Rogerio Nogueira who hadn’t fought in the UFC(Potential Matchup)
    #10 was Rich Franklin who was 3-3 in his last 6.

    So with Dana looking for the big $ fight, what did they figure was the best fight to make…. Machida vs. Shogun II or Machida vs. Luiz Cane? Obviously the bigger $ fight is the rematch where Shogun was “robbed”.

    They pulled it in the GSP/Hendricks fight and I called it before it happened. I saw GSP ranked #1 and Hendricks ranked #2 and then I saw an eerily similar scenario where no suitable contender would make as much money as the mega-rematch. Let’s re-visit….

    #3 was Carlos Condit who lost to GSP a year prior then lost to Hendricks so he was out of the question
    #4 was Rory MacDonald who wouldn’t fight GSP so he was out of the question
    #5 was Ben Askren who wasn’t in the UFC so he was out of the question
    #6 was Jake Shields who already lost to GSP in a very uneventful fight plus got KO’d by Ellenberger before winning 2 split decisions so he was out of the question
    #7 was Demian Maia who just lost to Shields so he was out of the question
    #8 was Martin Kampmann who lost his last 2 so he was out of the picture
    #9 was Jake Ellenberger who lost 2 of his last 4 and lost his most recent fight so he couldn’t get a title shot
    Finally #10 was Matt Brown who was on a 6 fight win streak but none over a top 10 contender.

    So let me ask the public! Which fight is the bigger money fight? GSP vs. Hendricks II or GSP vs. Matt Brown?? Can you see now why Rogan was dripping all over Hendricks that night?

    I applaud GSP for walking away. That guy put a lot into this company and made this company a lot of money and they tried to schiester him.

    • FuchaLegend

      Damn, that’s actually spot on!

    • deepgrim

      dana and joe didnt get anyone to think hendricks dominated gsp and shogun dominated machida, our eyes done that for us, after the gsp fight joe said he was suprised at the result and that was about it. come up with all the conspiracy you want but the reality is the fight is what it is. Why didnt they do something similar when jones was clearing out the division and he had just beat rashad

      • RubeKegal

        Couldn’t disagree more. When they announced Machida won, Rogan screamed “He was robbed, He was robbed!!” and he said the same for the GSP/Hendricks fight.
        As far as Jon Jones after his win over Rashad goes, you really need to do your homework. Bones was ranked #1 and Rashad was ranked #3. Dan Henderson was on a 4 fight win streak and was ranked #2 at the time and stated he would wait to fight Bones so there was someone clearly in line unlike the other 2 instances.
        Not to mention how can you compare the Jones/Rashad fight to the likes of GSP/Hendricks or Shogun/Machida???
        Bones won 5 rounds to 0 and I even think Rashad’s mother scored it that way.
        Go back to Machida vs. Shogun I
        In the 3rd round, Machida runs Shogun across the octagon with an 18 kick/punch combo while Shogun defended the whole time. Shogun threw 1 punch to Machida’s 18 strike flurry. What did Rogan scream?? OH! OH! A HOOK BY SHOGUN!
        If you think Shogun dominated Machida in their first fight, then you don’t know how to formulate your own opinion OR you are a Shogun Pube dangler.
        I will sit down with anyone in the world and go through the first 3 rounds of that fight in slow motion. It is impossible to say Shogun won any of those rounds hands down let alone won any of those rounds.

        • deepgrim

          mate shogun dominated the first fight and that has nothing to do with what rogan or dana said about it. did you see the wiki page of what the fighters said after the gsp fight? dana wouldnt have even spoke about it at that stage, but the comments were flying in from fighters saying it was a bad decision, hendricks won 3 rounds 2 of which he was absolutely battered, gsp won 2 rounds by a small margin doing no damage at all. are you honestly saying machida won that fight and gsp won that fight

          • RubeKegal

            Your link is bias as hell. You have twitter accounts of several people who are training partners with Hendricks saying he was robbed. LOL should we ask GSP’s dad his opinion? Check his twitter posts? Francis Carmont’s twitter? Firas Zahabi’s twitter? LOL
            According to FightMetric, who I usually don’t like, they scored it 19-18 for significant strikes in round 1 in favor of GSP. They both had 1 takedown and GSP attempted a submission while Hendricks did not. Can’t see how one would score Round 1 for Hendricks but i’ve seen worse. With that being said, basically all of America would agree GSP won rounds 3 and 5 so that is 3 rounds to 2.
            Even your anti-GSP link, Mike Brown said he had it 3-2 for GSP. Brad Tavares had it 2-2 going into 5th and so did Dave Sholler. GSP clearly won 5th. Marcelino Evil said it was too close to call. Court McGee called it a great fight. Chael Sonnen thought GSP won, Rashad thought GSP won, both Royce & Renzo Gracie thought GSP won, Bones thought GSP did enough, Anderson said it was too close to call, and I can keep going on. Point is people are split on it. Was it a close fight? Yes. Did GSP def win rounds 3 and 5? Yes. Did Hendricks def win rounds 2 and 4? Yes. Did GSP or Hendricks ABSOLUTELY WIN ROUND 1? An emphatic no. I scored it for GSP but if it was scored for Hendricks, I wouldn’t be absolutely outraged.
            Only a psychotic fanboy/GSP Hater or Roganite would say “Hendricks dominated”. GSP’s face was more bloodied up, but he’s older and has been in more wars and has more scar tissue. It’s similar to the Edgar/Bendo 2nd fight. Edgar looked a lot worse but landed more total strikes.

          • deepgrim

            what are you on about biased article, it showed people who view it both ways so that is rubbish you are talking. seen lots of articles afterwards and most of america do not think gsp won, so dont even talk that s–t, after you say that joe rogan and dana had convinced people that hendricks had one. the fight was nearly stopped in round 2 but that is not considered a “dominate” round

          • RubeKegal

            deepgrim, you’re reaching now…. just accept defeat my friend.

          • RubeKegal

            Well most people will disagree with you.

          • shakejunt

            GSP rounds 1,3 and 5. The funniest thing is Brad Tavares had it 2-2 going into 5th and later said he thought Hendricks should have gotten the nod. The 5th round was GSP’s most decisive round!!! Did Tavares change his mind about round 1 or 3?!? This is why we have professional judges and not fighters scoring. GSP absolutely won this fight.

          • Karen Meade

            Exactly. Hendricks did more damage, but GSP won on points. People might not like the scoring system, but GSP still won. Hendricks only has himself to blame for taking a siesta in the fifth. After all the crap about GSP not trying to finish fights, what was Hendricks doing in the fifth round of a title fight? Certainly not trying to finish anything. Now watch him hump Robbie Lawler exactly like GSP.

            …and Joe Rogan is a knowledgeable commentator about technique, but he’s very biased about EVERYTHING else. He’s even biased about walkout music. He starts dissing Biggie Smalls the second Edgar walks out, but play anything he likes and he’ll crow about “the best walkout music ever”.

          • deepgrim

            professional judges that have no experience in fighting? The people that are fighting understand more about fighting so how can you think their opinions dont count. Maybe he had 10-8 rounds for hendricks, their sure as well should have. hendricks won round 1 clearer than any round gsp won

        • deepgrim