Dana White Disputes Statements Made by Jon Jones, Meets with Him on Friday

September 21, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 150The long awaited meeting between UFC President Dana White and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will take place on Friday, and they have a few things to chat about.

It will be the first time White and Jones have come face-to-face or even spoken since the situation happened a few weeks ago when UFC 151 was cancelled. Jones turned down a late notice fight with Chael Sonnen after original opponent Dan Henderson was injured, and eventually the entire card was scrapped.

White was unable to make an appearance at the UFC 152 pre-fight press conference where he would have seen Jones earlier this week due to a flare up with his Meniere’s disease that caused him to take some time off.

“It showed up again and showed me who the boss was, it put me down, I’ve been down since Wednesday,” said White when speaking to Fuel TV.

Now the meeting between White and Jones will take place on Friday, and it sounds like after some recent comments from the champion, they have a few more things to discuss.

“I don’t really know if it would have made much of a difference if they had told me, but they didn’t tell me they were going to cancel the fight,” said Jones during the press conference on Thursday.

White disputes those claims and says that’s one of many topics he plans on addressing with Jones when they meet on Friday.

“I’m actually glad that he did say that, I don’t think he would have said that if I was there. So today we’re going to be face to face and we’ll see what he says and what he doesn’t say,” White stated.

“Because the fact that he says he didn’t know the show would get cancelled is false. I did tell him that the show would be cancelled, and he’s acting like he’s taking it lightly, which it shouldn’t be.”

Whether it’s intentional or not, White isn’t seeing a serious reaction from Jones when he talks about his part in the cancellation of UFC 151. White’s not sure what that all means, but he plans on talking to the champion and hopefully clearing the air once and for all.

“The fact that that fight was cancelled isn’t a joke. It’s not funny. A lot of people were affected by it, it was a lot of collateral damage that happened with the cancelling of that show, so I don’t know we’ll see how this goes,” said White.

“I think he needs to take it a little more serious than he is. I don’t know if he’s embarrassed or whatever his deal is about this thing, but obviously there’s been a lot of fans that have turned on him and things like that.”

The fans in Toronto certainly let Jones hear their displeasure in his appearance on Friday as he received a loud chorus of boos from the crowd in attendance. The boos drowned out any fans that were cheering the UFC light heavyweight champion, but he maintained a smile throughout.

White stated that he’s not sure if this situation will damage Jones’ image with the fans long term, but as far as their relationship goes he hopes to hash things out with him today.

“This is the fight business and people like guys who step up and fight anybody, anywhere, any time. To call Jon Jones not a fighter, he’s fought all the best, right in a row, has stepped up when we needed him to do it, etc,” said White.

“It’s just this whole thing has gone sideways here and hopefully we get things fixed in a few minutes.”

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  • If Jones comes out and destroys Vitor thrn will all be in the past and JJ and AS fight will come out again!

    • dgs

      Yes, most MMA fans are extremely fickle, and they have extremely short-term memories. You’re right, if Jones beats Belfort in dominating fashion (which I think he will), this Sonnen vs Jones crap will all be forgotten, both by the fickle MMA fans and by Dana White.

      Dana talks a lot of crap he tries to come off like a tough guy, but money ultimately talks, and Dana likes his $$$!!! The fighters who put a$$es in the seats and win their fights have pretty much carte blanche to do and say what they want. Dana may bitch and moan publicly, but behind closed doors with the star athletes in his organization (think: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos, George Saint Pierre etc.) he is as soft as a newborn kitten I’m sure.

    • MrAdidas

      I dount it will be in the past as easily as that, b/c Jones should & WILL definitely MAUL Belfort in the 1st or maybe if Belfort is lucky he’ll make it to the 2nd round. Anything less than that, it’s a HUGE “loss”/disappointment for Jones. I understand Jones not wanting to give Sonnen a title fight, but he’s willing to give one to Belfort?!? That I do NOT understand, well I do b/c Jones is clearly more worried about Sonnen with 8 of training, than he is with Belfort with 4 weeks. But still 8 days & he declines to fight Chael?!?

      Lsst time I checked Sonnen has beaten MUCH better/skilled fighters than Belfort has & owned Silva 6 of 7 rounds, while Belfort got KTFO by Silva in round #1.

      Sonnen beat Stann & Bisping & loss to Silva x2, but looked good in those 2 losses. Belfort beat Yoshihiro Akiyama & Anthony Johnson & loss/got KTFO by Silva in the 1st round. Sonnen beat 2 top 10 MW’s (one top 5), while Belfort beat 2 bums. Remind me again why Belfort deserve a title shot before Sonnen?!? I guarantee you Belfort gets MURDERED, he shouldnt even be standing erect after 8 mins. When Sonnen and Jones fight, I guarantee you Sonnen does MUCH better & will take Jones down. Ohhh and Sonnen lasts much longer than Belfort does.

      • obuchons

        Please take a second to think about this! Sonnen actually lost the fight to Bisping.We all watched it we all know what happened! And if Sonnen could hardly handle Bisping good luck with Jones. Jones would destroy Sonnen. He is to big and to overpowering! Don’t get me wrong I do not believe Belfort has much of a shot either!

  • mradriel1

    When Vitor exposes Jon Jones’ weak chin by KO then Jones will be in the past.

  • There’s only 1

  • passingthru

    I have tons of respect for Dana, but calling a fighter to a “meeting” a day before a fight is a chump move. A ploy to get Bones out of focus? Shake him, distract him? Then if he loses, throw him to the wayside? UFC 151 – get over it. Nothing to discuss. UFC dropped the ball in top loading a card with one superior fight and…..well, nothing else worth $45 bucks.

    • Seraph

      Agreed. Hendo gets an injury and the whole event is canceled? Bottom line: shallow card led to cancellation no matter how much blame Dana wants to throw around

  • laleggenda27

    Exactly. I’m no Jon Jones fan, but the fact that Dana threw him under the bus is completely ridiculous. If we’re slicing up a blame pie for the cancellation of the event, almost the entire pie goes to the UFC. The UFC’s job is to put together good cards, which they failed to do here. It’s also the UFC’s job to make sure the show goes on if something goes wrong, which the company failed to do. I certainly would have liked to see Jones take the Chael fight, but he was well within his rights to turn it down. For whatever reason, Dana refuses to take the blame for anything. Instead, he sicks his simple-minded fans on Jones like a pack of wild dogs. Despite what Dana tries to portray, and what his “fans” think, Dana White is not a sports commissioner. He’s just a slimy, self-serving promoter. And there’s not necessarily anything inherently wrong with being a slimy promoter. But when a slimy promoter masquerades as a commissioner, and wields the power of a dictator, it is a problem. Unfortunately, his minions will continue to drink the Kool-aide.

    • lowlb

      laleggenda27, Thank you. You nailed it! Except the JJ fight with Sonnen. Why would Sonnen get a title shot in another division? Makes no sense..
      Dana is a douche.
      He spends UFC money to promote Dana. I don’t get it.
      Dana is an ego-maniac who buys his friends..

  • skiman

    Only clueless people seem to be posting on this article, don’t think I’ll bother

    • shaman

      You just did