Dana White ‘Disgusted’ with Jon Jones But Loves that Chael Sonnen Was Willing to Step Up

August 23, 2012
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Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conferenceThursday, August 23 will go down as the first time the UFC has had to outright cancel an event after Dan Henderson suffered an injury in training and the entire card for UFC 151 had to be shut down.

The UFC made every effort to save the card by calling several competitors to see if anyone would be willing to step in and face light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the main event.

Eventually, UFC President Dana White found one person willing to accept the fight, but hours later it was Jon Jones who was turning down the match-up, and thus UFC 151 was canceled.

“One guy did, not only when I called him did he say ‘I’ll take the fight’, he said ‘I’ll fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight him’ and that was Chael Sonnen. Chael Sonnen accepted the fight with Jon Jones, wanted the fight bad, so as of 8 or 9 o’clock last night we had a fight. We here at the UFC started working, started creating different commercials, PR started getting ready to crank up, I was going to do this call and it obviously was going to be a much different call this morning,” White revealed on Thursday’s media conference call.

“The one thing that I never thought in a million years would happen, happened. Jon Jones said ‘I’m not fighting Chael Sonnen with 8 days notice’. Again something that’s never happened in UFC history a guy who’s a world champion and considered one of the pound-for-pound best turns down a fight.”

White was obviously taken back by Jones’ unwillingness to step in and face Sonnen next weekend at UFC 151, and used words like ‘disgusted’ when asked to describe the situation.

When the news first reached the UFC offices that Henderson was out and the calls started going out to fighters to find a replacement, Sonnen didn’t hesitate one bit to move from middleweight to light heavyweight and face Jones next weekend.

“Chael’s a lunatic. I called Chael, and Chael said I’ll fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight him at Mandalay Bay, or any other casino you would like me to fight him at,” White stated.

“Chael was pumped, Chael was excited for this fight. Chael told me that (Jones) ‘is a mental midget and he’ll beat him mentally first, and he also told me, Chael said ‘tell Jon Jones there won’t be any spinning back fists in this fight. Chael Sonnen only falls down once’.

“I think by Friday Chael Sonnen would have convinced most of us he was going to win.”

White went onto say that Sonnen is the kind of fighter the UFC wants to represent them in terms of willingness to step up and help save a card like what happened with UFC 151.

“In the heat of the moment when things are going down, this is the guy that you pick up the phone and call, and he will fight anybody. This isn’t a guy who just talks, and shoots his mouth off. A guy that other guys won’t fight on short notice, Chael Sonnen says I’ll fight him tonight. He’s that kind of a person,” said White.

Chael Sonnen was actually with his girlfriend visiting her father who just recently had a stroke according to White, but once the offer came up to face Jones he was willing to come back into fight mode and help save the card. Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. spoke to MMAWeekly.com on Thursday, and said they were ready to step in to face Jon Jones because it was just the right thing to do.

“Chael called me and we discussed it, and it’s never an ideal situation to fight Jon Jones on a week’s notice, but the fact is when Dan went down, Chael was going to step in and do it. The bigger picture is after Chael and I talked and we both agreed that this is sport is bigger than Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen. It’s about the UFC and all the guys in it,” Roberts said.

“This affects everybody, UFC employees, Mandalay Bay employees, fighters that need that money, families that took vacations, it’s much bigger than Chael and Jon. Chael was willing to do it, he wanted to fight Jones, and he wanted to be there for all the fans and the UFC. ”

White didn’t pull any punches when speaking about Jones and his decision to not take the fight with Sonnen. It sounds like for now the UFC’s reigning and defending light heavyweight champion is on rocky ground when it comes to dealing with the President of the company.

“This is one of those selfish, disgusting decisions that doesn’t just affect you, you just affected 16 other family’s lives, kids are going back to school, the list goes on and one. The money that was spent for these guys to train and everything else,” White explained.

“I don’t think this is a decision that’s going to make Jon Jones popular with the fans, sponsors, cable distributors, television network executives, or other fighters.”

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  • marsbar

    Jones is a lurp. He didn’t want to take the Sonnen fight because 8 days wasn’t long enough for him to study and jerk off to all Sonnen’s past fight film!

    • robertgaylord

      In one respect he should fight Sonnen but White is a foul mouthed bully and its refreshing to see a guy he cant push around.He may have shit on himself when he has to climb the ladder for another title shot

  • bajafox

    Glad Dana see’s it the exact same way I do.

  • I’ve lost all respect for Jones..what a puss

  • adam1848

    I’m ‘disgusted’ with Dana White for putting a card together that is so damn weak they have to cancel it when one guy gets injured. This is Dana and Joe Silva’s fault for expecting Jones v Hendo to carry an otherwise worthless PPV event.

    Of course Chael jumped at this opportunity, it is a win-win for him, and a lose-lose for Jones. Chael gets a huge pay check and a shot at the belt without earning it. And he’s the hero?? Give me a break.

    • TKD


      • MaritalArtist

        TKD, I understand your frustration with Chael. I’m a Chael fan, and even I agree that he doesn’t deserve this fight. Even if he beats Forrest, I still think he should beat one more top-5 LHW before getting a shot at bones. But HE DIDN’T ASK FOR IT. Dana called him up and offered the fight. Be mad at Dana, not Chael. Nobody else accepted the fight at that time but Chael. Why didn’t machida? Prolly because he wants to be fully prepared this time around, since jones is in great fight shape at T-minus-8 days, and lyoto probably isn’t. Sometimes the most deserving man gets the title shot, but other times, because of injury or disqualification, someone else gets the shot. Big deal. Just go out there and fight. Sure, Chael is talking up a big storm now, big surprise there. Dana is prolly saving Weidman for silva, so the only available fighter is sonnen. Come on jones, save the card, man! What else am I gonna do that night? Watch UFC 148 reruns?

        • TKD

          MaritalArtist, I see what you are saying here, and I can agree with most it. I do not like Sonnen, but don’t hold this sgainst him. I actually blame Dana for putting together such a crappy card that it was called off due to this one fight. I see why people also blame Jones for not taking ther fight. Having said that, I can also see why Jones did refuse the fight. Either way, it looks like we won’t have anything to watch that night, and will have to wait for Vitor and Jones to do it in September.

      • greaseygranny

        TKD is a retarded paratrooper. No sense in trying to talk truth to the idiot. He doesn’t see the big picture and never will. Small minded kid. Has NO clue wtf is really going on here.

        • TKD

          greaseygranny, while we all appreciate you taking a few moments away from making love to your brother, we need some real thoughts from you if you are going to post here. Calling me names isn’t showing your intelligence. In fact, you are coming across as the trailer trash you appear to be. Try being nice to others. It may actually make your miserable life better.

          • greaseygranny

            You started this whole war off on another thread. So don’t go backing down acting like Jones (a coward bitch). And quit emailing me about me peeing in your butt. WTF does that even mean dude? Seriously?

            August 23, 2012 at 2:15 pm
            You are an idiot. Plain and simple: Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot, so he shouldn’t get one. Machida is worthy, and Jones never said he would NOT fight Machida. He said it didn’t make sense. Big difference.
            Time for you to wake up and realize that Chael isn’t in the same league as the champ.

          • TKD

            greaseygranny, I guess that was an attempt at humor, because I have a feeling nobody outside of your trailer park knows what, “emailing me about me peeing in your butt” even means. I want to laugh at that, but I realize this is something your father must have done to you as a child, so I am actually disturbed by that comment. Seriously, that is very disturbing stuff there.

            As far as, “So don’t go backing down acting like Jones (a coward bitch)” comment goes, I don’t see how my commenst were taken as though I was backing down. If you had any sense at all you would see that I was actually insulting you in that post. Again, I guess the only way to make you understand anything is to bring myself down to your level and attempt to use some trailer park etiquette. Sadly, I am educated and don’t understand what it must be like to populate the world with my own family members. I apologize if I have been using big words on you. We all know that any words containing more than three letters confuses people like you.

            I’ll leave you to skinning your road kill, and fixing your vittles for Pa now. Sorry I confused you. By the way, nobody plays the banjo any longer. Have a nice life.

            P.S. I osted this where it allowed me to. It wouldn’t allow me to respond directly to your last post. Probably because the site realized how ignorant and idiotic your posts really are.

          • greaseygranny

            This is just an MMA thread. This constant emailing of peeing in my butt is going a little to far bro. I don’t know if your kidding or you really want to come over here and pee in my butt. I’m concerned. But PLEASE stop. This is silly.

    • felix

      Agreed 100%

    • mtmma

      It’s not a win-win for Chael – it’s a huge risk for him. He’s fighting the champ and arguably the best pound for pound fighter, and he hasn’t been in a training camp for this fight but Jones has. And, he’s coming off two losses with Anderson that he shot his mouth with. Another loss to Jones after his twitter beef would pretty much destroy any reputation or credibility he has left. Chael’s MMA career needs the opposite right now – wins over reputable people. A loss to the champ could possibly get him booted from the UFC roster.

      As for Jones, it was a win-win – he had a HUGE advantage. He’s the fricken champ and arguably best p4p fighter and he’s trained a whole training camp for a fight and his new opponent will basically have ZERO training camp. It should be a shoe-in for him. It’s not like he’s stepping into a fight on 8-days notice. If he can’t beat a Chael with no training camp, then I’m sorry, he can’t beat a fully prepared Chael. And don’t give me the “strategy is different” argument. It’s MMA, I’m sure Jones trained it all. Yeah, some more focus could have been put on some aspects of the game, but overall I’m sure Jones was prepared for the fight to go anywhere.

      • KBEsq

        Totally agree with you – This should be an easy win for Jones, and beating Sonnen will get you a lot of respect, even with his losses to Silva.

        What people don’t seem to realize is that Sonnen is done at MW. You lose to the champ twice, and you’re done with that division. If he loses to Jones, then he’s pretty much done at LHW too. I actually think Sonnen’s decision was horrible for his career. As much as I hate him, I have to give him props for this.

      • adam1848

        It is a win-win for Chael because even if he loses, he gets to say “I took that fight on short notice, with no training camp, before I properly bulked up to 205.” Which is all true. Plus he gets a much bigger paycheck then he will for fighting Forrest. Plus Dana ALWAYS gives second chances to guys who step up on short notice to save a card. Plus no one ever got cut after losing to a champ. Even after Jones beat him, he would still get to fight Forrest, which puts him in the exact same position he is in now.

        It is a lose-lose for Jones because even if he wins, people will say “of course you won, Chael took the fight with no training camp and without time to bulk up.” Which is also true. He has absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose. Chael has everything to gain and nothing to lose, in my opinion.

        I’m also not seeing how this is a “huge risk” for Chael, because even when he loses it shows he had the balls to step up to Bones on 8 days, undersized, and people will respect that courage. And he came through for his boss and the fans. And got a shot at a belt that he might otherwise never even get to fight for. People are assuming Chael will eventually work his way up to a championship fight with Jones, but that road is paved with tougher fights than Brian Stann (no disrespect intended) and Michael Bisping (disrespect intended.)

        • KBEsq

          Honestly, so what!? A real champ shouldn’t care about ANY of that stuff.

      • atmosphere

        to that, I’ll mention one name: Tito Ortiz

        his mouth has carried him well past his MMA relevancy. Chael’s 35 years old. He’d be lucky to put on a 2-3 win streak against other title contenders before getting a crack at the belt.

    • KBEsq

      Wow, I am really surprised by this reaction and all the ‘agreed’ postings replying to it. I agree with the first part of your post that the card should be better and/or just not cancelled.

      Let me also say (to eliminate any potential accusation of bias) that I really like/liked Jones, and I don’t think there’s anyone I dislike more than Chael Sonnen. He’s a lying, cheating, criminal.

      The big, HOWEVER, is that it’s ridiculous for Jones to not take this fight. Even if it’s true that it’s a win-win for Sonnen and a lose-lose for Jones (which I don’t agree with at all), who cares!? Jones is the champ. He should fight who the UFC puts in front of him, especially if its the difference between cancelling the entire card and not cancelling. Lots of other fighters lose out on income because of his selfishness. Furthermore, Sonnen just fought and probably isn’t in the best shape. Jones is in fight shape and was training for a wrestler. Not that any of this matters (because I think Jones should take any fight to keep the card going), but the fact that the UFC was replacing Henderson with someone who fights in a similar fashion, and Jones still said no, makes it that much worse.

      I’m done being a fan of Jones. His hypocrisy claiming to be a Christian and living with his GF who he has kids with. The drunk driving; the statements about his PPV outputs; and now this.

      • MaritalArtist

        agreed 100% sir

    • dgs

      Your comment is the first thing I thought when I read this article. Generally I try to read through some of the comments before posting so I don’t repeat what someone else has said, and that’s a good thing, because you said exactly what I was going to say.

      If anyone should be mad at anyone, it’s Dana who should be mad at himself. Frankly I’m far more “disgusted” with Dana cancelling an entire card and blaming it on Jones, than I am with Jones for not accepting the fight.

      Dana, if you read these posts (which I’m sure he doesn’t), my message to you is, “you suck!” You’re the one Dana, who is responsible for “affecting 16 other family’s lives, kids are going back to school, the list goes on and one. The money that was spent for these guys to train and everything else,” not Jones.

  • How can a Man that is UFC sponsored his last few fights turn down the company like that?? Jon Jones – “scratching my head”


    Lets see it, lets see you Jones fan effing defend this one. This is RIDICULOUS.

  • TKD

    “Chael Sonnen only falls down once”

    That is hysterical! Chael fell (failed to become champ) twice to Silva. Or was I watching a different fighter on another planet?!?!

    If I were Chael I would have stepped up to take that fight too. He has nothing else going on, so why not?

    Jones had nothing to gain by taking this fight, and Sonnen has not earned the right to that fight, so I am glad Jones refused it. I said it here before, and I will say it again: Sonnen is never going to be a UFC champ!

    • yellowmonkey

      Nothing to gain by taking the fight?

      He could have gained a lot of respect but instead, it is quite the opposite.

      Jones = Craven


    He had nothing to gain? He had respect to gain, fans to gain and the company getting that more behind him. Instead he cost the company and the fans a HELL of a lot.

    The fact you (TKD) can try and scratch anything positive together from this for Jones absolutely punctuates you are effing delusional. This was absolutely the biggest mistake of his career.

    • TKD

      He will definitely lose fan support for this, but again, Sonnen is not a contender for that title.

      • MRGJJ

        Completely moot. Whether he was worthy or not is absolutely meaningless. The fact is the standing champion turned down a fight causing the entire card to be canceled. There is zero defense or justification for it. Period.

      • MaritalArtist

        TKD, no one is disputing that. Others deserve the shot before Chael. There are probably 6 or 7 guys that truly are ahead of Chael, in the pecking order. But only he was “arguably” available and stepped up (other than Weidman, who Dana is saving for a future fight with the GOAT). The point is to win, and Chael didn’t get a training camp, which is fine, because he doesn’t believe in them. He also doesn’t sleep in tents or roast marshmallows. Lol

      • greaseygranny

        TKD. My point, that your high school brain cannot comprehend, is that this goes much deeper than someone that is a “contender” for the belt. Fighters that are broke, sleeping in a gym trying to make it in this sport are on this card. Months of training and money out of their pocket. Fans that have bought tickets. I don’t know what the penalties (costs)are for canceling a PPV, but I’m sure it’s a penny or two. I’m sure there’s people out there using this UFC as their family vacation from work. It goes ON and ON.

        For the love of baby Jesus. Pull your head out of your ass and wake up. Seriously. It’s called the UFC. Not Jon Jones. And this sir, is why you’re an idiot.

        Don’t make me call your dad and tell him you’re using your mothers Alan Stryker FX-14 Penis Enlarger. Remember what happened last time? No World of Warcraft for a month.

        • TKD

          Hahaha…I have never even heard of this “Alan Stryker FX-14 Penis Enlarger” that you speak of. That alone says an aweful lot about you, hillbilly.

          By the way, hillbilly, why are you so angry? Jones was given a CHOICE by the UFC. Be mad all you want, but take it out on the one(s) responsible for this mess: Dana! He should have said, “You are fighting Sonnen”. Instead, he said, “Would you like to fight Sonnen?” When you give someone a CHOICE, they have the option of turning it down. Direct your anger at the idiot that gave Jones the out in the fight, not the guy that used his right to say yes or no.

          The more I think about Jones refusing to fight, the more I actually agree that he should have taken the fight. But he was given a choice, and shouldn’t have been!

      • greaseygranny

        But Vitor is? What the hell are you talking about dude? Your nonsense is that of legend. Don’t see you on here complaining that Vitor is getting a title shot. You’re a mess. Go back to watching Texas Holdem Tournaments.

        • TKD

          Actually, poker isn’t my thing, but whatever. I actually agree that him fighting Belfort makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact, I think it is strange that he is fighting him at all. My entire point was that he was offered to fight Sonnen, not TOLD to. If you offer something to someone, they can CHOOSE to decline it. The UFC should have said, “You ARE fighting Sonnen in 8 days”. I also think Jones has f*cked himself by turning the fight down. Again, it was his choice, and now he will have to live with the fallout from that choice.

          • greaseygranny

            Ok bro. We’re finally on the same page. Love your body.

  • I know people are thinking Sonnen had nothing to lose but they are wrong. Why did Frankie move weight classes? Why did Franklin have to? Why is Chael moving? You get two shots at a reigning champion and thats it. After Sonnen already had to leave his native weight class he was willing to blow one of two possible shots at Jones on just eight days notice. There are alot of fighters who wouldn’t do it.

    • adam1848

      You are assuming Chael would win his fight against Forrest and then beat a top 5 guy, who Dana said he would have to go through to get a shot at Jones. And then after (hypothetically) losing to Jones, beat some other top fighters to get a second shot. That is a lot of assumptions.

      I’m not a Jones fan, so I don’t care how this effects his career either way. But one of the reason’s he is so dominant is because he takes his job extremely seriously and studies his opponents methodically and dissects their weaknesses. That is what gives him the confidence to go out there and destroy people the way he does in this sport, which is often more mental than physical.

      • KBEsq

        He’s really not making any assumptions. He’s just saying that Sonnen is taking a huge risk because in the event he loses to Jones (which is highly likely under the circumstances) he would probably only get one more chance to beat Jones. In the event he does get another shot at Jones, and loses, he’s pretty much done in the UFC unless/until there’s another champ.

        That is a risk in and of itself. Just because it’s possible that Sonnen may not fight well enough to get a second title shot doesn’t make what he’s doing less risky.

  • felix

    Dana White=Greedy bastard

    • adam1848

      Yup. He’s worked hard to build this organization and I respect him for that, but he is selfish, childish, and doesn’t give a damn about fighters as individuals, in my opinion.

  • mma fanatic1982

    jones????? hmmmm!!! First how do u tell a guy to talk crap to your face like a man not a coward, then when he does step up u back down lol. Jones shouldve took the fight, chael is smaller and suppose such a bum, it would suppose be an easy w for jones and another step closer to beating titos record! dis chael earn a title shot, no, but niether did hendo, and niether did silva when he got his for just winning 1fight against LEBAN, but silva has shown hes a beast. point is sometimes the underdog gets his rocky moment, and the champ shouldnt duck a fight. lol the first champ.in ufc history to turn down a fight haha! like dana said, there were alot of fans, plus ufc employees and fighters who just lost alot of money cause he was selfish to a company that has paid him and endorsed him more than any other fighter! he cant face sonnen on 8 day notice lol u been training for a wrestler “hendo” and a h bomb, now u just had to worry about a takedown u already been training for, no worry of standup now!! jones had a full training camp and he talking like hes short notice lol sonnen is the one stepping up on short notice no sparring for a long fighter etc. sonnen grabbed his balls and put em on the table and jones left his at home. after all that smack talk jones backs down, in my nieghborhood thats a coward!

  • tomkevill

    UFC tried to save the card. whatever you think of chael sonnen Jon Jones just screwed over his employer, all the other fighters on the card and all the people to made plans for this event. End of story.

  • take1

    think of the fuel this will give sonnen for stepping up the trash talk. i bet if jones makes quick work of machida, sonnen will get the next shot whether he deserves it or not.

  • VRBorg

    Well, I can understand Jon’s decision, but I still don’t think it’s a good call. On the other side, shame on UFC for not having plan B prepared in the case of injuries.
    + this year is crazy when it comes to injuries 🙁

  • mma fanatic1982

    lol they did have a plan b, its the same plan that theyve always done and worked, which is if a fighter gets injured u find somebody with the balls to fight short notice to take thier place!!! Once again dana found a guy willing to fight short notice, but this time for the first time in ufc history the champ backs out! ufc has tookin care of jones and endorsed him so well above all other fighters and this is how he returns the favor lol. being the first champ ever to turn down a fight! trash talk on twitter lol be a man come say it to my face, then oh no i dont want to fight lol!!

  • brycecar

    Sonnen is a former training partner of Hendo they are cut from the same cloth for crying out loud. What possible excuse does Jones have for turning this fight down.

    And I also agree with Adam1848. If the g’damn card wasn’t so aweful the co-main events could salvage it.

    Dana / UFC, let this be a lesson to you. Every card needs 3-4 top notch fights to act as an insurance for unfortunate circumstances such as this.

  • sofhanson

    Plan B was for Jones to fight another light heavy weight, Sonnen…… Can’t prepare for a fighter that will not fight anyone on 9 days notice, after they have been training for months. It’s not like Jones was off weight or out of shape, plus he is getting a guy that is smaller, shorter and has not been training! Jones using Greg Jackson as a cop out is effing pathetic- I can already hear the excuses from Jones that he was just listening to his trainer. Mauricio took Jones on in short notice…..

  • tenbearsohiomma

    Omg Chael Sonnen is the man. You have to have some level of respect for a dude that take no kind of notice for a fight. In fact anyone that says to UFC brass ” ill fly to Vegas tonight an fight him ” let alone only a little over a week notice to fill in for Dan Henderson who pulled out of UFC 151. fIRST TIME EVER. WOW !!!! Jon Jones kinda is disappointing. Here at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton Ohio, we be-leave in fight commitments. Unless serious injury occures.mixed martial arts training ohio </a

  • What’s the big deal about Chael hyping up a fight and stepping up?? It’s his job and his passion. The guy brings the fight every time. Should he shut his mouth and not offer to step up for an injured Henderson? The guys a true fighter, big deal he got beat by Silva and submitted by a bunch of high level BJJ fighters. It happens. And much respect to Machida stepping in last minute. Who cares about Jones being cocky or disrespectful at this point; he has to defend that title to whoever Dana sees fit to step in. Silva didn’t complain about fighting Franklin the second time. Franklin earned his shot and so did Machida. No argument.

  • jessicaalba

    Here is the exact facts and not assumptions. Why do you think that Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael? Cause he wiped the floor with Anderson Silva and won the last 2 fights they fought and now it’s Jon Jones turn to get his ass kicked?? No way! Jon thinks that it’s absurd to call someone within a weeks time and say, “Hey gotta question for you, would you mind if I asked you to fight next week one of the best fighters in the world with a weeks notice would yah?” Yes Chael is not going to turn down a fight, even if it was in 8 hours from now. Guys fight with no notice at bars, one week is not a big deal…. But when Jon Jones beats Chael easily he is going to feel that he fought a man that had no time to train and prepare to fight Jon Jones. I get where he is coming from. Now if Dana White asked Jon, “Hey then how about if I can get Anderson Silva to fight you would you take that offer?” and if he said yes, then you know that he fears Chael but who knows what took place over the phone then what we read on these websites?? Bottom line is that for people to call Jon Jones a pussy is just out of being pissed off that they don’t get to see a great fight. Jon Jones has his reasons and he had the BALLS to step up and tell Dana NO THANKS! He held his ground and doesn’t care about the money, promoters, other fighters, it’s not about them it’s about his legacy, not so Dana and his buddies can make another $100 to $250 million and split it for one show. How many of you “Pussies” can say no to Dana White?? I admire Jon Jones while the weak ones will come out of the wood work and put him down.

    • KBEsq

      I’m sorry, but if they had an award for worst comment, this would win…that’s all I have to say.

    • Richurd Cheese

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s retarded!

  • BlackDog2009

    Remember how Jones became champ. Someone got injured, he was called in: Rua could have turned the fight down,but NO, as a champ he faced Jones. That’s what a champ does. Now the situation is reversed, does Jones face any challenger? NOPE. Jones should have been ready to face anyone. Don’t tell me you think Hendo is an easier fight than Sonnen! There are a lot of directions we could point fingers but here Jones drops the ball big time!!!!!!!!!!!! And all that recent talk that he’s in it for the money… nope, not really. This guy is a walking contradiction! PusssY.

    • Richurd Cheese

      Amen, the champ should take on all challengers. Jones is an idiot, Sonnen is a strange combination of luck and brilliance. I can’t believe this happened, best thing that could have ever happened to Sonnen. It looks like Jones is scared of him now, who knows where this will end up.

    • MaritalArtist

      Contradiction indeed. With the PPV buys for this Chael fight, he would’ve been able to put his entire town through college….

    • greaseygranny

      You sir, are 100% correct. Jones is a tool. One of Jones and Jackson’s excuses was that Sonnen is a southpaw. Guess what anal beads. So is Vitor. Just angers me so. Running from Sonnen cracks me the fawk up. I’m here to tell ya this isn’t gonna blow over. He is gonna be well hated and rightfully so.

  • Wow, the little bit of respect I had for Jones, that was teetering every so fragilly, is completely gone

  • jmgatskiejr

    This is the fight game, not 9-ball, tennis, poker or chess. Jones wants all the perks that come with being the media driven poster boy for MMA. The NIKE deal, sacred dressing rooms, preferential treatment on a universal basis wherever he goes and all this despite a DUI.
    By accepting and indulging in these benefits he damn well has a responsibility to fight when called upon. I don’t care if Hendo gets hurt 3 days before the fight, Jones should be in shape and fully aware of the potential replacements for his opponent if this scenario occurs. That’s what it means to be the “man”. He can let his p.r. people spin it however they want including blaming Jackson who’s trying to turn our beloved sport into a defensive ballet of boredom but in the end, a true fighting champion would never have been able to live with himself by not even stepping into the ring. I don’t always agree with Dana but I’m all in on this one.
    Godspeed to Hendo and may he heal quickly so we can enjoy a real fighter keep doing his thing.

  • Booker T

    I was a Jones fan. What the hell! Cant’t defend him. I’m very disappointed in Jon Jones.

  • Let’s not forget that Chael is, essentially, the same type of opponent that Hendo is…they are both very strong wrestlers with average BJJ & standup..they both operate off of close distance & clinch fighting along with wrestling & G and P. Hendo has a slightly more effective & dangerous standup game, but only by the margin that his H-Bomb provides. Jones’ gameplan would not have had to change much at all, if at any for that matter.

    I think that the payoff for all fighters on the card would have been greater with this match up simply because my opinion is that with all of the hype surrounding Sonnen & his feud with Silva this would’ve been a more attractive & enticing match up for the fans equalling greater gate receipts & PPV buys.

    Jones should’ve made the stipulation that he’d take the fight with an agreement that he gets an immediate rematch should he actually lose the belt…similarly to the Serra/GSP situation.

    Bottom line is it was a win-win for both competitors simply because they both would have sacrificed for the greater good of the sport & company. Dana & all the upper brass would be singing praises for both guys…Jones would be called a “true champ with a champ’s dedication & heart” & Sonnen would be praised as a “true fighter, and a man who’s sole priority is becoming a world champ & is willing to fight anyone anywhere to achieve that goal.”

    I think with his recent Nike endorsement deal Jones has developed a big head & pre-madonna complex. Everyone knows that Dana doesn’t care who you are or how big your name is…he’ll cut your ass.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nike-drop-jon-jones.html to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.

    • TKD


    • dmc

      Champions are campions because theu prepare! Anyone would take the pay day of a campion fight. I would love to fight Mayweather if someone drops out, because i have nothing to lose and about 3 million to gain.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Ya I like jones and camp as a Duke City native but you gotta save the card, maybe as to fight Sonnen then Belfort to clean thins up at 205 right…

  • Jon Jones is not the man I thought He was, He took a fight last minute to get the title! That fighter did not say I wont fight jon Jones, He fought him. Jon should have returned the favor to Dana! What a plug, He already forgot where he came from, SHAME ON HIM!!!!!! As for as Greg his trainer, screw him!!! he must not have faith in Jones saying that Cheal was too prepared for the fight cuz he had been training with Dan and knew the game plan! What is he saying that Cheal is a better fighter than Hendo. He needs to have his head examined! Jones is a Spoiler in my book and I will never look at him in the same way!!!! F@#% Him!!!!!!!

  • I wish UFC would drop him like a hot potato! He took food from so many mouths its not even funny! Thats not the mark of a true champion, He is a dissapointment to MMA, UFC and fans everywhere Like I said A SPOILER!!!!!

  • dathump

    why would Jones take that fight? He shouldn’t just out of principal. Accepting a fight with Sonnen would reinforce the idea that if you are a loud mouth “a” hole with no respect for anyone, you get what you want. I actually respect Jones for not taking the fight. The other part of the story is Dana said he called several fighters to find a replacement, why are you guys not bad mouthing them for not steping up? Also, Jones facing Machida (sorry, now Rua)is still a short notice fight, about 6 weeks out which is the same notice he took the Rua fight on.
    I don’t think it is right for Dana to put all the blame on Jones for canceling, The UFC has been spreading the cards pretty thin lately, maybe one or 2 less PPV’s a year are in order to keep the events loaded up and more secure against injuries. Look at UFC152 moving a title fight onto the card, it is starting to look like a good PPV event, but before it was rather weak.

  • mamadou67

    Dude lost lotsa monies and it’s his job ot keep the MMA investors happy so he’s bareyl competent 3$$ is on the line for showing lack of management skills or should I say a proper contingency plan for such events.

    The idea now is to cry out loud and put the blame on someone else so he does not get kicked.

    Sorry buddy but fighters do prepare their fights and as said Chael is a mentally challenged lunatic, there’s no knowing what can of injury he can deal crazy as he is. Were I a pro, I would not mind the fight as long as I cna prepare for his style both to win and to defend myself properly.
    Indeed we all enjoy these fights but a critical injury equate the end of the dream potentially for these fighters.

    • Guillermo

      Exactly clear enough, good words.

  • groundstryker

    Chael is a fighter. Jones is an arrogant pussy. All of you punks out there who think you’re fighters can go hide in a cave. This is what we do as fighters. It’s bigger than all of us. I’ve never gotten to the UFC, but if I had to take a fight on any short notice to do it, I will. Jones is scared to lose, a poor champ, more like a chump or better yet a chimp. Take the fight Jones. If you can’t handle a loss, get out and go home. We don’t want you representing this sport.

    • Moi

      He was already in the UFC. Of course Chael would take the fight with nothing to lose. It’s an opportunity. Jones, on the other hand, had nothing to gain.

      • Guillermo

        Exactly your right about that, and chael shonen has not earned a fight against a champion. This is a big sport and it should have a vice president that looks at the sport professionally, not just a money making machine. Dana should learn from his own mistakes and stop blaming others.

    • Paul

      No offence man Im sure you are a figher – but you are not a champion. Agressive, macho bs doesn’t work for those at top of the game. The best fighters think critically and use their heads as well as their fists.
      If you were picked to fight JJ it would be in your best interest to say no – and if you tried to go in to show how tough you are, you’d end up in hospital in short order.

  • Guillermo

    Right on Jones, you made a right decision, a fighter should earn a match against a champion, and a manager of the biggest sport of the world should not be making bad decisions and blame others to save his own sorry as, that there proves to all fighters that dona white don’t give a c.r.a.p. about any of you. If dona didn’t had the respect of first asking his champion means he only cares about him. Sorry Dana but selfish people make bad decisions as you know.

    • Gomlen

      The biggest sport of the world? Are you commenting soccer or something? Hello?

    • recon187

      Well he let Matt Hughes have a gravy job, Chuck Liddell also, for all their dedication to the UFC, so saying Dana won’t give a crap about any of you, might be a far stretch.

  • chris clements

    MOre dAma white bS

  • Adam Russell

    My hat’s off to Chael.

  • Paul

    Because the fight world really cares what some balding, pencil pushing, ego maniac thinks about the current LWH champion and one of the best fighters of current memory…

  • Max

    Hey Dana, here’s a random thought, why don’t you step up and go fight Chael. That’ll be one for the ages…

  • moimoi

    What is really disgusting is how unprofessional the UFC is. You KNOW fighters can get injured. How about you get 1 fighter as a backup, get him in training, so if 1 injures himself, both fighters already know who they would be facing instead?

    The K1 did it; the UFC can do it too.

  • JerryIrish

    Hats off to all the smart people that understand Jon Jones is no pussy by any means. All you guys that say that would get embarrassed by him. All of his training and hard work was built around fighting Dan Henderson. Chae had nothing to lose. Jones did. He respects chanel enough to know he doesn’t want to throw away his championship because he wasn’t prepared the way he wanted to be. So what?

  • William KIng

    Would’ve been ok as a non title fight but I’m with Jones on this one

  • William KIng

    This is a business,you should treat it as such. Would any of you bad mouthers do a presentation to the owner of a multi country conglomerate with everything to lose unprepared? If you say yes that’s why jons the champ,and you are writing smack on a comment wall. Again remember you may have a passion for it but ITS BUSINESS.

    • Caddy Jim

      Just Like Like Former Long Time WW Chmap Has Always Said Your NOT The True Champ Untill You Defend The Belt. A True Champ Is Also Suppose To Be Able To Fight Any Challenger Anytime…


    What a joke, your are vehemently defending the character of someone you call a champ…who, it has been proven, has had elevated test levels for every one of his fights…on top of that, your champion is a drug user who spent one day in rehab…WOW…..awesome role model and good business right?

  • Witch Doctor

    There are 1 million Black people in prison in the U.S. … just another one.

  • Witch Doctor

    Shael no hespect nobody. Shon Shones no fight nobody.