So What’s with Japanese UFC Fighter Rin Nakai and Her Bizarre Videos?

July 13, 2014
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UFC president Dana White talks about recently signed undefeated Japanese female fighter Rin Nakai and her bizarre videos while in Pancrase.  Nakai will make her promotional debut on Sept. 20 against former Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate in Saitama, Japan.

(Photo by Keith Tsuji for Getty Images)

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  • Timothy Malone

    I’m a big Rin Nakai fan. Never seen her fight though…

    • JJDNB

      Same here lol

  • Joe Dog

    Freak show

  • guest

    Weird?? Yes. Would I still bang?? Yes.

  • Seth
    • Max Power

      Seth, you win.

      • Seth

        I won?! 😀 YAY! I WON! 😀

  • asd

    At least one female fighter who knows her place is in the kitchen.
    Mad respect yo!
    Honda better learn from her.

    • David


  • George Sperry

    She should be extremely popular with the average American MMA fan who cares more how a woman looks than how she fights.

    • brad king


    • shes not hot

      what? if anything it would be opposite with her

      • CrackaAssCracka


    • asd

      If you care for how a woman looks, she would be your last choice. She’s repulsive, come on.
      Unless you’re a sicko and into this kind of stuff…

      • JJDNB

        I’d smash that

  • Pene

    She tucks her penis very well.

  • Apophis2036

    Rin will crush Miesha Tate! Don’t be fooled by the weird hentai videos….. Her judo skills and grappling are outstanding and she is much stronger than Tate. Tate’s only hope is to keep this fight off the mat and use her reach.


    Rin will gas out hardcore after round 2( mayhaps round 1 ) and Meisha will take over.
    Too bad:(

  • Chris Wells

    The writer of this article has never heard of Japan before…… Apparently

  • Ernie Garrett

    Testosterone makes you sex-crazed, and women who get blasted with it probably don’t know how to cope with it…so they end up showing all kinds of psycho-horny behavior. Rin Nakai isn’t the only one…most female fighters who are clearly on man-fuel do this.