Dana White: Despite Recent Arrest, Jon Jones Will Fight at UFC 151

May 27, 2012
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Despite UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ a recent arrest for suspicion of DWI, UFC president Dana White says that he will still put his title on the line against Dan Henderson on Sept. 1 at UFC 151.

“It won’t affect the date,” White told MMAWeekly.com on Saturday night, “but how it will affect him in the fight, we’ll see.”

“He’s a good guy. He’s young. He made a mistake.”

Jones’s incident, along with others, still don’t lead White to believe that the UFC should institute a blanket code of conduct policy similar to the NFL or other sports leagues. He is more of the belief that each case should be handled on its own merits and details.

Check out what else White had to say about Jon Jones, a code of conduct policy, and more…

  • Towers66

    All fighters that encounter legal issues should have the same punishment from the UFC be handed down. If Dana wants his company to grow and become accepted completely he will have to set some sort of fine or suspension to fighters that are causing trouble outside of the octagon. All major sport leagues do it and the ultimate goal is for UFC to be right up at the top with the NFL,NBA and MLB. Everyone makes mistakes though, no ill will towards Jones for this mistake. He is carrying quite a load of pressure as of late. Humans naturally do stupid shit.

  • Anthony

    This could have been a hell of alot worse than it was. When your young, rich, and have the world by the balls its real easy to think your invincible and make bad choices. Mike Tyson can vouch for that. Vince Niel of Motley Crue was about the same age as Jones when he was involved in a drunk driving accident killing one of his best friends. Maybe this is a good thing for JBJ. Call it a wake up call where he got away cheap. Im no better. Im ashamed to say Ive driven under the influence more then a few times, and was just plain lucky I didnt hurt anyone in the process. Never again!!!!! Hopefully Bones is with me on this.

  • Let the legal system run it’s course and impose whatever penalty they deem appropriate then let the man get back to work. No need for his employer to punish him as well.

    • gnodeb

      exactly… I could understand the drama if he is a school bus driver…

  • RubeKegal


    • MuayThaiFood

      That’s just the kind of idiotic statement we’ve come to expect from you Rube.

      • macgrubber


  • Whatever if it was Nick Diaz he would get fired, way to cusion your champs UFC.

    • smill0313

      You clearly (like most diaz fans) are mistaken. Diaz has ONLY been in trouble with the athletic commission. If anything he was pampered by the ufc who still gave him a title shot after missing press/media events, and acting like a douche. They even took the promised title shot from condit and gave it back to diaz after all that. Quit bouncing on diaz’s nuts and realize your boy is an immature punk who cries and whines like a child when things don’t go his way.

      • Mike

        110% correct being a champ means a lot more than just whining fights,these days,with all the media coverage you have to act like a champ also,there are just too many kids out there that idolize there champs,its just too bad that money seams to be more important than the reason why someone starts the sport in the first place.It most sertainly turns into that.

  • kylesmith


  • plang

    how ridiculous could jones possibly look driving a bentley! pretending to be rich in upstate ny!

    • smill0313

      Pretending to be rich? Sounds like you are drinking some hatorade.

  • Mike

    Jones should not be so fast to say that i am the same old boy and this wont change me.How long did it take to choke on those words,he needs to take some lessons from guys like GSP,Condit,and Junior dos Santos,those guys are true ambassadors for the sport.

  • Prodigy815

    Practice what you preach