Dana White Declares Glover Teixeira Gets Next UFC Light Heavyweight Title Shot

September 4, 2013
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Glover Teixeira vs Sokoudjou 281It only makes sense that Glover Teixeira, following Wednesday night’s first-round finish of Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night 28 in Brazil, would be granted the next shot at the UFC light heavyweight championship, and now it is a reality.

UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik announced at the post-fight press conference in Belo Horizonte that Teixeira is next in line.

“Dana confirmed it; Glover gets the next title shot,” said Zelaznik.

Teixeira has won 20 consecutive fights overall and his first five in the Octagon. He has recorded finishes in four of his five UFC victories, and three of those finishes came inside of the first round.

That doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s something that Teixeira believes plays in his favor should it be Jon Jones that he challenges for the belt.

“My dream is to get the belt. I believe Jon Jones will win (the fight with Alexander Gustafsson) and that’s my preference,” said Teixeira at the post-fight press conference. “Jon Jones has held the belt for a very long time.”

Teixeira went on to say that he believes that because of Jones’ skill set, whoever is going to defeat him has to do it with a knockout, and he believes he is the fighter that can do just that.

“I believe if I hit him, he will go down.”

No timeline was set for Teixeira’s title challenge.

Jones next puts his belt on the line against Gustafsson in the UFC 165 main event on Sept. 21 in Toronto.

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  • Yeah. If Jones wins against Gustafsson, Glover might be able to beat him.

    • Dragon Kid

      After tonight’s performance he won’t win the belt with poor defence. If Bader can knock him down so easily, then Jones will easily finish him. Good thing Teixeira pointed out his performance tonight wasn’t the best.

      • John Bunch

        I am a huge Glover fan and I have to say he did not look good tonight. Give him credit for surviving a shot that obviously sapped his will for about a minute. Reminded me of the Maldonado fight where he got rocked (for being overly aggressive) and recovered long enough to survive the round. I am dying to see Jones lose (I’m a hater, I’ll admit it…) but the Glover I watched tonight will get destroyed by Jones. Everyone has a bad night on occassion…but against Jones, you have to be perfect to stand a chance. The UFC screwed Glover, imo, by not giving him a top 10 guy after the Rampage fight and then a top 5 guy if he had beaten the top 10 guy. 20 in a row is an amazing streak…but Jones is the pinnacle of MMA atm…god it hurts to admit that…Glover needs to to get it together to pull off the upset…and I hope he does!

        • Mark McDowall

          I think this fight was supposed to happen after the Rampage fight but Bader got injured so they gave him TeHuna.

          You have to look at his first 17 people in his streak…Kyle Kinsbury being the biggest opponent he has fought. Not really that impressive. Granted a streak that long is amazing…but if he’s fighting local fighters it takes a bit of the shine off of it.

      • Advance*

        Ryan Bader is a more dangerous puncher than Jon Jones. I’m obviously not saying he’s a better striker, but in terms of knockout power I’m giving it to Bader. Jones accumulates damage. So in terms of getting in a slugfest and being clipped by a punch, I think Glover had more to worry about last night. He got through it with a first round KO and you guys are acting like he lost.

        • Dragon Kid

          Well he did come close to losing near the end. Glover himself said he wasn’t impressed with his own performance. I just think he lacked the aggression that he normally brings to his fights and his boxing defence needs a little work on.

  • Mark McDowall

    Glover struggled in his first fight against a legit opponent. Yes he fought Rampage…but Rampage has just been a name for a while now. I think he is being pushed to the top because of the lack of depth at 205.

    Maybe he just had an off night against Bader…but you do that against Jones and you wont get to the second round!! Will be an interesting fight though…

    • shakejunt

      exactly. he let fabio land a few scary shots too. jones won’t let you recover after he found an opening.

    • Advance*

      You guys are acting like he was getting beat up and had a miracle comeback. He got hit hard but was never in trouble and was still able to get a first round knock out. I’d love to “struggle” and have those results. It’s a fight. You’re going to get hit.

  • Mike McKinney

    I’m a bit confused by what some of you are saying. I thought glover looked off. He’s even been much more aggressive in the past.
    Jones is obviously skilled. However, to say glover doesn’t have a chance vs. jones because he was rocked by Bader doesn’t make sense. Is anyone really trying to act like jones has more punching power than Bader?
    Bader has one strike ko power against anyone. Jones hasn’t came close to showing that. There’s a few different reasons to doubt glover beats jones. There might be shame in letting Bader connect, but there’s certainly no shame in being rocked by him when he does.

    • Alex Adams

      I personnlay think that you mix 2 things here : brute power and KO power. Bader posses more raw brute power in is hands than Jones that’s a fact. But Jones, like Silva, can hit you on the chin, right on the button without raw heavy power but with so much accuracy that your legs will go down anyway. Just my opinion here 🙂

      • Lucas Freire

        Can you point me any example of Jon Jones knocking someone out with a pin-point accurate strike?
        He doesn’t have the raw power of Bader, and doesn’t have the striking finesse of Silva. He wears people down with his superb conditioning and amazing GnP and destroys them with elbows.

        • Alex Adams

          Never said Ko’ed anyone, but a good striking that make people fall down. Shogun receive good shot! Never back down but he hit him with accuracy to tired him.

          • Werdoomb

            I think people here get “tiring someone out” mixed up with “wearing someone down”.

            You punch someone in the stomach and that person has difficult time moving afterwards not because you “tired” him out but because you wore him out.

            And no, Brock didn’t gas after getting pummeled by Cain. He was worn out after the barrage and couldn’t move anymore.

        • shakejunt

          pretty sure he put machida on his face

          • Lucas Freire

            With a destruction bringer elbow.
            I don’t know how to say it: He doesn’t have standing raw KO power.
            He made HUGE cut on Machida when on top position, but didn’t knocked him out like Shogun did with Machida for example.

          • shakejunt

            … he sprung on machida with a quick left and lyoto literally fell to his face, got up all rocked, and then proceeded to be choked unconcscious. that punch set up that entire sequence.

            jones doesn’t have KO’s, he has TKO’s, but that’s not due to a lack of power.

          • taylor2008

            He put him out with a guillotine.

          • shakejunt

            he put him on his face before the guillotine…

    • Kbroesq

      I agree with you, but I think he’s earned a title shot. But I absolutely believe Texiera is going down sooner or later. Bader almost KO’d him and before that Maldanado almost KO’d him.

      His power and punching ability makes a potential match between him and Jones intriguing (yes, I’m assuming Jones beats Gustafsson), but I think Jones wins that easy.

    • shakejunt

      thing is… if you give jones those openings, you’re not gonna have a chance to recover.

      glover looked good and is a legitimate contender, but has too many holes to realistically give jones too much trouble.

  • Denny Swain

    I will be happy, whoever stomps jones into gravy

    • shakejunt

      people are still mad that he beat their favorite fighter from 10 years ago?

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Bader is a legit gatekeeper for the top 10, is something like Stann for the MW before he retired …

    Glover has some holes, but really he’s old and this is his only run to the gold I think (except TRT), I think he’s legit, let give him the opportunity to face Jones …

    funny that Glover isn’t any kind of NCAA/NAIA/All-American/Ubermurrican wrestler but outwrestled Bader both offensively and defensively, and Bader is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the division.

    • Kbroesq

      I didn’t see him out wrestle Bader at any point. Also, even if he did, it’s a fight, not a wrestling or JJ match. The fact that you have to protect against getting punched in the face at all times by a guy like Texiera changes things up in the cage.

      • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

        well, Bader was supposed to be the best wrestler by far and his takedown attempt was stuffed while Glover took him down, Glover won clearly the wrestling exchanges.

        Of course, you’re right, MMA wrestling is a different discipline and fighters like GSP and Townsend Saunders are living proofs …

        but again, Bader was supposed to be the best MMA wrestler of the two, in my eyes he got humiliated


    Dana also confirmed (last year) Machida to be getting the next title shot !!! if Gustafsson gets a decision win over Jones, we’d definitely see a rematch !!!!

  • Big deal Glover got knocked down by Bader, a guy known for having power in his hands. Are we going to pick at every thing that happens to a guy in a fight? He got caught, showed he’s tough by weathering the storm to come back in win. Personally, I think Phil Davis could be the guy to beat Jones. This is why Jones shouldn’t be in talks to moving up in weight, he still has Glover Tex now, Phil Davis, a possibly a rematch with Evans or Machida.

    • shakejunt

      evans and machida? no. both guys are completely out of the picture. rashad kept phil at range, jones will do the same except he’ll make it count when it goes to the ground. there are no real threats at lhw, even cormier.

      • So Jones is the best? End of discussion? I can’t think of anyone off hand.

        • shakejunt

          all i’m saying is that rashad and machida rematches are pointless given their recent strings of fights, respectively. hw is where he’ll find fights that’re more challenging.

      • John Bunch

        I know a lot of people don’t respect newcomers to the UFC…and I’m not accusing you of that mentality. But Cormier is an intersting matchup. He’s been fighting tall, long heavyweights for a while now and he has done pretty well with them. I know reach is always the scale -tipper in most people’s minds…but a guy with good hands that can ragdoll someone in an instant can’t ever be written off. I still think Teix has a shot against Jones…but I could also see Cormier pushing the action and flustering Jones. COULD…not will. Don’t write off eirther guy imo…

        • shakejunt

          not writing anybody off, just making observations.

          glover is an interesting match, but i’m not sold. he lets slow guys hit him, fast guys won’t get hit back.

          dc looked pretty dreadful against mir. he was visibly hurt by mir’s liver kicks and i see jones exploiting his striking defense. jones just has better striking, better submissions, and better cardio. wouldn’t be too surprised if he outwrestled him too.

          just my 2 cents

          • John Bunch

            Definitely agree with Cormier’s performance against Mir…I was pretty surprised tbh. It will be interesting to see what Cor looks like when he drops 25-30 lbs. And Glover, I know, he has taken some shots that kind of surprise me but I guess that’s his style, almost like those Chute Box guys in Pride willing to take shots to land them. I know Jones…or Gus…will have a game plan for him. Just be interesting to see what happens if he can lands his shots…Glover can put people down.

    • John Bunch

      I’m a huge fan of Glover. I guess there are two ways to look at the two times he’s been rocked: he can take a punch and respond well or he can be rocked and a more patient striker will take advantage of that. He looked pretty flat-footed and slow last night…maybe he was sick, idk. Just didn’t look like the same guy. I think if Bader had not thrown caution to the wind and started swinging barfight style to finish Glover, we might have had another outcome. And the Maldonaldo fight he was basically saved by the bell. I keep hearing Jones’ striking is getting better and better. I guess I’m just trying to be realistic about his chances right now. I know we both agree he should fight a top guy and then get a title shot and I think Phil Davis makes the most sense to set up a next in line contender fight. But then the UFC would have to keep Jones on ice until that fight is over and it seems they don’t want to do that.

      Glover has serious heart and we now know he can take shots…I was probably too down on him. Just want to see this good guy climb the ladder the right way. Mark McDowall pointed out this fight was supposed to happen after the Rampage fight. I just wish they would have given him a top 5 guy for this fight.

  • Mickey

    Glover has the power to KO Jones easy. The only difficulty I see for Glover is the reach and wrestling. Teixeira can easily win a fight against Jones. If Machida was able to rattle Jones then Glover can KO him.

    I would take an off day win over Bader over a loss.

  • taylor2008

    Bader needs to retire. I am no pro but I train MMA at 47 years old, and I even know not to stand there and throw the same punch over and over and over as Bader did. I knew one of those shots Glover would KO him. Why wasnt Bader throwing combos and some leg kicks. He had Glover hurt. I guess sometimes you can be a good fighter but not a smart fighter.

  • dgs

    Glover is a great fighter, but there are great fighters, and then there is Jon Jones. Jon will hold the belt for a long time, there is no one currently in the 205 pound division (including Glover) who is going to take it from him.

    Actually, Jones reminds me very much of Anderson Silva, in the sense that Anderson is on such a higher level than anyone else. The only way Jones losses, is again, just like Anderson, he becomes cocky and doesn’t take his opponent seriously. However, unlike Anderson, I don’t see Jones ever doing that, or fighting the way Anderson did in his last fight (hands down, mugging his opponent).

    Once Jones clears out the 205 pound division, he will have to move up to heavyweight, and it is there he will start to taste defeat (Dos Santos and Velasquez would both beat the snot out of him).

  • silvas daddy

    Jacarre vs jones