Dana White Curious to See What a Healthy Brock Lesnar Could Do

October 23, 2014
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There has been no indication from WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar that he’s ready to give up his latest run in professional wrestling for a return to the real world of combat sports in the Octagon.

Jim Ross, a former WWE broadcaster with intimate inside knowledge of the world of professional wrestling, recently told Fox Sports that Lesnar is nearing the end of his current WWE contract, and at 37 years of age, needs to make a decision about his fighting future. He feels it is now or never for Lesnar to try and regain the UFC heavyweight championship he once owned.

“Creatively from a strategic standpoint, WWE will need to find out sooner rather than later if Brock is interested in re-signing or not,” Ross told Fox Sports.

“It looks to me like he’s gotten back on track. He looks phenomenal strength-wise. He’s just scary looking. He’s more scary looking than he was before he left [WWE the first time],” he continued.

“I see no reason he couldn’t have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views.”

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Brock Lesnar vs Randy CoutureConsidering Lesnar is reportedly the UFC’s top pay-per-view draw of all time – even above the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, and Ronda Rousey – company president Dana White would certainly hold the door open for him.

“I have a great relationship with Brock, we talk all the time,” White told UFC.com on Thursday. “I don’t know (if Lesnar wants to return), we’ll see. If he wants to fight, he knows my number.”

During his UFC tenure, Lesnar was never fully healthy, often having to deal with severe bouts of an intestinal disease called diverticulitis. His condition became so severe that he eventually had to have surgery to help alleviate the problem.

Despite his health issues and a mere four years in the sport, Lesnar made a miraculous run in the MMA world. He fought in the UFC in only his second professional bout, capturing the UFC heavyweight championship in just his fourth fight.

He scored victories over the likes of Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, Frank Mir, and Heath Herring, before eventually returning to the WWE, citing continuing issues stemming from diverticulitis.

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“It’s pretty amazing what he did and accomplished here while having diverticulitis,” White said. “It would be interesting to see a 100-percent healthy Brock Lesnar compete.”

There’s also little argument that, with current UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez entering a Dominick-Cruz-like struggle to get and remain healthy, Lesnar would not only be a big boost to pay-per-view numbers, but also a shot of excitement to a division that is currently floundering to find a star that shines.

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  • Darkshadow667

    I’d say, have him drop the title or strip him of the title because him no fighting the ppvs the rest of the year will be BS when Daniel Bryan was stripped after missing 2. I don’t care what he does in MMA because he is boring anyway, and so is mma.

    • what a tool

      Ahahahaha. Then why come to an mma website, you tit!! Stupid kid!

      • Darkshadow667

        it was a link to the article from a wrestling site.

    • TheBigBadWolf20

      Because this is not ENTERTAINMENT kiddo, this is a REAL combat SPORT!

      • Darkshadow667

        could explain why it is boring.

      • Daman Money

        You know what sport. a lot of those wwe wrestlers have gone through way worse injuries then i have Ever seen or heard of in gayfer ufc. There is like 2 to 4 min rounds in ufc not 20 min cosecutive mins of more of physical activity. You take a punch one time and then do a flip on to your back one time on a cement and tell me what hurts worse. I have been punched and have fallen off a roof rather be punched. And wwe guys like broc have to weaken up and drop 50lbs or more just to become even match in size. And then they have to play there game of fighting. Not use what they know from curent and previous sports fighting wrestling knoledge. How about we have ufc fighters wrestle wwe guys in real matches. Without the wwe guy dropping 50+ lbs. In muscle and size., why dont we let those guys use there training and there previos self defense in ring ufc is nothing like the original ufc. There are rules now. Id say the few wrestlers winning title in such short time like broc or batista winning a match in his fourties speaks volumes for how much easier it is for wrestlers to defete these guys then it is for men that have trained for 15 years to capture there own ufc belt. 2 time title holder captures belt in ltwice in less then 4 years. Yeah i see ur point. Dumby. Rains champ for most of 4 years and his way is the prob.

  • Joe Dog

    Oh, and I want to see a live Jimi Hendrix concert

  • Deacon Blue

    At 37, I believe Lesnar should remain with the WWE. I’m taking nothing away from his strength or fighting prowess. The man is phenomenal. However, any athlete has to know when to say when. I’ve watched WWE wrestling. I’ve watched MMA fighting. WWE is choreographed to lessen the likelihood that a wrestler gets injured. Yes, it does happen but not frequently. MMA is Roman Coliseum gladiator combat. People get hurt and some get hurt bad. The only difference I see between MMA and gladiatorial combat is death being encouraged or the final end to the combat. Otherwise, it’s just as primal, ruthless and brutal as gladiatorial combat. I believe Lesnar is at the end of his game with MMA and if he were to return, he would be risking his health or worse.

  • Sir_Roy

    Lesnar hates getting hit. He goes fetal position every time. Some guys can focus through the shots, some break almost immediately. Lesnar falls closer to the latter category than the former.

    Yes, I know he took a round of Carwin ground and pound like a champ. But many of the blows were glancing and didn’t land flush on his mug. I also feel it was the ref that kept him in that round more than anything else because there were a few instances where Lesnar looked like he was done quite frankly … too much pride to tap due to punches I suppose.

    I think he out muscled yesterday’s competition. I don’t believe he could stand up to someone like Roy or Hunt, let alone Cain or JDS.

    • MikeMuscle

      Lesner should come back and get his ass kicked again. He sucks.

  • Ray T. Waller

    Brock got his ass beat and ran crying back to the WWE. He should stay there.

  • Robert J. White

    While a 100% Lesnar in the UFC would be great, he still needs a bit of work on his stand up game. It wasn’t just the Diverticulitis that lost him the title and led to retirement. He couldn’t protect his body. Sure, everybody takes shots in UFC, no one is unscathed, but he pretty much gave people free body shots to try and grab them. That worked for a bit, but eventually guys like Velasquez and Overeem noticed, and exploited it. I’m sure one gut shot won’t defeat him when he’s healthy, but his stand up game needs work. It would probably take the guy another year just to fix the holes in that while fully conditioning himself for the UFC, and he’s already in his later 30’s now. Maybe a fight or two for nostalgic purposes and get some bank, but no way should he be considering another 4 year stint and trying to become champion again.

  • ryan

    Brock Lesnar’s weakness more than anything else aside from his diverticulitis issue was in the matches that he lost, he wasn’t patient. He tried to bull rush and he’d lose his footing and seem to lose his focus thinking too much when he didn’t capture them. Just like his first fight with Mir. Lesnar was dominant through and through, but due to bull rushing and not having patience and focusing on good shots, he got penalized with a shot to the back of the head that caused them to get back up. Then later, as he was rushing again and just trying to go for the kill he got caught. He lost through and through, but any great fighter can get caught that costs them severely.

    In the rematch, along with matches against Couture and Herring, even Carwin, Lesnar was patient and not bull rushing looking in for the quick ending, and he dominated from opening bell to the end with Mir, and was never in trouble against Couture or Herring, and showed his toughness against Carwin and snatching him on the ground where he excels better than just about anyone else in the heavyweight division.

    Then of course, his diverticulitis became a major problem, along with his rushing technique against Cain, he did not look himself at all and lost. Then, their was no question how badly diverticulitis kicked his ass when we saw the quick result against Overeem.

    I did wish full heartily that Lesnar would have concentrated at least 80% in his training learning the stand up game going toe to toe with his opponents. He had the strength and power, but his technique was mediocre as he didn’t really have that knockout punch (due to lack of the technique of throwing well executed punches for such a result). He definitely would be one of the most dominant competitors ever in the UFC if 100% healthy and had a decent stand up game to go along with his superb wrestling ground game.

    • Guest

      Lesnar only got penalised in his first fight because Steve mazzagatti is a sh!t referee. The most Brock should’ve got was a warning. GSP never got deducted a point for continuously kicking Matt Hughes in the nuts before winning the belt.

      • ryan

        True, just simply stating what happened.

        • Guest

          And his last two losses were against guys who were much more skilled & well rounded. Patience had nothing to do with it. He would’ve got flattened or taken a much more severe beating but luckily he only walked away with a scar under his eye he still sports to this day.

          • ryan

            His match with cain, all you have to do is how instead of taking his time, he rushed right away and wounded up twisting, turning, tumbling, etc. looking like a two left footed monkey.

            Then he tried to rush in to just get him on the ground and Cain saw it coming.

          • Guest

            If it weren’t for his twist, turn and tumble we wouldn’t have witness him dancing & fighting altogether.

          • ryan

            speaking like a true idiot^

  • TheBigBadWolf20

    I love Brock Lesnar, he’s a freak of nature.
    Nobody can top his speed, power and size!
    And YES I would love him back in the octagon but only if he:
    -is 100% healthy
    -learns proper striking techniques
    -improves his defense
    -improves his pain tolerance
    -removes his bad habits
    -is more patient

    If UFC decides to set loose a beast like that in the octagon, that’s something worth watching for.

  • burgerman7

    i cant wait to see Brock receive another brutal beating at the hands of a man half his size! Go Brock Go!

  • mike

    you guys are haters. lesnar had half of his colon removed competing for the world champ. this seriously kills alot of people and he is fighting cain. he is a freak and has the potential to beat anyone rather its luck or not. haters gonna hate