Dana White Crticizes Nevada Athletic Commission and Discusses Needed Changes (UFC 167 video)

November 19, 2013
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Dana White UFC 167_9384UFC president Dana White, in his UFC 167 post-fight scrum with reporters, discussed his views on the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  White erupted when questioned about the state’s responsibility to provide a fair arena for his fighters to compete in and tries to answer what can be done.

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  • Big Tuna

    Stop doing shows in Nevada and see how they like that…Vegas is so corrupt it will benefit a sport trying to avoid the boxing pitfall

    • Ian Price

      Serious question: how is vegas/boxing corrupt? I don’t know much about boxing.

      • Grimey86

        Betting syndicates usually. Especially in Nevada, its know for corrupt judging and betting on certain fighters. Hope
        this helps Big tuna!

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        The pacquiao fight and mayweather fight both looked pretty fixed. Corruption in boxing goes back ages ago from guys taking falls in huge underdog situation to judges being paid off to make desired decisions. With the “growth” of our society as people, the corruption has gotten a little more sophisticated.

        The last Mayweather fight should’ve been a unanimous decision for Mayweather and all those who bet on Mayweather by UD should’ve gotten paid. Instead, CJ Ross that c*ck monger whore more than likely got paid off to score the fight a draw making it a majority decision for Mayweather. Can you even tell me the last time we saw a majority decision in MMA because I can’t, it’s so rare. The odds on that paid out like 20 to 1. So a circle of “friends” has CJ put the fix in for the MD and drops a bank roll on Mayweather for MD, they turn a bank roll into a small fortune. You put $10,000 on the MD and next thing you’re leaving with $200,000 making as much as some of the highest paid MMA fighters just for being in the loop. CJ Ross was also previously in the Pacquaio fix. After the heavy scrutiny she came under from the Mayweather fight she decided to “take a break” from judging. I suppose now that her pockets are overflowing with dirty money it’s time to retire.

  • Dana’s hot mom

    Dana white wants to be the judge jury an executioner, because he is never wrong

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    I was trying to put $1,000 on Hendricks the day of the fight but had major problems depositing money into multiple sportsbooks. After getting completely sick of dealing with all of the BS, I just said F it. If I was able to get that bet in I would be beyond pissed off as Hendricks won that fight yet the decision was given to GSP. After that experience I am scared to bet now and I am most certainly going to avoid betting in Vegas. I’ll also need to figure out who is judging the event before I place any bets. Cecil Peoples, Jon Schorle, Ruben Najera, Adelaide Byrd(SOOOO UGLY) are pretty awful, there are so many others as well though. There really needs to be some kind of accountability when terrible calls are made but these guys are a part of the system that is supposed to hold people accountable. Corruption in the system, what else is new?

  • Ron Wheeler

    It was a close fight and could have gone ither way. Similar level of takedowns and ground control. GSP got more technical strikes in, Hendricks did more damage with the fewer that he got in. GSP has always cut and bruised easily so I don’t think it was the Big-Rig-beatdown many think.

    Dana should stay the heck out of the judging process.- the promoter.should have NOTHING to do with that side of things

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Ariel Helwani is a blown up wood tick burrowed into Dana’s ball sack!

  • solman

    Dana was out of line the night of the fight. Great event that he brought down to a westlemania level.

  • otto

    Dana should tread lightly about all this nevada smack talk, it may turn around and bite him in the ass, he hasnt seen corupt yet, but if he keeps running his mouth, thing r gonna get difficult for him in that state which earns him a crap load of $, dont sh*t in your backyard Dana