Dana White Blasts Andrei Arlovski and Brendan Schaub Fight: “The Fans Lost in That Fight”

June 16, 2014
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Dana-White-UFC-173-Post-PressFormer UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski returned to the Octagon he once reigned supreme in for the first time in six years at UFC 174 in Vancouver on Saturday. The 35-year-old ended up on the winning side of a controversial split decision against Brendan Schaub on the event’s pay-per-view main card.

“There has to be some sort of major change with these judges. I have no idea what they’re doing, but clearly they weren’t paying attention to the fight. I know Andrei’s a big star and maybe they were swayed by the fans reaction. Look at the punch stats and statistics then tell me that he won that fight,” said Schaub after the fight before leaving for the hospital to have his jaw checked out. “Maybe you can give Andrei the first round, but that’s it. The most significant strikes he landed on me were the two headbutts. I don’t know what else to say.”

Many felt Schaub did enough to earn the win, but UFC president Dana White doesn’t think there was anything controversial about that heavyweight match-up. He also doesn’t agree with Schaub’s assessment of the decision.

“Was it controversial?” asked White when questioned about the fight during Fox Sport 1’s UFC 174 Post Show. “I think everybody would agree that fight sucked. That fight was horrible. You know who lost that fight? The fans. The fans lost in that fight.

“For anybody to think he got robbed — The first two rounds could have gone either way. The first two rounds could have gone either way. And the third, Schaub won the third round,” the UFC president continued.

“I made a big mistake by putting that on the main card. That should have been on the prelims. For Schaub to walk around thinking he got robbed is hysterical.”

White’s criticisms didn’t stop there.

“Arlovski looked slow. Arlvoski looked soft. Arlovski looked like he couldn’t get off tonight. Neither one of them threw any punches in the first two rounds and Schaub’s face still looked like it got hit with a baseball bat. For him to think he got robbed tonight is absolute comedy. We got robbed tonight,” he said.

For whatever reason, White did not attend the event’s post-fight press conference. Although, Arlovski felt he might know why.

“Honestly, I still feel really horrible. Dana White is not here because he’s probably so pissed at me. He gave me a great opportunity. I didn’t like my fight tonight. For some reason I nervous a lot. I just nervous even more than first time when I first fought more than 14 years ago,” said the dejected fight winner.

“My plan was knock him out and don’t leave it up to the judges. I wasn’t happy about my performance tonight.”

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  • Alex

    Was Dana watching fight as me? Yes it suckef but schaub won hands down. Everyone I watched it with agreed.

    • Advance*

      You really think he won that fight “hands down”? The 3rd round was obviously Schaub’s but neither of them did anything in the first two. The sad thing is Arlovski probably won the first by hugging him against the fence a couple times. As for the second, I’d lean towards Schaub because I actually remember him landing a punch or two, but it was far from hands down. The best you could say is he did slightly more than a guy that did nothing. I’ll save my outrage for a guy like Pearson and not Schaub.

    • fsunoles10

      indeed, i honestly dont know what the people that thought arlovski won was watching. it was a lackluster fight yeah but i thought it was fairly clear who should have got the nod.

  • james j

    The majority of UFC fights are not very entertaining.

  • little big foot

    I am so glad I didn’t buy this ppv. 4 of 5 main card fights were decisions. Boring

  • Bob Sacamanto

    This is why they should implement the yellow card system. If a guy is ok with losing some of their purse to win then let them.

  • Blobert Morechairs

    i hate schaub but he won… regardless if dana thinks the match was PPV worthy….look at the bullshit he had to deal with when anderson silva was running around pretending to be ali before his leg snapped… suck it up man. you can’t predict them all

  • ea sports ufc

    Yea I agree the fight wasn’t all that but I think schaub won the 2nd and 3rd he was controlling the center of the octagon and yea he didn’t really throw good strikes but atleast he was throwing it with power while arvloski punches look like he was sparring lol ill like to see arvloski try and do that to roy nelson in a rematch nelson will ko him in the 1st round

  • Creed

    I think there should be a fourth “chief” judge with on the spot over- ruling authority. If the decision is opposite of what he voted and appears controversial, he would quickly assess the significant fight stats and other related fight data to a make final decision.

  • dandogood

    Schaub is very average and Arlovski is terrible. Schaub actaully thinks he is good. He ain’t. and neither is that glass jawed russian.

  • Michael Rohrbacher

    Last time I seen Arlovski was after he got ko’d & he was DEFINITELY punch scared after that, so not surprised at all to be reading this.

  • Skyler James

    This fight sucked. With that being said I don’t know how you can call this a bad or controversial decision. The first two rounds not much happened. Schaub threw more sure, but most of them were one shot haymakers that completely missed. Arlovski threw less but some of his punches landed. The only other thing to look at in regards to the fight is arlovski holding schaub up against the fence for the majority of the first two rounds. Nothing really happened but arlovski was in the better position so you have to give it to him. The only round Schaub won was the third where he took him down then punched the ground a couple of times.

  • julian moran

    What else could Arlovsky do? All Schaub offered him was (hit and miss) power shots and take downs. Arlovsky countered well. Schaub is not much of a fighter but rather an athlete. I made money on Arlovsky so I aint complaining.

    • carsti07 .

      Good for you so why are defending Andre?
      Even Andre is totally upset with his win.

    • fsunoles10

      what else could schuab do? all arlovski wanted to do is hug him against the cage. hah schuab got shafted and arlovski fan boys know it. i like arlovski and actually resorted to tweeting dana white for the slightest chance he would see it and consider signing arlovski so i have nothing against him but he lost.

  • julian moran

    Arlovsky won round 1 and 2.

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

      nobody “won” that round or that fight

  • $519387

    My God Dana. Why in the world did you rehire Arlovski back in the first place? When I heard you did I was shocked, stunned, amazed. I couldn’t figure it out. The guy has been a has-been for years, Ever look at his record. Sure he’s won some fights but against who? Jobbers, nobodies, etc. Let’s face it, his good days have been gone for YEARS!! Yeah the fight sucked big time but why in the hell was Arlovski signed in the first place? Very odd!

    • Buffalo Bob

      better than being a no body like yourself

      • $519387

        “has been” sir!!!

        Prove to me otherwise, pal, ok!!! His best days were over YEARS ago! Did you watch that mess of a “fight” last night? You must not have. Dana is obviously regretting signing him back up again!

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

      Theres 100’s of fights every year, give one to a former champ no harm in that

      • $519387

        So let’s bring back Hughes, Liddell, Shamrock (s), Gracie, etc etc etc!!!

        • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

          Theyre retired dumb dumb. But I’d watch em fight. How many forgetabble fights happen every week, Legends take a career to build up , theyve earned the benefit of the doubt.

          • $519387

            So what? To quote YOU:

            “Legends take a career to build up , theyve earned the benefit of the doubt.”

            So why not give one of the retired guys a break?

            C’mon be honest, Arlovsky is a washed up has been. Dana knows it NOW but why he rehired him is really really strange! Does he really think beating such well known names as Andreas Kraniotakes, Mike Kyle, Mike Hayes, Devin Cole, Travis Fulton , and of course Ray Lopez qualify for another chance in the UFC???


    • shakejunt

      robbery or not, you gotta go man.

  • The Professor

    The UFC is slowly losing traction, and in a few years will cease to exist. Let’s think about what Dana White said which makes my point obvious. This is a supposed gladiator sport which focal point is violence. Dana said that Ronda the Piglet Rousey is probably the most famous fighter. Are you kidding me? That tells you the UFC is on its way out. These events are becoming a bore.

    • smedrano0206

      There no other combat sport that can replace it. Boxing is almost irrelevant….there’s nothing else so MMA will be around for a long time

  • Joe Dog

    Want to see more finishes? Eliminate rounds and trim the rules down a bit. Look at the first several UFC events. No such thing as a decision win. The UFC is getting softer by the minute.

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

      Totally agree. The 10-9 rules were a compromise the UFC made to get mma regulated, its time to re-visit that s–t

  • Joe Dog

    What did anyone expect from two guys with proven glass chins?

  • Sgt. Pepper

    I think Schaub won, but I also think he sucks, he should get cut.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    For once I agree with Dana, neither one of those guys should get a “W”. These fights shouldnt count as victories, just 2 losses

  • peeter mans

    2 over the hill fighters going at it…what could White expect???

  • excuse me?

    Why can’t you give a no contest to a fight that wasn’t a contest ? 😀