Dana White: ‘Conor McGregor’s a Bigger Star Than Manny Pacquiao’

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UFC president Dana White talked to the press from the new UFC headquarters about Conor McGregor signing to fight Floyd Mayweather and that the ball is now in Mayweather’s court. White also said that McGregor is a bigger star than Manny Pacquiao was when he fought Mayweather.

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  • Jamie Eyeles

    Sure, more lies from the fat doughboy. Defend your belts McChicken. Coward.

  • bob obrien

    Didn’t Dana White also say that Rhonda Rousey could beat Mayweather? You can believe anything this guy says.

    • Broken_bad

      Hahahahaha…..I forgot about that. Dana also thought he could beat Tito in boxing and then pussied out lol. Wannabe boxing promoter is going to ruin the sport he helped build with these shenanigans.

  • Rich N. Thankful

    Pacman would KO Connor in the first round…

    • Edward Lawless

      CM is so much bigger than Manny. Lets see what happens with Floyd first 😉

  • jess fenchley

    Love Conor. Always have. What a great champion!!!!!

  • Edward Lawless

    This is gonna be a huge event. This reminds me of the Tyson/Holyfield era. My money is on CM for the first 5 rounds (Floyd better keep running and dodging) if he gets to close to Mcgregor it’s lights out. I must admit Floyd looks remarkable for his age. If he makes it past 5 rounds then he’ll prolly wear Mcgregor out and out point him. There will be a lot of other exciting fights on that card (the best of the year I bet)

    • Infinity Stone

      You need to lay off the guinness mate.