Dana White Confirms Many Undercard Fighters Compensated After UFC 151 Was Cancelled

September 5, 2012
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One of the hardest parts about UFC 151 being cancelled were the undercard fighters who not only lost the chance to fight on a huge card, but they also lost a payday.

While many fighters in the UFC are pulling in the kind of dollars that prevent them from having to worry as much about competing 3 or 4 times a year just to stay afloat, that’s not the case for many of the undercard fighters being paid much less as they start out in their UFC careers.

So when UFC 151 became the ‘lost show’, the fighters on the undercard were then shifted and shuffled to all of the other upcoming cards later this year.

Some fighters like Charlie Brenneman and Kyle Noke were moved to the show just a few weeks later in Toronto at UFC 152, but many others like Eddie Yagin and Dennis Siver were pushed all the way back to UFC on Fox 5 in December.

Well, according to Dana White after UFC 151 had to cancelled, the promotion did stand by the fighters hurt the most financially by this and paid them for their time.

“What happened is some of the guys are getting booked right away, they’ll fight here soon, the guys who are fighting later we’re compensating them,” said White when speaking to UFC Tonight on Wednesday.

While White wasn’t specific in which fighters will get paid and which won’t, it’s fairly easy to recognize the competitors that were put on card such as UFC 152 on Sept 22 or UFC on FX 5 headed to Minnesota on Oct 5 as the ones rescheduled quickly enough to get the fighters paid on a somewhat regular timeline.

As for the fighters like Takeya Mizugaki and Jeff Hougland, who were pushed back to the UFC on Fuel TV 6 card in November, they will likely be the ones receiving some sort of pay for UFC 151 being cancelled.

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  • People who say Zuffa doesn’t care for their fighters no nothing of the business. Dana and the Fortteita brothers helped get these fights the best pay around, insurance, bonuses and try to help them out in incidents like this. Much respect to them.

    • triangle choke

      “Combat scienceMMA” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I always enjoy reading comments from you because I know that they will be of higher intelligence about the sport and not some of these stupid comments people say

      • TKD

        I do not agree or disagree with you. Let’s just say that you just opened the floodgates. There are so many people out there that don’t agree with these two posts.

        I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to these posts.

      • Thanks man I appreciate it. I do try to keep statements based on facts and less my opinion. I enjoy talking to fans a lot to so anytime you want to chat or check out anything follow me on twitter and facebook.

        • Steven UK

          Medical insurance for all Zuffa fighters was a great move and, for me at least, is firm evidence that Zuffa do really care about their fighters. They need not have done that. As far as I am aware, no boxing promoter or other MMA organisation does this. Ironically, it may have hurt the UFC in the short term, with fighers more likely to pull out of cards, rather than fight with an injury. In the long term this can only be good for the fighters and the UFC. Obviously, Zuffa is not perfect. I’m sure there have been and will fighters with genuine gripes with the organisation.

          • MikeMc1983

            I’m not an anti UFC guy. The “medical insurence” thing continues to be misunderstood. The UFC didn’t give medical insurence to its fighters. They gave them injury insurence. There is a huge difference.
            You might very well have known that. However others hear the wrong words used and do not know the difference.

    • ajmadic


    • MrAdidas

      Agreed, it was very cool of the UFC to do that, they didnèt have to do shit for the fighter b\c they didn’t fight\make the UFC any money. It was nice to see the billion dollar company step up & do the right thing.

      Unlike that Jack ASS Jon Jones who apparently agreed to pay the fighters on the undercard their purse, out of his own money but later changed his mind after seeing all the -ve comments they\the fighters were saying about him.

      Jon Jones sure has NO clue about Public Relations, the UFC should pay this moron to talk as little as possible\stop talking all together, b\c he sure isn’t doing himself any favors … this idiot isn’t making the UFC look all that great neither. I used to love Jones, but the last month has been nothing but a loss of respect for this ass clown, on a daily basis.

    • donaldbaxter

      Oh stop sucking Dana’s c#$%, just another PR stunt by the UFC

  • acspida#244

    Agreed. Name another MMA organization thay pays more show money, benefits, performance based incentives, avenues for sponsers, avenues for endorsements, and career advice via fighter summits.

  • Well,well,well. Isn’t that generous of Dana,and the UFC machine?
    Seems to me,they (The fighters ) were ready..he was not.
    Apparently one more fighter decided NOT to jump through the Fertitta brothers hoop,and as a public display of showing “Were Alright”..let’s compensate the most “promising ones”with a stipend.
    Politics Dana. you are losing fans,mate..
    Where is the pilot that runs this ship ??

  • MikeMc1983

    You can’t satisfy everyone. I’m sure Dana could arrange every fighter on the roster a million dollar bonus, and send every fan who’s ever bought a ppv or ticket a check for $10,000, and there would still be guys out there to find something to complain about.
    I don’t believe the UFC is awsome to every fan or fighter. They don’t have to be. They can run their brand and fighters into the ground of they wish. It’s their company.
    I’m a strong union guy. I wish all the people I see fight make much more, and the UFC make much less. Problem is their books are closed. You can’t know they’re not already paying as much as they can. All you can do is assume. They seem like they’re taking the “google approach.” expanding as much as possiable, as fast as possiable. That takes a ton of money. They could be in the red. You just can’t know.