Dana White Confirms Gustafsson vs. Teixeira for UFC Berlin

March 30, 2015
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A light heavyweight match-up between Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira will headline UFC Fight Night 69 on June 20 in Berlin.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the bout to MMA Crazy TV on Monday following an initial report by Kimura.se.

alexander-gustafsson-weighins-750Gustafsson (16-3) has been in limbo since losing his shot at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in January. Johnson once again used his inhuman punching power to stop Gustafsson dead in his tracks two-minutes-fifteen-seconds into the opening round of their headlining bout in the Swede’s home country.

He’ll try to get back into the hunt for a title shot against another former contender in Teixeira (22-4), who has been out of action since October of last year.

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He had been scheduled to fight Rashad Evans on Feb. 22, but Teixeira suffered a knee injury in his unanimous-decision loss to Phil Davis at UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro. The knee injury was slow to heal, forcing him to withdraw from the fight.

Gustafsson vs. Teixeira will headline the O2 World in Berlin slightly more than a year after the promotion made its first trip to the German capital.

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  • snapdad

    i see this fight will be on fight pass. another waste of a good fight that they could put on a ppv card. but im sure they will make up for it by giving us fans a high quality shayna baszler fight.

    • 1miklo 1miklo

      Bayzlor gonna get cut that was embarrassing Her last fight she threw like 3 jabs and was scrambling for nunes feet from the ground held her hands up the whole fight like she was planning on doing something. She belongs back in her glory days of bar room fighting

    • shakejunt

      yeah they should just make every ppv amazing and all other cards garbage. who cares about injury timelines and international interests?

      • snapdad

        or they can just keep putting on excessive amounts of fight cards, so they can all be garbage. I have no problem with international fight cards on ppv. the problem is, with fight pass, their are now too many fight cards, which results in low quality cards. the proof is in the pudding, look at some of these cards since fight pass was introduced (with the exception of a few). are u going to pay 50 bucks for the upcoming mighty mouse card? but I guess as long as u have idiots like yourself willing to buy this crap, it will never come to an end.

        • Timothy Malone

          You are like someone who calls themselves a football fan but only watches the Super Bowl. I am a fan of mixed martial arts and can enjoy events that don’t have only top 10 guys. Every top guy now started on those lower cards.

          • snapdad

            hey, its timothy white. yes, those top 10 guys did start out on those lower cards, and as they became bigger they moved to ppv. that’s how it USE to be. you would pay good money to see good fights, and the up and comers would fight on the prelims and free cards, and as they made their name bigger they would then move to ppv. now you have ppv cards that are prelim quality, but you should understand this since dana is your daddy.

          • shakejunt

            we get it, you want all the good fights on at one time so that you can just skip the “filler” events, but that’s counterproductive to the expansion of the sport.

          • snapdad

            skip the filler events? before fight pass I watched every ppv, ufc fight night, prelims, fight for the troops, ect. I never missed an event. im not going to pay to watch prelim quality cards on a computer screen, and that’s what fight pass is. ppvs are now 50 bucks and fight pass is 10 bucks a month. becoming a pretty expensive hobby. and that’s the point im trying to make. with these excessive fight cards, the cards are becoming less quality and its becoming more expensive to watch. it would be nice if the ufc had their own network on television where u paid 50 bucks a month and it included all events whether it be ppv, fight pass, or whatever

          • shakejunt

            that’d be nice, but it’s still some time away. until then, watch what you want to and don’t watch what you don’t want to. if you’re really worried about 60 bucks every month then you have issues bigger than this to be concerned with.

          • snapdad

            “if you’re really worried about 60 bucks every month then you have issues bigger than this to be concerned with.” this comment alone shows that u are beyond an idiot. my wife and I work hard for everything we have, our home, vehicles, ect. and any extra money we have goes toward our kids. sounds to me like you are happy living at your mommy’s house and have no responsibilities in this world, and can just blow money on anything. go f**k yourself.

          • shakejunt

            haha settle down there dad. i get it, life is expensive, but we all make room for what we want to do. this wasn’t a personal attack, just a thought. if 60 bucks breaks your bank and jeopardizes your way of life then buying a ppv shouldn’t even be on your radar.

          • snapdad

            60 bucks don’t break my bank son, I just have better things to spend it on. i don’t know u, but i can tell u are just a kid, and u don’t know the half about responsibilities. if we were face to face, i promise u, u would have a different tone. must be u never had a daddy to put u in line. i would definitely play that role for a day. tell mommy i maybe a little late for dinner.

          • shakejunt

            you got it dad. have fun being oh so tough.

        • shakejunt

          you having the throw around the word “idiot” really devalues any point you may have. just like the rest of the internet, i don’t pay for any of the events. keep living in your “name value only” world.

  • Sarge

    hmm, tough pick.

  • Sponge Cola

    just make them fight next weekend seems there both ready!!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Great fight!