Dana White Confirms Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre Likely Next if GSP Wins at UFC 154

September 4, 2012
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If Georges St-Pierre can defeat Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal, it appears a showdown with Anderson Silva is looming.

UFC president Dana White has hinted at a possible megafight between Silva and St-Pierre for years, but because of timing, injuries and other fights that had to happen the bout has never been put together.

Now with St-Pierre on the precipice of his return to action after more than a year away following knee surgery, White is ready to make the fight happen if the Canadian champion is successful in his hometown title defense in November.

“I think we’re pretty close. If Georges St-Pierre beats Condit, that could be the next fight,” White said during UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Since defeating Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 in July, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his camp have seemed more than enthusiastic at the idea of facing St-Pierre next. White says the feeling is mutual from St-Pierre’s camp, and what could be the biggest fight in UFC history may finally come together in the next few months.

“These guys want to fight each other now,” said White. “I think that if you’re a fighter and you’ve dominated as long as Anderson has, and you’ve been great as long as Georges has, you finally say ‘You know what? I want to test myself; I think I can beat this guy.”

As far as what weight the pair would face off at, the UFC president believes it will be a catchweight bout. While Silva has fought in several weight classes throughout his career, and even contemplated a move to welterweight to face St-Pierre at one point, White believes a catchweight fight would be the ticket for the fight to happen.

“At one point, it sounded like Anderson wanted to go to 170 and wanted to take Georges’ welterweight title, that’s what he was talking at one point. Then it was 180 catchweight cause Georges doesn’t want to go to 85, he’s going to stay at 70, and he goes, ‘If I have to make the move to go to 85, I’d have to stay at 85.’ So we figured that a 180-pound catchweight makes sense,” White stated.

The other caveat to this situation coming to fruition is where the bout would take place. If White has dreamed about a Silva vs. St-Pierre superfight, it’s fair to say he’s had just as many fantasies about putting on a card at the famed Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Also known as Jerry Jones’ (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) ‘billion dollar playpen,’ Dallas Cowboys Stadium holds over 100,000 fans if filled to capacity, and White believes Silva vs. St-Pierre would be the perfect fight to take there.

“If that fight happens, it will probably happen at the Dallas, Texas, stadium,” White commented.

Of course as close as this fight appears to reality, a lot of things still have to happen before bout agreements are issued and the fighters sign. Still, in the world of the biggest fights possible, there may be none bigger for many years to come than Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre.

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  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    WTF, should be Jones VS Silva, not GSP????????? :0/

    • JRod

      100% Agree – Silva will dominate him. He’s just too big and that reach will eat GSP up. Not to mention Anderson’s ground game is better…

      • demetriousgonzalz

        j rod stfu you dont know what your talking about silva’s reach is 76 and gsp is 75 retart

      • demetriousgonzalz

        and if reach is the case why do people wanna see silva vs jones silvas reach is 76 and jones is 84 1/2 jones is a punk go to hw and stop being the real bully picking on litte guys go pick on overeem punk i bet greg would tell u to run from that fight too

      • MrAdidas

        Anderson’s ground game is better?!? How so? I believe I seen Chael Sonnen mount Silva, Chael Sonnen THE WRESTLER. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re both black belts, Silva’s BJJ is not “impressive”, compared to Maia, J Shields or BJ Penn. But Silva’s size will definitely be a HUGE advantage vs. GSP. Thier skill will “cancel” each other out, so then we look at the other factors, size, strength & the 1.5 inch reach advantage. All advantages for Silva if he fought GSP. I’m a HUGE GSP fan, but I think this fight is a joke & Silva only wants to fight smaller fighters/WW’s, which is why he accepted the fight vs. Nick Diaz as well. But wont fight LHW’s/people his own size … sad.

    • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

      I’m so f#cking sick of hearing about this likely maybe possibly happening with high probability if x and y and z happen. When the contract is signed let me know, otherwise I don’t care.

  • insane187288

    with silva dancing in lhw it would only be right for him to fight jones. GSP is a phenom but also at his weight, he needs to dabble first before shooting straight.
    but silva and gsp are the only true champs due to accepting anyone

  • sofhanson

    I feel gsp doesn’t have the chin to stand up and fight so he may end up pulling a sonnen and try wrestling. Only thing is gsp is not as good at wrestling as sonnen. Gsp is excellent at setting up for the double leg take down but i don’t feel he has the control sonnen has…I feel silva a little long legged for gsp but if they both want to fight at catch weight and are in agreement with fighting each other- why not! For those harking on silva for being bigger, remember this: this will be the biggest pay day for either of those fighters!!!!!!!That’s why they are interested in possibly fighting each other, the stars are aligning for them

    • MrAdidas

      BAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT?!? GSP doesnt have a chin?!? Why b/c he got TKO’d once by Serra who hit him BEHIND THE EAR?!? GSP loses one fight due to a “lucky” punch to the back of the head/ear & morons like you talk about him not having a chin … dummy. Then you say Sonnen has better wrestling than GSP?!? WTF are you smoking dude, go check out the stats b4 making idiotic comments. Most people have stated & still state that GSP still has the best wrestling in all of MMA. GSP has the best wrestling for MMA, but in regards to Olympic style wrestling, that’s completely different b/c you dont need to worry about getting punched, kneed or kicked in the face.

      • sofhanson

        Mraddis, not sure what is up with ur name calling, i will assume you are 16 and can’t make a mature counterargument. Regardless, I believe Silva has finished every fight in ufc except two, i can’t recall the last the time gsp finished a fight. regards to wrestling, gsp set up for one take down with koscheck and kosheck got up within seconds, the rest of the fight was all stand up because there was no way he was controlling a top notch wrestler on the ground. When it comes to high caliber wrestlers gsp has not been laying and praying on them at all. Lmk if i am wrong but i don’t think i am. Very few of the guys in gsp’s weight class, including BJ, have one punch knock out power. With silva he has the deceptive knock out power with out throwing haymakers that you can see miles away. Gsp has fought extremely cautious since getting ko’d, hence his lay and prey mentality on many of his fights. Gsp does not have the killer instinct he used to have. Silva hasn’t been ko’d so he still fights with little respect for his opponents punches. silva has too long of reach for gsp, although i feel gsp will come up with great game plan to fight silva, which will be to essentially charge him aggreively and then shoot for a take down. I do feel that gsp will be able to inflict more damage than sonnen did, considering sonnen had no power when he laid on top of silva the last two fights. just my two cents but anything can happen in mma fighting. But i can assure you one thing, gsp is not submitting or knocking out silva….

  • me vs you

    and no title at stake?
    what a disappointment. this fight isn’t for the fans, it’s just a moneymaker…everybody wants to see silva fight jones.
    this seems like a horrible matchup to me. what the **** is wrong with joe silva?
    the ufc is going the way of boxing…just wait, they’ll be fixing fights to build more ratings. what am i saying?…they already did that when bisping beat sonnen.

    • MrAdidas

      No ur jsut an idiot dude, you still crying about Sonnen beating Bisping? It was a close fight, most people know that, but Bisping did lose in the eyes of many fans & the judges, but since its “me vs. you” saying Sonnen lost, then it has to be true. What did Bisping do to make you ASSume he won that fight hands down?!? Did he take Sonnen down? NO. Did he hurt him with strikes or kicks? NO. Did he control Sonnen 2 of 3 rounds? NO. So how in the hell did Bisping win this fight?!? You are such an idiot = FACT!

  • dathump

    GSP may not have the chin, but its been a long time since anyone has been able to hit it. I do believe it will be a chess match of a fight, not a visually interesting fight.(which means the people who dont enjoy a technical fight will call it boring) Silva is bigger, a better striker with great BJJ, but GSP is such a smart fighter that I dont think he will get caught up in Silva’s style. I really see it as silva winning on the feet, GSP winning in the clinch and takedowns, and it being a split decision one way or another when it is all over. But who knows, maybe GSP will have a little more power without the weight cut, or silva might land a nice one on the chin. either way i will be watching.

    • fightfankevin

      I agree fully.

    • FlowWithTheGo

      Since when does GSP not have a chin??

      • dathump

        just the Serra loss showed that he can be rocked, not that he has a glass chin, just something that the power of Silva could take advantage

      • MrAdidas

        Seemed like he had a chin vs. BJ Penn in their 1st fight when BJ landed dozens of punches in the 1st round & broke his nose. Alves & Koscehck landed a couple of punches but nothing clean, but he was never wobbled, even Fitch TAGGED GSP with a very clean shot, GSP didn’t even flintch & returned the favor, knocking Fitch on his ass. I know Fitch isnt Mr. Powerful, but GSP has been punched in the face by many fighters, Shields included & GSP was never jello legs or dazed for a second. All you morons are basing your info on, is 1 TKO/lucky punch loss that landed behind the ear, which “KO’s” anyone.

        I guess Anderson Silva sucks **** at BJJ b/c he was submited TWICE by nobody’s … ugh stupid comment right?!? My point exactly.

    • Cptmats

      I have no idea where you people get the Idea that there’s anything wrong with George’s chin ! He has taken tons of good shots from tough fighter, the only person to ever rock him was Serra fight and Serra hit him behind the ear, a shot that would rock anyone !

  • If anyone deserves this shot against Silva, it’s GSP. The guy has been in the UFC years now taking on top competition. Let Jones move up to HW and take fights. Silva already moved up to LHW twice and fought and wants to stay at MW. Jones still has Vitor/Hendo/ a possible rematch with Machida and possibly Gustaf. I love Jones as a fighter but this is GSP’s shot, he’s earned it, even Dana said the only thing that set him back and have people talking about his chin all the time is his loss to Serra. If Silva wins his next two fights and Jones wins 2 or 3 more then that fight needs to happen but for now GSP was here first.

    • RonnieV

      Wow, rumor has it he has a fight against Carlos Condit in November. Last I checked he is also coming back from ACL surgery, he also hasn’t fought in 16 months. I not only doubt GSP beats Condit, but I also think this “Silva-GSP” fantasy never happens.

      • I’m pretty sure I’m talking about GSP and Silva “IF” he beats Condit in November. If he finishes Condit then this fight needs to happen, but if it goes to decision I can see it continuing to be a fantasy fight.

      • TKD

        Silva-GSP will never happen. Dana has been dangling this fight in front of everyone for too long. He has no intention of making this fight happen.

        • dathump

          i disagree, Dana wants to fill the Dallas stadium so bad, and Silva is going to want to retire on top of the MW division in the next year or 2,their are alot of fighters wanting a title shot in each division, but non that the UFC needs to give one to right away. so the timing is right. Put a couple other big name fights on the card and thats a payday Dana cant resist.

      • Cptmats

        Condit over GSP is a pretty foolish bet !

  • Unfortunate that whoever wins doesn’t get both belts, though understandable since it would be way too hard to defend them.

  • maddawgmar

    I don’t believe it until I see it in writing. This fight has been talked about since before Jones even came to the UFC.

    • TKD

      Exactly my point. Dana will never make it happen.

  • JRod

    I think GSP should only get Silva if he finishes Condit in dominant fashion. Condit’s no scrub, but he’s no where close to the fighter Anderson is. On a talent / ability level ALONE, this fight worries me if I’m GSP. He’s going to be fighting a guy who could easily be fighting at 205, and that’s something you can’t say for Georges.

    • Cptmats

      George walks around close to 200lbs. and would have no problem packing on twenty lbs. of muscle.
      George could easily fight at 205lbs. if he wanted to !

  • helpimahostage

    This is a stupid matchup. I would rather see GSP fight Nick Diaz, Anderson fight at LHW.

    First, you have a huge MW in Silva constantly challenging a WW who has been out of commission for more than a year? *****. Then you have Anderson refusing to fight Jones in a class he has actually fought at… lame. If this fight is going to happen it should happen at 170 — if silva can make 170 then all the power to him, bring on the superfight. if not… he should STFU and go to work in the LHW ranks. This fight makes no sense for GSP, he has plenty to do at WW already once he reclaims the title.

    • RonnieV

      GSP is actually a pretty big Welterweight, and has always trained with bigger guys. Prior to Jake Shields, he trained at Grudge in Colorado, where his training partners were Rashad Evans & Nate Marquardt. He actually rolled with a couple heavyweights as well.

  • maddawgmar

    I don’t see how everyone is counting GSP out in this “hypothetical” matchup. Silva has shown that he has a weakness for wrestling. Round 1 in the Henderson fight, and not to mention Sonnen humped Silva for five rounds over their two fights. The difference being GSP won’t be caught in a submition like Hendo and Sonnen. On the same page Silva can KO anyone. So this is a very competitive “hypothetical” matchup.

  • laleggenda27

    MMA “fans” never cease to amaze me. Someone mentions a potential super-fight, and for some strange reason people still find the need to complain. The fact that people whine about a match between two of the greatest fighters of all time proves that MMA “fans” will complain about anything. You people pretend that the one and only fight worth watching is the one that satisfies your fanboy desires. You people don’t seem to realize that there are many absolutely fantastic fights that can be made for your viewing pleasure. And you don’t seem to realize that Silva-GSP isn’t standing in the way of Silva-Jones. Silva doesn’t want to fight Jones. And if he did, a fight with GSP doesn’t preclude it. Just further evidence that MMA “fans” are the most ignorant in the sports world.

    As for the prospect of a Silva-GSP fight, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I was at a UFC press conference at the end of 2008 for GSP-Penn 2, at which Dana said that GSP would fight Anderson if he got past BJ and Thiago Alves. At the time, GSP sounded like he had no interest in fighting Anderson. Well, four years later Dana is still saying the same thing. I’ll believe it when I hear GSP emphatically say that he wants the fight. For the record, I say that GSP would grind out a decision win over Anderson.

  • I think for this fight, they should have a same day as fight weigh in. GSP is clearly a smaller fighter then Anderson.