Dana White Comments On the Possibility of Brock Lesnar Doing Both UFC and WWE

May 27, 2012
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Brock Lesnar at UFC 116
When Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal signed his recent deal to compete in both MMA under the Bellator Fighting Championships banner as well as a contract to perform in TNA pro wrestling, it was the first of its kind in the industry.

Some fighters in the past have dabbled in pro wrestling while still actively fighting in mixed martial arts, but this was the first time when a deal was so clearly defined around someone openly doing both full time.

When former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar popped up at UFC 146 on Saturday night, it left a lot of people wondering if the one-time title holder was considering a return to fighting after a 5 month hiatus from the sport.

Lesnar exited the UFC after a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 last December, and has since returned to the WWE as a professional wrestler, the same job he held prior to his days as a champion in the cage.

UFC President Dana White said ‘possibly, yeah’ when asked if Lesnar was considering a comeback to fighting, but it’s been well documented that he signed a 1-year deal to compete in WWE after he left the UFC.

But there’s no way the UFC or more specifically Dana White would ever re-sign Lesnar knowing he’s also going to be competing in the WWE? Or would he?

“I think people get it now with Brock. Brock is a huge WWE star and a huge UFC star. He is accomplished at both,” White told reporters after UFC 146 ended on Saturday. “Will King Mo be that guy? I don’t know. I think it takes a very special person to do wrestling and to be able to do MMA.”

For years, White along with many other people involved with the sport believed a ‘crossover’ athlete could blur the lines between what’s fake and what’s reality. WWE and other professional wrestling organizations are very athletic in nature, but at the end of the day they are scripted shows.

Mixed martial arts is reality where the outcome is determined only by who is the better fighter on any given night.

But as MMA continues to grow there seems to be a more definite line drawn that would let anybody know that one is real and one is scripted drama.

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson, who has openly campaigned for a shot in professional wrestling once his fighting days are over. Actually if he had the chance, Nelson would probably love the chance to do both at once, but he says there’s no way that anyone is going to be confused as to which was is real and which one is fake.

“Does it blur the line? If you’re a (expletive). Have you seen baseball? Have you seen softball? That’s a lot closer than MMA and wrestling. If you’re confused about baseball and softball then you might want to go to one of those special teachers and go yeah I’m diagnosed as a (expletive),” Nelson stated.

It always seemed extremely unlikely that Dana White would ever let one of his fighters compete in the Octagon while simultaneously working in the squared circle for the WWE or any other professional wrestling organization, but has he changed his mind?

“I don’t know, we’ve got to talk and see what’s going on. Well, he went back to the WWE it’s no secret. Big people get it, there’s nothing fake going on over here. It’s real. I don’t know we’ll see,” White said.

That’s obviously not a guarantee one way or the other from White, but it’s also not a flat out denial that it could be a possibility.

Could Brock Lesnar be on WWE Monday Night Raw one night and fight in the UFC the following weekend? It’s just a matter of time to see if that actually comes true or not.

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  • So how long will it be until we hear “and the new UFC Tag Team Champs of the world!!!” LOL

  • Towers66

    I hope Brock comes back to the UFC. I watched every one of his PPV’s and would continue to do so. He may not be champion material but he brings some serious heat to the cage. I see major potential from a fighter of his size and speed. He puts the public spotlight on the sport altogether and that is a good thing for people who want MMA to go full mainstream.

  • maddawgmar

    Well it wouldn’t be the first time a MMA fighter had volleyed back and forth between MMA and wrestling. Most notably Ken Shamrock had stints in 97, and 2002. The problem is keeping the illusion in wrestling after getting pounded for 15 mins in MMA. Or getting injured wrestling and having to pull out of a fight in MMA. Brock needs to make up his mind. Get beat up in the UFC or stay in WWE.

  • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

    not putting dana down for speaking out of both sides of his mouth but constantly knocking boxing promoters for being douchebags, and only carin.g about the money and not the fighters. the irony of his bs. he ll let brock do it cause he can make shit load off of ppv on lestard, but lestard will never be in contention so if he pulled out of a fight due to wwe injury it wouldnt wouldnt have title implications.lestard might be a phenominal athelete for his size but the truth is he is a 4th rate nfler and a 3rd rate mma fighter. and dana is a firstbrate douchebag

  • I want to see Lesnar and Big Nog fight.

  • I stop reading a post when the poster starts name calling. The poster is either a child or too immature to have an opinon worth reading.

    I wonder… is it possible Brock just wanted to watch the fights?

  • kylesmith

    You know that wrestling is the fake one because it’s the one where Brock wins.

    • Triggerman99


      I am definitely stealing that one the next time I talk to my Lensar-fanboy friend.

  • elguapo

    This is all a load of bollocks. Georgesperry called it right, he was most likely there to watch a few fights, especially as most were in his former division. I think Charlize Theron was shown in the crowd too, maybe she’s gonna throw down with Ronda? Simply put, Brock gets people talking. When more people start talking, more people start watching. More people watching etc etc etc. At most this is a little publicity stunt for wwe/UFC.

    When I think about it a little deeper, I think this is possibly the start of a kind of learning relationship between the UFC and wwe. Nothing to do with crossovers or “blurring the lines” (seriously, as big country says, how can that line be blurred to anyone of a sound mind?), but more like UFC understanding how to run a weekly/bi-weekly live televised show across a number of years. I’m sure raw is one of the longest running shows of its kind in the USA, so they can teach the UFC all sorts in exchange for a little publicity here and there or whatever else.

  • smill0313

    Has anyone else noticed the fake ass arm bar and sub attempts by pro wrestlers now? Ish is laughable at best.

    • You criticize wrasslin but you admit to watching it? LOL

      Very Clayton Bigsby’ish of you.

      • Triggerman99

        That’s not fair to Clayton Bigsby. At least he has the ecxuse of being blind. lol