Dana White: Chris Weidman Wants to Smash Anderson Silva in Brazil and Grant Rematch in NYC

February 9, 2013
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Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman

While many might question the wisdom in Chris Weidman coming back from injury and stepping immediately into a fight with Anderson Silva, but UFC president Dana White says Weidman has no doubts.

“Not only does he want to come back and fight the best of all time,” said White in regards to Weidman. “He said, ‘I’ll smash this guy, I’ll fight him in Brazil and I’ll give him the rematch in Madison Square Garden.'”

Check out White’s comments about the probable Silva vs. Weidman fight…

  • KyleZombie

    Wow. Two things that aren’t going to happen.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      No kidding…you can’t want in one hand and s*** in the other, see which one fills up first!

    • Monk

      I agree with you 100%. All the Spider “Haters” should sell everything they have and place their bets with Vegas on Weidman if they think he is going to win.

      • tyrone

        Monk you need to go back to cave and hide with anderson “the hider “silva.hide from weidman! I can see why silva is afraid of weidman but why you? Must be his ethnicity!

        • tyroneisgay

          tyrone stop licking dbow balls bitch

        • Monk

          Tyrone, if you can not write a complete sentence without making any mistakes, then you do not deserve to say anything.

        • jon

          Please stop feeding this TROLL that is tyrone !

      • Only a complete idiot would bet against Silva.

    • hybe

      yeah, we’ll see,
      the rematch won’t probably be at the madison square garden, but I reckon he has a pretty good shot at AS

  • Mike mckinney

    Weidman must be living in “McWorld.”
    He’ll need more than that if he actually gets the title shot. He better check into a Holiday Inn Express before gets in the cage with Anderson.

  • Bayik

    im not saying that Weidman will beat AS. But what if Weidman hits a lucky shot? damn MMA world will go nuts, still I got AS dominating Weidman, TKO by rd2

  • Timothy Malone

    I think Weidman has the right tools you would need to beat Silva, but he just doesn’t have enough experience yet. It’s a mistake to push for this fight so soon.

    • timothy malone is gay

      I sell Weidman and Sonnen there HGH, steroids, and all those other drugs, so Weidman will be FINE

    • um do you two have beef? lmao … I agree man. I would love to see Weidman get more experience. His win against Maia wasn’t impressive and before that he fought B level fighters. When Silva came to the UFC he has like over 17-20 fights and dominated each fight.

      • Timothy Malone

        Right and with where Silva is at in his career he isn’t going to want to grant rematches to anybody. Weidman probably has only one shot at it and he should face as much top talent as he can to prepare himself. He has never lost and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Fighters need to know how to face adversity. Silva is guaranteed to put him in some bad spots.

        • John Bunch

          I was just thinking that about the rematch issue…it’s one and done with AS at this point. I personally love Weidman’s toolset, and think the kid has a bright future as long as he stays healthy. I would be afraid the opportunity might never materialize if I turned it down, so I can understand…it would just be nice to see him a little more battle-tested, like you said.

  • Chris M

    how many fighters have you heard who are going to beat anderson silva! this is getting old! maybe he is the person to defeat the best pund for pund ever iin mma! but that chance very slim! there are sooo many silva haters is crazy! thats what happens if u are the best at what you do!!

  • Dick Niaz

    Who does this guy think he is?

    Only Frankie Edgar gets to challenge people he hasn’t fought yet to rematches…..

  • I will believe it when I see it. Or rather, I do not believe it, and if by a miracle I do see it, I still will not believe it.

    • tyrone

      That would make you stupid!

  • Just give him Weidman already so if Silva wins he can move on and continue his legacy. I’d rather see Weidman fight Vitor being his first fight back from injury.

    • John Bunch

      I wish he’d fight Vitor too. I’m excited to see this fight and think people writing Weidman off might be jumping the gun a bit, and letting their annoyance with the Weidman “huggers” color their views of this fight. In a perfect world Weidman should get a few more fights under his belt, but Silva has cleaned the division out so it’s going to be now.

      • JayJitsu310


      • Very well put my friend. And yes Weidman vs Vitor or Bisping. And let’s not forget Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy and Hector Lombard are all on top and interesting fights. This division will have more fighters I promise you that.

        • John Bunch

          Very true! And Jacare Souza intrigues me too…you’re right, I’m selling the division a little short.

          • Oh man how could I forget Jacare. That guy is one of my favorites for sure. Hopefully these guys don’t knock each other off for a shot because everyone of those fights is a great fight for Silva.

          • Mark McDowall

            I think Souza is a dark horse in this division. He could come out of nowhere and run through the division. I am interested in Rockhold too. I think he should take the winner of Okami/Lombard for next shot after Weidman.

          • Rockhold hopefully fights Bisping b/c I have read Bisping making comments about him after they had sparred each other. Maybe it could bring a little hype for his first fight into the UFC. So many good fights to come man with this expansion. Yes I call it an expansion lol.

          • Mark McDowall

            I think Rockhold/Bisping would be a great fight. Either that or winner of Okami/Lombard fights Rockhold for #1. As the departing StrikeForce champ I think he should be given the respect of at least a #1 contender fight

      • Mark McDowall

        I think a fight against Vitor/Bisping/Rockhold is the smart way to go. Coming back from a lay off and a pretty serious shoulder surgery and going straight in to a fight with Silva is a gutsy, if not foolish move.

        • John Bunch

          And with AS nearing the end of his run (10 fights, I know, but he’s thinking big at this point it seems), nobody left is going to get a second shot at him. Props to Chris for jumping at the opportunity…hope he’s as healthy as he can be and ready to go. Could be risky, considering what you’ve pointed out.

  • Fish

    Vitor x Weidman. Come on, Dana!

    • tyrone

      Something smells fishy around here! It sounds like you are afraid your hero silva is gonna get destroyed by weidman and somehow you hope vitor can somehow get lucky punch in and detail weidman. Wrong!!! Weidman ko’s silva in 1 round. Truth!!!

  • drkdisciple

    I wonder how much of this is Dana BS to sell the fight. Its obvious Weidman wants a title shot but I really don’t think he would talk all that smack.

    • Jesse Malloy

      He did say it on the MMA Hour, but it was in a joking mannor. He’s slowly trying to start a hype train because clearly winning fights isn’t cutting it in 2013. (not trying to sound douchey when I say that)

  • And a fairy came over my house yesterday and presented me with a Unicorn.

  • Jesse Malloy

    I love the new fired up attitude of Weidman! Where are all of his nut huggers? All of the guys complaining he was getting passed up in favor of Chael Sonnen last year? C’mon guys, now is the time to get behind your guy!! He may have the next shot!

    • tyrone

      You define the word “nuthugger “! Get off silvas lap and come up for air. You criticize weidman cause you think somehow what you say will get silva out of fight with weidman cause you know weidman gonna get silva down and gnp the crap out of the “hider “silva. Silva scrambling for any opponent other than weidman “number one contender “,proves silvas a chicken. Im surprised silva doesnt lay eggs. Oh that’s right, you lay the eggs in your twos relationship

      • El Gvapo

        Eh? I’d love to hear you talk, it would be hilarious if you talk in the same manner you type. And is “hider” a word?

  • dan

    Silva by boring UD. I think he’s gonna put on one his “great” performances just to piss off Dana and all the crybabies that wanted this fight so bad.
    Im a proud Silva fan and I know he wants big money fights but this all his doing. Cant blame this one on Dana. Theres NO ONE bankable @ MW for him anymore. GSP doesnt wanna fight him and I dont blame him for the same reason that Silva wont fight Jones. They’d both get wrecked. This is a bold statement but I’d favor Silva over any LHW not named Jon Jones but then we’d come full circle again and everyone would push for a fight with Jones.
    Anyway, Silva either needs to go to LHW or stop complaining about no money @ MW. GSP isnt coming either so move on. Wreck Weidman in the summer and hope that some good fighter emerges for a fight @ the end of the yr

    • Cptmats

      Silva would make pretty short work of Jones!

  • Kbroesq

    Yeah good luck with that.

  • Derek Lemaster

    Who else is gonna challenge Anderson? You guys think Weidman has no chance, and I think thats crazy. He’s basically a stronger version of Sonnen with better standup, so do the math. Inexperienced at 10-0? Why would Anderson avoid him so much?

    • derek lemaster is gay

      does he cheat as good as Sonnen???

      • hybe

        cheat or not, he did EXPOSE AS.

        • Drock420

          he got OWNED by AS

    • adam1848

      I think Anderson would rather fight someone else because he is good a weighing a cost / benefit ratio…Weidman is dangerous, and has a decent shot at out wrestling Anderson. But he also isn’t that popular or well known and therefore won’t bring in the PPV numbers of someone like Rashad. Cung Lee would bring in about the same numbers as Weidman, maybe a little more, but has an infinitely smaller chance of upsetting the champ. You have to remember that most of Anderson’s pay comes in the form of PPV number bonuses, so if he is going to risk his legacy he wants it to be against someone who is either very well known and will bring in huge PPV numbers, or someone who has no chance. Weidman is a worst case scenario for Anderson…a very dangerous fighter who isn’t a huge PPV draw. But in my mind, all of that is (or should be) irrelevant because Weidman is next in line and a champ should fight the number one contender (which Weidman is)…end of story. I’m not excusing Anderson for wanting to fight someone other than Weidman, just saying that I understand why he is doing it.

      And for everybody hating on Weidman, who should be next in line, if not him? Vitor had his shot. Rashad just lost a horribly boring fight. Most of the other top 10 guys at 85 are coming off of a recent loss. Weidman is undefeated and has two wins over very very high level fighters. Like it or not, he is next in line, at least the way I see it.

      But Anderson will beat him.

  • fart club

    Smack talkers mostly end up loosing and look like idiots afterwards,
    …Reem, Sonnen

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Chris never talked smack. It was Dana’s account of what Chris had said.

      Wouldn’t trust Dana 100%.

  • suckmeballs

    Silva will KO this d bag in rd 2!!

  • idk y everyone is doubting weidman. the kid is a top lvl fighter and as everyone knows it only takes one small mistake for the title to change hands. I say its 60/40 in favor of silva.

  • El Gvapo

    So the ufc’s bisping vs silva plan failed, then they hyped the rashad possibility and that went tits up too. Now by process of elimination Weidman is the only guy left to fight silva and suddenly Dana is making these comments. He was ice cold on silva vs Weidman a month ago and now it looks like he’s bigging it up.

    Win or lose, I just hope Weidman doesn’t get caught up in the whole trash talking syndrome, it doesn’t suit him. He seems like a respectful guy who’s built his reputation on performances, I hope he doesn’t spoil that. I give him a chance though, not a huge chance but better than most of Silva’s previous opponents.

    • gnodeb

      people talk about Weidman just because he is calling AS out… i’m sure one elbow is not enough for this kind of attention… and he is doing that because that is smart thing to do… good for him… but why mma fans supporting this kind of matchups is beyond me…

  • joser929

    Haha he almost sounds like some other fighter who fought
    Spider sounds like sheal connen..lol..we all kno what happend to him after talkng all that trash

  • cdc

    LOMBARD vs weidman…Do it UFC !!!

  • Joe

    Totally agree! Please make lombard vs weidman!

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Dana and UFC are trying to have more white american champions because the’re more marketable

    • Whatever

      So why is Jon Jones allowed to hold a belt? Why didn’t they pull of this scam a long time ago with Silva? They already had two chances with Sonnen. BS argument just because your kind didn’t win.

  • Owned

    Hahaha and look what happened