Dana White: Chris Weidman Poised to Get His Shot at Anderson Silva

February 4, 2013
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It looks like Chris Weidman’s dream is about to come true.

The middleweight contender who has spent the better part of the last 7 months calling out UFC champion Anderson Silva appears to be on the precipice from getting his wish.

Following a night of upsets at UFC 156 that included former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans going down to defeat, UFC President Dana White all but locked down a title fight between Silva and Weidman later this year.

Evans name got mentioned because he was a possible contender as well should he have won against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156. With a victory, Evans potentially would have drop to 185lbs and received an immediate title shot against Silva.

That’s all gone now however.

White did say he was always a fan of making the Weidman vs. Silva fight, but Evans’ loss just cleared the way to make it happen.

“I would have to say yes,” White answered at the UFC 156 post fight press conference when asked if Chris Weidman was next for Anderson Silva. “Going into this fight anyway we wanted to wait, we wanted to see what happens, and I liked (Chris) Weidman for this fight anyway, so yeah.”

Evans didn’t help his case with a lackluster performance to cap off the loss to Nogueira, which marked his second defeat in a row.

“Rashad looked worse than I’ve ever seen him tonight. He looked terrible,” said White.

All the talk for the past several months with Weidman calling out the champion was that Silva had no interest in the fight for varied reasons. Silva and his camp claimed that Weidman needed to do more to earn his shot, plus he was still relatively unknown at this stage of his career. Others said stylistically, Weidman’s wrestling and ground game were a natural kryptonite for Silva.

White contends however that Silva has never backed down from any fight the UFC has offered him, and he doesn’t expect anything different if the name on the bout agreement happens to say Chris Weidman.

“It’s always a process in dealing with Anderson and getting him his next fight. I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s just I’m used to it. I know how this all goes. Everybody thinks he’s ducking (Weidman), I don’t know why he does this, he makes it look like he doesn’t want to fight Weidman,” said White.

“Believe me right here, right now when I tell you, Anderson Silva does not care who he fights. Whoever we end up coming up with him to fight, he will fight. There’s never been a situation where I’ve been with Anderson Silva where he’s said “I will absolutely not fight this guy” so, my long winded answer is yes (Weidman is next).”

Weidman is currently nursing his shoulder after having surgery late last year, but he expects to be ready to return in mid-summer and what’s likely to await him is his title shot against the most dominant champion in UFC history.

  • Weidman is a JOKE

    Another wasted opponent on the greatest of all time. Weidman is a joke and overrated. Silva will embarass him. 9 fights? Wtf? Only white guys that hate silva want this fight; weidman the wrestler is there only hope lol. The ufc would kill too see weidman win, they hate silva…but anderson will win EASILY remember it here!!

    • tyrone

      I believe dana has stated that anderson is his favorite fighter

      • yup

        I believe dana knows whats good for him. Let the past teach you a lesson about the present. Look up their history

  • grampappy

    Silva will retire before fighting weidman

  • grampappy

    Im sure dana and anderson are freaking out about now.they kept putting guys in front of weidman for shot against silva and those guys lost. Who’s next? Mighty mouse? Weidman is clearly number one contender and if silva refuses then take his belt. Right now I consider silva a chicken and a duck. Hes ducking weidman. Do the duck dance silva

    • toe hold

      Let me guess dumbass, you had sonnen beating Sensei Silva lol sorry grandma but weidman will lose. Also, what possibly makes you think weidman will win? Please don’t say wrestling lmao don’t let your hate and disdain cloud your judgement. Accept it; your white guy will lose to the afro-brazilian

      • grampappy

        It sounds like you are the racist and the one full of hate.look in mirror before you cast that stone. I didn’t say anything about any other fighter, so I dont know where you came up with sonnen. Ask the almighty to remove that devil of racism out of your heart, he will. By the way I was rooting for overeem. Try not to read between the lines so much, cause you certainly dont have me figured out. I have black babies in my family whom I love and buy stuff. We will keep them from racists like you.

        • Lucas Freire

          Just tell which win from Weidman is bigger than Vitor’s win,is bigger than Constantino’s wins for god’s sake. Weidman defeated a midget at MW that was Demian Maia,and Munoz,a guy whose last win was against Chris Leben? lol

          • You are gonna look really stupid when Silva loses to him

          • Lucas Freire

            You’re gonna look really stupid when Silva defeats him in a huge TKO and you show up here to say that Silva doesn’t fight big names.

        • Jesus is GOD

          you pointing out how many african americans in your family and rooting for overeem comes off incredibly defensive. Whats with all the preaching? Toe hold is speaking about MMA not religion or ethics. You said nothing in concerns to mma or the subject of weidman n anderson. Your the one callng another man on their character when you dont even know Anderson. GET OFF THE BOARDS

          • toe hold

            I dont need you defending me you lame

          • El Gvapo

            You need to quit trolling.nuthugger

        • Bobby

          ” I have black babies in my familyl whom i love and “buy stuff” – LMAO

          • I have one black baby; how did I get it? I traded it for an iPad…LOL…why do I have one? Because Madonna’s got one, Angelina Jolie’s got one and now Bruno’s got one…LOL That was the only funny part of the movie. Now chill out with the racism stuff is not even worth arguing. All humans are racist to one degree or another; so quit whining!

          • El Gvapo

            Hahaha that was amazing wasn’t it? Probably the best comment I’ve ever read on here. Buying gifts for black babies, just priceless!!

        • GrampappyAssHole

          lol. suddenly changing the subject? Leave this website and go watch cartoons noob.

    • LOLZ @ that guy that thinks Anderson’s scared of Weidman… You should probably stop watching MMA.

    • adam1848

      So you don’t believe Dana when he says that Anderson has always fought whoever the UFC asked him to? Anderson and his camp expressed their opinion…that Weidman is relatively unknown and not a very big PPV draw. In my opinion, that is true. But I also agree with you that Weidman is next in line and deserves this shot more than anyone else at 185 (because Vitor has already had a shot and Rashad looked horrible the other night). You can express your opinion (which I believe is correct) that Weidman deserves his shot without making the (incorrect) assumption that Anderson is ducking him, just because Anderson’s camp would prefer a higher profile opponent. Anderson will fight Weidman this summer, and he will knock him out, and then the Weidman haters will say “SEE, I told you” and the Anderson haters will discredit Weidman and say Anderson still hasn’t fought anybody good. Its a one big, laughable circle of stupidity. Weidman is very good, and a respectable challenger for the belt, and Anderson will make him look like an amateur because he is just that good.

    • gramppapyNOOB

      lol. noob.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Yet another fighter who has talked his way into a title fight. At least Weidman isn’t coming off of a loss. I suppose that’s an improvement for the UFC as of late

  • Peter S

    The people who are saying Silva’s ducking Weidman, and that he’s going to be demolished when they fight, are the same people who were positive Silva stood no chance against Sonnen the second time around. Silva haters are grasping at straws. I don’t deny that Weidman is a good fighter, and has a chance to catch Silva with something, in all reality it’s very unlikely he does. Silva’s more than a couple levels above him in all aspects of MMA. Silva by second round (T)KO, and then all Silva’s haters will have to find a new hope.

    • In all aspects? Weidman took down munoz, munoz was his wrestling coach at one point

      • shereko

        Those who can’t….. teach. There are many that can’t fight that can teach aspects of the game. Clueless

  • The Guy

    **** weidman he’s overrated as ****. He hasn’t proved ****. Next thing you know someone will be making their mma debut against silva for the title.

  • The same people that say Silva is ducking Weidman are the people that will be saying Silva doesn’t fight real contenders

  • yourdaddy

    I’ve never seen such vehemently worded feelings expressed as when someone says they think weidman can beat silva. I say, let silva step in ring with weidman an undefeated fighter who is rightful number one contender and prove it. You all wouldnt have to defend silva if he would fight rightful mandatory.

    • yes

      We are not trying to defend Silva. His fighting and greatness proven in the cage does that. We dont want the greatest fighter ever wasted on an overrated guy like Weidman; thats the problem

  • tyrone

    Silva trained with munoz and munoz dominated training so much so that munoz started calling out silva.then munoz got destroyed easily by weidman, then weidman boldly and rightfully called out silva, which snatched silvas heart away. Weidman showed silva “yeller “.props to weidman

    • HAHAHAA Weidman’s calling out of Silva “snatched his soul away”???? Where do you jerk-jobs come up with ****??? Anybody who thinks Chris has chance against the spider is either just plain ignorant, or like the guy stated above-is blinded by their hatred of Anderson… The spider will TKO this dude in 1st round, easily, then we won’t have to listen to these evil little fanboys anymore.

    • shereko

      Sonnen and Henderson are/were better wrestlers than Weidman and Munoz… how did that work? Its MMA not wrestling… wtf, get a clue.

    • lol

      You are a complete TROLL. Were in the hell do you get your facts from lmao Munoz dominated Anderson in training? Ofcourse, because you were there training with Blackhouse and documented all of it…MORON

  • Tell me how bad Silva is…

    I have good memmory and didn’t lose counting of how many fighters were the biggest challange for Silva just before the fight. It’s funny how people don’t like Silva, doesn’t matter what. They keep calling fights and Aderson keep beatting asses. Always same story, “Silva have never fought tough guy”. They don’t realize how good Silva is on making awesome fighters look dumb. You have to live with that bro, sorry.

    For the records, here is the list of CHAMPIONS beated by Silva:
    Dan Henderson
    Vitor Belfort
    Forrest Griffin
    Rich Franklin
    2x Chael Sonnen (The People’s Champion)

    Do you remmember how stupid those guys looked on Silva’s hands. They all had the belt before, even Chael that had on bought on eBay.


    • shereko

      They conveniently forget that Henderson was 2 belt champion in Pride and was going to walk all over 205 and 185 in UFC, lost handily… Franklin was 22-2 at the time he fought Silva and got destroyed. People see what they wanna see. An undersized Maia at 185 isn’t a measuring stick at a title shot… Munoz… please

      • You and all the other Weidman haters should stop trying to down play his accomplishments. Munoz and Maia were both top 5 middleweights when Weidman defeated them. If he’s such an unworthy title challenger then fine, Silva should have an easy time finishing him.

        • cardboard

          Your RIGHT…Silva will have an easy time fiinishing him. Waste of fight and PPV. Weidman is a JOKE

        • Anthony Lopez

          Hahaha! Maia was a top 5 middleweight when Weidman beat him!? Here’s some knowledge for your uneducated ass: Maia had actually been recently knocked out of the top 10 in middleweight at the time of the fight. I have no idea where you get that he was a top 5 middleweight at the time of that fight. Weidman nuthuggers can try to enhance his accomplishments all you want, but the fact remains he has 9 wins and only 1 top 10 win

          • Munoz beat maia to get into the top 5. That’s a fact

          • Lawliet

            lol noob. Who cares?

  • dan

    I have a feeling Silva is gonna **** Dana over by putting on one of his “performances”. Silva really hates fighting guys that he sees as not worthy so buyer beware for this fight.
    As for my pick: Silva by nasty stoppage or “great performance” ;). Weidman is a big stiff out there that doesnt have the footwork to keep up. All these boneheads use MMA math. Wrestler+BJJ = I hate Silva, Silva’s ducking. They dont see footwork, reflexes, quickness etc. Munoz practically walked into Weidman’s elbow.

    • toe hold

      You Sir definitely watch mma fights. We need more analyst and fans like you. Thank you!

      • Anthony Lopez

        I agree! Thank you dan for actually watching the fights and using the variables that actually matter in the cage.

  • Asa

    silva, 1 ufc fight and gets a title fight! now all the sudden weidman dont deserve to fight silva lol, fickle. this will be a good fight.

    • Lucas Freire

      By the time: Chris Leben was a top contender at MW(5-win-streak)

      Anderson destroyed him with 100% accuracy

      Anderson was the champion of the other promotion he fought at

      • That means nothing. That’s like saying the cage rage champion deserves a shot at the ufc champion

        • Anthony Lopez

          Back then the middleweight division didn’t have the talent it does now. Anderson got his shot based on past accomplishments, and from demolishing one of the very few challengers to Rich that the UFC had at the time. The middleweight division is a very different scene now, and there is no way Weidman deserves a shot over say Belfort for instance. Either way Weidman fanboys are going to go around in circles as to why he is so clearly the number one contender, but base nothing on facts besides his ONE top 10 win over Munoz

          • Asa

            belfort just fouvht for both titles and lost. that was a ignorant statement! munoz was considered num 1 contender and a beast, if u beat the champ u r the champ. should be sthe same for num 1 guy!

    • shereko

      He had many many more fights around the world than weidman has total… Dan and Ben Henderson got immediate title fights when they started, Jake Shields got an immediate shot at GSP… etc… this happens when they earn it some place else… 8 or 9 fights isn’t enough for a title shot. There is nothing out of the ordinary for his title shot back when he started in ’06

    • glacier

      This wont be a good fight Assy Johnson…it will be Silva vs Maia, look it up

  • Every fight Silva has people say he’s going to lose. It’s like people don’t want to see the guy have any success. Silva never even turned down the Weidman fight, he only said he has no interest in fighting him. People say Andersons weakness is his wrestling but how is that so? He’s been doing mma for over ten years. His wrestling coach has incredible credentials in Brazil. Being taken down by Sonnen is not a big deal, Sonnen in one of the best wrestlers out there. Just b/c he’s not from a wrestling base doesn’t mean it’s his weakness. I just want to know who fans are going to want for Silva next when he beats a guy with 9 fights on his record. Then the next thing is that he’s ducking guys in LHW b/c he’s not looking to move up again.

    • yup

      AGREED…Weidman is a solid fighter but Anderson is on another planet. I feel people in sports in general just want to be right and try and call things before they happen just to be right and say “I told you so”.

      • Yea it’s incredible that Silva hasn’t slowed down a bit. Still looks incredible.

    • Anthony Lopez

      That’s just the name of the game. When you’re on top you’re gonna have haters. In Silva’s case, lots of them

      • I would hate to see Silva lose and people act like he’s a nobody b/c that if feels like would happen. Who is your top pick to go against Silva at MW?

  • All Weidman nutthuggers, say whatever the hell you want, he’ll get destroyed anyway. First round Knock Out a la James Irving. Weidman will get greedy with his idea that he has to take Silva down and Silva will be waiting for him with a flying knee to the forehead LOL and lights out for Weidman…or First round KO Silva pawing Weidman’s chin and swat!!!!…. down goes Weidman like a squashed fly.

    • And then silva wakes up from his dream

    • yo mama

      You define the word “nuthugger “lol bahahaha

  • grampappy

    I guess you all are presuming that I am white. I guess thhat makes you the racist cause I am of mexican heritage

  • darthchef3193

    should be a good fight, idk if weidman is ready for the jump up in competition, i pretty much ignore his maia fight because of how much weight he had to cut so it doesnt really tell us anything but he did ko munoz but thats not the craziest accomplishment you could have, id prefer for him to get a real top 5 guy before silva, but they all lost except vitor hahah a fight with okami, lombard, rockhold, maybe even phillipou since he beat the guy weidman was supposed to fight…oh well lets see this ****

    • Triangle choke

      He won’t fight Phillipou because they’re from the same training camp. Lombard or Rockhold would be awesome though. However Rockhold and Vitor Belfort might be fighting each other

  • bajafox

    At this point Silva should fight 2 of the top 185 contenders on the same night. He might break a sweat

    • He’s breaking a sweat just thinking about Weidman. He’s ducking him.

  • gnodeb

    so fight at 205 decided what random fighter will get title shot at 185 🙂 seriously, get rid of titles… they only shows how fake this “competition” is…

  • fightdoc

    Now silva wants Gsp at catch weight. Lol.he came up with this after dana says weidman is next! Lol.anything to get out out of fight with weidman. Lets see what andersons devout followers come up with next .seems they would get tired of defending coward silva.,

    • already know

      Truly we need more of your insight here.silvas followers get so upset when weidman is mentioned, its almost cult like. Losers following a coward

  • weidman owns silvasheart

    @fightdoc, so true so true

  • weidman owns silvasheart

    Weidman owns silvas heart, he snatched it away when he boldly called out silva after dominating munoz whom dominated silva consistently in sparring

  • weidman better have a perfect gameplan and train his ass off cause if he doesnt win the title i doubt he will get another shot any time soon. A little word of advice dont trash talk you see what happened to sonnen. I like wiedman but for him to win he will have to be perfect in everything.

  • Joseph Abajian

    Weidman needs one more fight to prove himself and get better. UFC doesn’t need Silva to embarrass another top contender.