Dana White: Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson Both Possible for Anderson Silva’s Next Fight

August 25, 2011
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Chael Sonnen & Dan Henderson

It might be a bit presumptuous to assume Silva will defeat Okami before it happens, but with the champion’s record long winning streak and dominance in the Octagon, it’s hard not to think about the next possible contender.

Two names that came up during the UFC 134 pre-fight press conference were perennial Anderson Silva detractor Chael Sonnen and current Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson.

UFC President Dana White commented first on Sonnen, who has a fight coming up at UFC 136 against Brian Stann.

“Well, Chael Sonnen has a fight in Houston before we can make that decision. He’d have to get through his fight in Houston,” White commented.

The other big news of course is the confirmation that Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson could be a potential opponent for Silva if he’s victorious at UFC 134.

Rumors have been swirling for the past few days that Henderson could be re-signed to the UFC, and put on a collision course with Silva for the first UFC on Fox show on Nov 12 in Anaheim, Calif.

“Obvioulsy, Dan Henderson is a possibility, too,” White commented.

Currently, Henderson remains a free agent, although all signs are pointing towards a return to the UFC, regardless whether or not the match-up with Silva ends up happening or not.

Henderson has commented that he believes light heavyweight is his best weight class to compete at, but there’s no doubt that he would cut to 185lbs again for a second shot at Silva in the Octagon.

White still hasn’t made any decisions right now however, and with Yushin Okami still standing in the way, nothing will be settled until at least after Saturday night.

“We’ll see what happens,” said White. “We don’t know yet, but you’re right it can be one of those guys.”

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  • bajafox

    Hopefully Brian Stann can stop Sonnen.

    After that they should put two of the biggest mouths in the UFC against each other, Sonnen v. Bisping

    • Unador

      ah, the Hendo knockout of Bisping was great. But I’d enjoy seeing Chael pound on Bisping for 3 rounds.

      Stann blew me away with his performance vs Leben. Who, is only really a slugger, is incredibly tough. Stann just destroyed Leben, similar to what Silva did to him. Haven’t seen much of Stann. I hope he has goog take down defense. I’m actually hoping to see Stann vs Silva, so I need a victory here over Sonnen.

      • wonggfan

        I think Sonnen could pull out a decision.

        Pretty much both guys are former 205ers who have revived their careers in the 185 division.

        The reason why I think Sonnen will win is because of his wrestling and chin. Sonnen has never been KOed. Stann does have the punching power advantage, but he will be taken down.

        Expect to see Stann clip Sonnen good once or twice but Sonnen takes Stann down and starts throwing his weak G&P on him to pull out a decision.

  • BigGuy

    Let’s remember that this is Dana we are talking about. This is the same asshole that promised the St. Pierre-Silva fight and never delivered! Dana is full of shit sometimes…

    • bajafox

      He can’t “force” GSP to fight Silva, when both men hold titles it’s their right to defend it within their weight class.

      There are fighters lining up to take the titles from them, until someone does, this super fight is on the back burner.

      Dana may be an asshole, but he’s not stupid.

    • Unador

      Did Dana make a promise?
      Did he really tell us the fight was on before asking GSP or Silva?
      He can’t force these two guys to fight the way he can others. They belong in different weight classes.
      That being said, it’s no super fight when one guy is fighting at a natural disadvantage.
      BJ Penn, hate the guy, but he’s an extaordinary MMA competitor. ( notice I didn’t say fighter, he doesn’t fight ) And he’s jumped weight for a great deal of bouts, with mixed results, because regardless of my opinion of him as weak with no cardio and lazy, he’s only a LW.
      But I applaud and respect him for jumping weight and fighting anybody.

  • shakejunt

    i’ll say it again, what note-worthy fighter has Dan Henderson beat in the past 2 years? No one at 185