Dana White Can’t Defend Nick Diaz Drug Suspension, but Doesn’t Want Him to Retire

March 28, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129UFC welterweight contender Nick Diaz, following a controversial loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 in February, fell into more controversy when he tested positive for marijuana metabolites following the fight.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has put Diaz under a temporary suspension until a full disciplinary hearing takes place later this year, likely in April.

“My stance on the whole thing is… it’s not allowed. You’re not allowed to do it. Whatever the commission says you’re not allowed to do, you’re not allowed to do. It doesn’t matter what I think,” UFC president Dana White stated in a meeting with reporters following Tuesday’s UFC 146 press conference in Las Vegas.

“I don’t smoke weed. It’s not my thing. It’s illegal; you can’t do it. I can’t present an argument for why (Nick Diaz) should be cool to have marijuana in his system.”

Does White want Diaz in the Octagon again? Yes… emphatically.

Diaz, who has constantly had a love-hate relationship with the outside-of-the-cage aspect of fighting, however, has bantered about the idea of retiring from the sport, saying that he’s tired of the politics.

That is definitely something that White doesn’t want. “I think if he retired it would be the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The kid is right now at the pinnacle of his career as far as his talent goes, as far as being a well rounded fighter.”

White, however, hasn’t spoken to Diaz since the fight in early February. So just where Diaz’s head is at in relationship to his career remains a mystery.

White also talked at length about testosterone replacement therapy and steroids and what he and the UFC are doing to try and clean up drug abuse in their sport. Watch the full video below for more from Dana White…

  • It will be interesting to see what comes out of the hearing in April. His lawyer makes some interesting points but the commission is bullheaded and will likely rely on precedent set in past cases/hearings. They’ll fine + suspend him, the question is how much and for how long.

    I think he’ll fight again.

    • I dont smoke, I dont even drink alcohol, and I think Nick Diaz acts like a dbag much of the time, but I agree that his lawyer really has a decent argument. The test didnt show immediate use, it showed the effects of past use. As his lawyer said, you can get drunk in between fights, just not right before a fight. Why shouldn’t it be the same for medical marijuana?

      • I agree. As long as he wasn’t under the influence at fight time and hadn’t smoked for the past 8 days (as Diaz contends), then who cares. His lawyer is going to get Clintonian with the word “before”. Will be interesting to see if he can sway the commission. Not holding by breath though.

  • TKD

    Banned substances are banned substances. He should be given the punishment and he should take it like a man. If he wants to retire, so what? There are plenty of fighters that want to fight. I couldn’t care less about the whining baby.

  • alhmiel

    If there are rules obey them. If you break the rules you pay the price of suspension. Being ignorant of the facts isn’t an excuse. I like Nick but he is daring the UFC and all MMA every day. He dared them and is now going to be suspended. he deserved it. Diaz doesn’t pay my mortgage so screw him.

    • RonnieV

      Dude, you’ve posted probably 50 comments depicting Nick Diaz. Going as far as calling him a “Demon”, don’t get on here and say you like him.

      • shereko

        LMAO ohh no a Diaz article, I was counting the seconds til RonnieV was going to comment. Don’t worry dude, I like ya most of the time and your comments are good… just not on the Diaz topic, you’re too close to the situation.

      • alhmiel

        glad you are reading my commentary as you should. keep reading and learning.

  • bajafox

    Is the hearing on April 20th? I might smoke a fatty and hope everything goes well for Diaz. He’s one of the few fighters who actually go out to fight

  • adam1848

    How about the fact that when Nick smokes, he is doing so legally, with a legitimate prescription from a doctor, in a state that considers marijuana a medicinal substance? I agree that rules are rules, and he should accept his consequences and then come back to fighting. But the guy is legally purchasing and consuming a non-performance enhancing substance. The pain killing attributes of THC would be far outweighed by decreased reaction time if he were to go into a fight baked, so I doubt he is getting lit right before fights. If he were on some pharmaceutical like Zoloft, this wouldn’t be an issue. Dana said, “I don’t smoke weed. It’s not my thing. It’s illegal; you can’t do it. I can’t present an argument for why (Nick Diaz) should be cool to have marijuana in his system.” Well, I can. Because it is legal where he lives, he has a prescription, so it is legal when he smokes it, and its legal in every other state so long as a pharmaceutical company processes it and calls it Marinol or Sativex. The athletic commission has its rules and Nick chose to break them and should be punished. That’s fine. Maybe he lied to get his Rx and he just likes to get high more than he wants to be a professional athlete. I don’t know. But there is, in fact, an argument for why Nick should be “cool” to have THC in his system.

    • RonnieV

      Hey I’m a huge Diaz fan, but eventhough he smokes weed legally in Cali, it’s illegal for it to still be in his system in Nevada (via the NSAC). Apparently he smokes weed before every fight, and according to Cesar Gracie he uses the same cleansing system before every fight, this time it didn’t work… nuff said. I hope Diaz doesn’t retire, because he is one of the most exciting & enigmatic fighters in the sport. The UFC feels the same way I do, because he is great for their product. I’m viewing this suspension like an injury. Diaz will sit-out a year, which doesn’t seem that big considering GSP will sit-out nearly two years (20 months) by the time he fights again. I won’t argue with the rules, but Oh well… we still have Nate!

      • shereko

        I’m not ripping RonnieV, thats a great and fair comment. I think you deserve serious props for this post!! Much respect bro.

      • phrankthetank

        Ronnie, I respect and agree with that entire statement. This is what I’ve been saying. At the end of the day, he knows nsac is going to test him and if he wants to be a fighter than he needs to cut that out with more than enough time before a fight to clear his system. I don’t care what he does on his own time and I do hope he fights again because the guy is talented. I won’t say I like nick Diaz because I don’t, but I respect the hell out of his abilities.

        • shereko

          Just like Randy Moss, Ricky Williams and on and on… the window as a professional is small, just stop using enough to get your life set and compete at the highest level, then go back to using whatever you like the rest of your life. Love the guy or hate the guy he comes out to fight… nobody wants him to retire.

          • macgrubber

            i want him to retire. why should it matter if its legal or prescrition or whatever. its a rule. If my boss told me i cant eat meat well then looks like im becoming a vegetarian because i need the money and am willing to sacrifice things so i can make money. Im not gonna cry and complain about it just stop acting like a baby and dont do it. he thinks he is above the rules so let him go and get a job at BK.

  • shereko

    I’m also fair and state that I don’t like Nick as as a fight personality, which is different than a fighter or a person… as a fighter he comes out like a pitbull every time (disrespects opponents more than I’d like but, views it as life/death in the cage so I respect it) and as a person the guy works his tail off all the time. Just talks too much crap in interviews (I know thats not him, he doesnt like that part of the sport) BUT, I do like Nate more he plays the game… he probably doesn’t like it either but, does it cause well the media has to have things a certain way. Like Dana says, “Just play the game some”

  • Triggerman99

    Wow, look at all the respect Diaz is getting now! Where did that come from? LOL

    I think it’s a fair way to look at him, though. A lot of people dislike him as a person, and even though I am a huge fan, I can understand that. But it’s riduculous when people let their hatred of him get in the way of their judgement of him as a fighter. He can fight, and he makes sure he does exactly that every time he gets in the cage. If he retired, the sport would be worse of for it in terms of entertainment and display of skill. That’s a fact.

    • shereko

      I’m just saying that no matter we all have jobs and when you do, there is a certain game you have to play. He shouldn’t be different, otherwise go fight on smaller cards so you don’t have to deal with that stuff he doesn’t like. He could fight in Cali and not have to worry and get on small cards, and he can smoke weed, and not make money in small cards. But, nobody gets their cake or pot brownies and eat it too.

      • Triggerman99

        Well, I guess he’s lucky that his boss is a true fight fan. Dana will make sure Nick has a lot of high-profile fights left in the UFC, if he wants them. These things have a way of working themselves out, especially with someone like Dana on your side.

        • shereko

          Don’t confuse things, Dana is a fan of money… its the fans that obviously Nick is a polarizing figure and like him or hate him people want to see him. Dana knows that, he’s a business man. He can get attention by him fighting and attention makes money.

          • macgrubber

            shereko why do you think so many people want to watch nick diaz fight? Its not like he has one hit KO power or is able to land spinning heel kicks like barboza. And the fight with condit was really boring. And not everyone is a fan of his pitter patter punches. Just becasue someone runs his mouth doesnt make him entertaining.

          • Triggerman99

            Dana is a huuuuuge fight fan. You’re kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. Of course he cares about the money; that’s his job. But don’t shortchange the man when it comes to being a fan of the fight game and true fighters. Watch him in the stands when a great fight is taking place in the cage; he’s jumping out his seat, just like you or me would be doing.

  • brianhussey

    Poor guy, cleansing system worked for me back in the day…

  • shereko

    Well, I want to watch him fight because I want to see someone take his head off when he waves them forward or flips them off. Did I say I was a fan of him? I’m sorry if I misconstrued that. Obviously, his articles on here get a lot of attention, so with that reasoning I think people want to see him fight. Honestly, if he fought just once more and was KO’ed then I’d be done with him… and to some, yes because he runs his mouth he is entertaining. Not to myself, and sounds like not to you but, that doesn’t mean he isn’t to others.

  • alhmiel

    Watch dana get involved on Nicks’ behalf for a softer punishment and a quicker reinstatement. It’s a business. Dumb as Diaz is he sells tickets. DUH?

  • I will watch him fight again, I guess after his suspension. He is obnoxious, but he is a good fighter and his fights are always pretty good. Dana is not going to fire a money maker….