Dana White Calls Ben Askren an ‘Absolute Moron,’ Says Fighter Copies Tito Ortiz

September 10, 2014
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Ben Askren Photo 4 (Credit to Louie Jabanag)The war of words between UFC President Dana White and One FC welterweight champion Ben Askren continued on Wednesday.

White appeared on “UFC Tonight” and was asked by the panel what his thoughts on Askren were after the fighter made recent comments about the UFC boss. White, as he typically does, bashed the fighter for speaking negatively about the UFC figurehead.

“I thought Tito [Ortiz] was the dumbest human being I ever met. This guy is an absolute moron,” White said on the program.

Askren made a recent appearance on “Inside MMA,” wherein he talked about wanting to fight in the UFC and prove he’s the best in the world. The fighter added, however, that he’s not sure he wants to “stoop” to White’s level in order to prove his talents.

White reacted and added that he thinks Askren steals the act of one of the UFC executive’s old foes, Tito Ortiz.

“He’s copying everything Tito does,” White said. “Tito ought to sue him for taking that one.

Askren recently transitioned from Bellator, where he long held the company’s welterweight title, to One FC, where he won that organization’s 170-pound title last month.

Askren has made claims that he is more than happy with One FC and what they’ve provided him for his career. White, however, suggested that he’s not buying it, and it all stems from the attention he and his company are getting from the fighter.

“And the reality is [Askren] claims that this is where he wants to fight, but the kid won’t shut his mouth,” he said. “And if he’s that happy over in Asia and that organization is doing so well, then what the hell is he talking about me for? If your life’s so great and you love where you’re fighting, and that Asian organization is just growing leaps and bounds by the day, then it sounds like everything’s great [and] going your way … do your thing.”

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  • who what huh

    He’s talking about you because you’re a douchebag who spouted bullshit about Askren “not being ready for the UFC” when he left Bellator and then signed a bunch of Chinese cans and ancient Joe Riggs, Dana.

  • julian moran

    Dana opened his mouth nice and wide and offered the news media another big load of sh#t.
    Askren made valid points; calling him a moron is just not a good counter argument.

    • Maddawgmar

      Not a valid argument, but spot on. If the UFC is by far the largest MMA organization in the world, and that is where the best talent and largest money is, why burn bridges on the president of the organization? That is no way to get in and have a chance to get his piece of that. Not saying he is wrong, he has a right to his opinion, but if he wants to fight the best, keep your mouth shut.

      • julian moran

        Askren is willing to fight in the UFC. He is just not willing to be Dana’s b#tch as a foremost condition. I can only respect him for that. Askren is a fighter, his job is to fight. The UFC promotes itself as having the best fighters in the world, thus it is for them to sign Askren. If being honest about Dana White is keeping Askren out of the UFC, then the problem is Dana White, not Askren.

        • Maddawgmar

          Every employees of a company is essentially their bosses bitch. They tell you what to do an you do it. That is the premise of the corporate organization. But if you trash you boss, you will get fired. If you trash a potential boss, you may not get that job. It’s something he is gonna have to come to terms with. Does he want to finish his career fighting nobodies and prospects and not deal with Dana, or deal with Dana and fight the best and potentially be seen as the best?

  • r

    Dana White would lose miserably in a debate with the argument “he’s a moron, don’t listen to him”.

    This type of fallacy is known as “ad hominem”.

    One important question I can think of that would help us understand this further concerns Ben Askrens original statement: Were Ben Askren’s original words a statement of fact, or an argument?

    What do you guys think?

    • Joe Dog

      What do I think? I think you are analyzing words from two guys who are like angry bickering old women. Neither of them has any sort of filter between their thoughts and words. Bla bla bla. Speaking of words, I just noticed that “analyze” contains the word “anal”.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    That really sucsk cause he is a very talented fighter and we wont see him in UFC anytime soon.

  • Darren Serati

    Askren was 100% correct about Dana. Dana didn’t have a counter argument. Askren won, but he will still be largely unknown and never considered the best if he keeps telling the truth about Dana and isn’t in the UFC

  • Muttley76

    I’m just curious as to what exactly Dana said that was untrue here, as much as everyone is blasting him, every single point he made is valid. I’m not always a Dana white supporter lol, but as far as this article , he’s 100% correct in his statements that if Askren was that happy he wouldn’t go well over time of an interview purely to talk shit about another organization, obviously Ben has sour grapes the UFC wasn’t interested when he left Bellator. It’s also not the brightest move to routinely bad out the head of the org you have stated your desire to go to, anyone who doesn’t understand that has a problem with reality. Keep in mind I’m not saying Askren doesn’t have valid points on what he says, purely that for this particular response Dana seems to be absolutely correct. I will say calling Askren a moron might not be completely accurate, but he is absolutely stealing a page out of Tito’s playbook, and I’m sure would kiss and make up in a heartbeat just like Tito if given the chance. He is without a doubt an elite grappler, but that’s about it. Someone recently described him as “jake Shields with worse hands”, which I think is spot-on, and I think he’s far from being the best in the world, but that’s a totally different argument. He’s very very talented, just not well rounded, IMO. But to say in the space of three minutes that you want in the UFC and then go absolutely nuts on the prez is darn near to the point of needing a helmet to way soup…

    • George Sperry

      IMO it is unfair to claim someone is “talking” about any issue when that someone is asked a question about that something. Askern was asked about fighting in the UFC and then chastised for not saying it was his only dream.
      As far as going over time limit it isn’t always simple to just say yes or no as an answer to a complicated issue.
      Askern didn’t force his way into an interview, and he didn’t set the agenda… the interviewers did, and the interviewers cut him off also.

      • Muttley76

        The interviewers told him he only had 4 minutes beforehand, and he gets “cut off” at 5 and 1/2? I’ve worked in radio (not TV granted), but there is no chance anyone would’ve gotten THAT far on any of the shows I was on/around. I agree it’s not a yes/no answer, the problem is no matter the question he turned it around into bashing DW. They most definitely were not all related to DW or any part of their issues. Please don’t think I’m just defending DW, or jumping on Askren, Dana has done plenty of things I didn’t like or bitched about. I just thought in the very narrow scope of this article he was right. So far I haven’t seen much to dissuade me (once again, this article only).

  • goldengate1

    i don’t know what is more boring – a ben askren interview or a ben askren fight

  • RubeKegal

    Dana, he is talking about you because guys like Kenny and Bas keep asking “When are you going to join the UFC?”. I like the UFC, but every point Ben said was legitimate. When Tyron lost to Rory, Dana said Tyron “Choked”. He didn’t say Rory put on an amazing performance(which he did), he always looks for the negative and often bashes his fighters.

  • Dana’s a Piglet

    Dana is a fat pig and an idiot. I may want to work for an organization, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the president. FU Dana.

    • TKDGuy

      no you don’t have to like the president, but it’s more than stupid to insult him publicly if that organization is where you’d like to end up.
      oh, and that idiot Dana built the UFC from nothing – what have you accomplished?

  • Joe Dog

    Is it possible that if Askren continues to win in One FC and make enough noise that a top level UFC fighter might willingly step out of the UFC to challenge Askren in One FC ? ? ? ?

    • Muttley76

      I think after the debacle letting Liddel fight in Pride and having them back out of Wandy fighting in the UFC that’s probably never going to happen. Plus (right now) the only two guys they have that are highly visible are Askren and Aoki, so there’s not much reason to bridge the two.

  • dandogood

    Ben askren might be the dumbest kid on earth. Instead of begging Dana for an Opportunity in the UFC, stupid Ben stabs Dana in the balls and then kicks Dana. Career over for the A$$Kren

  • dandogood

    Ben has to be getting advice from Tito Ortiz or Mike Tyson.

  • RubeKegal

    Ben is 100% coorrrrect

  • dandogood

    Ben Askren is not all there mentally and seems challenged and is coming across as a dimwit moron. Why insult and demean the person who gives you the UFC contract to sign?? Ben is stranded on a desert island and refuses the boat that comes to pick Ben up and save him. just dumb.

  • Maven

    To me, Askren’s interview where he called Dana a “bandwagoner” had some legitimate complaints. This is not just about money, this is about respect. Dana proved Askren to be correct by attacking him and calling him a moron. Dana could have simply made his points without the trash talking insults. It only tarnishes his reputation, not Askren’s.

  • dandogood

    Put Ben Askren’s brain in a sparrow and the bird flies backwards. If one wants to fight in the UFC, one has impress Dana White not insult and demean and ridicule Dana the man who runs the UFC. How dumb is Ben Askren?

  • Strong Hold

    I don’t know the beef with the two… but it’s entertaining..